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  1. Anyone who actually knows anything about me knows that I like Star Trek, and I'm perfectly open about it. I don't have any of the accoutrements except for DVDs, fanfics that I've read and written, a membership to the best ST site on the web :vbg: , and a healthy obsession.


    I've never been to a convention, don't really want to go to one, but I do wish I had a couple Trekkie friends.

  2. Don't make me choose, don't make me choose...


    Star Wars, the Original, a favorite for years and years.

    LOTR, my new favorite...


    Both of them excellent. Only one, so far, has survived the test of time, even though I have no doubts the other will as well....


    I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!!!

  3. I don't own one, per say, but I've kind of inherited my g-g-father's house, and he had a couple. Technically, they're my mother's, but possession is 9/10ths of the law, right?


    SWALLOWED it, AE? Please don't imagine you're chasing Captain Hook next...

  4. There is only one Starsky & Hutch, this movie wasn't made for people that know the real ones.

    I'm with you! Starsky and Hutch was my first attempt at watching "grown-up" shows when I was a kid. I have many of them on tape (my favorite is "Hydrophobia," where a disfigured Shakespearean actor is killing cabbies - and, of course, the two or three eps that Marc Alaimo is in :vbg: ), and I think I'll go watch a few today.


    When I heard, long ago, on a S&H fansite that they were going to make a movie, I thought it was great! Then I heard PMG or DS or both had cameos, and that was even better! My brother started talking about it being nice to see the Tomato - I mean, Torino - again, and that white striped monster was more than welcome. Then I saw it was a comedy, and now, forget it. Maybe, just maybe, I'll watch it when it comes out on video, but I'm not counting on anything.

  5. Well, as I posted before, I resigned at the end of 2003. I received confirmation this past week that my new job starts 3/8/04. Starting pay is better than my old job after 6 years with my old job.


    Jury's still out on whether I'll like it or not, which is a totally separate issue.

  6. I grew up on a hundred-something acre family farm, but had to vote "small town," 'cause that's where I am now.


    No stoplights (not even one of those blinking yellow ones), no liquor stores, one bar, two what I would call diners, two gas stations, one real restaurant, four churches that I can think of off the top of my head, three old-folks residences, about eight B&B's, bunches of hole-in-the-wall "antique" stores, one small regular store, a few shops, two banks - all in about one city block - this is large compared to the town where I grew up that DOES have two cautionary yellow lights, but less than half of the stuff I just listed.


    Population about 3,000 here, and 2,500 in the town where I grew up (Now over 3,000 there, too.) Population - SA-LUTE!

  7. Ok, I enjoyed this ep. Maybe it's because I hadn't caught Enterprise for several weeks. I've never seen the Voy ep you are talking about, so for me, the I'm-all-alone-and-it's-haunted thing dated back to TOS.



    Click for Spoiler:

    I did call T'Pol being a hallucination, though. A little obvious, especially by the time she couldn't help with the warp core. I mean, really, even if the Vulcan had lost her concentration, that doesn't stop her from being intelligent! How hard is it to push a few buttons?

  8. I vaguely remember this episode... I think it could be one of the few TOS ones I've seen. Is it the one where Spock (and Bones?) are alone a shuttle while the Enterprise flies off, then they manage to make some sort of explosion to make the Enterprise notice them? Hmm... maybe I'm being influenced by "Shuttlepod One".

    Well, sort of. Spock, McCoy, and five others are trapped on an inhospitable planet, attacked by very tall, hairy natives, who throw spears and rocks and try to hold the Galileo down. The natives end up killing, I think, two redshirts. With a lot of bickering between commander and crew, Spock ends up saving the rest. To get the Enterprise's attention (she had started to leave, only because she was ordered to!), he fires the engines while in orbit.


    So, yes, it's the ep you were thinking of. It's the only TOS one I can think of that remotely matches what you wrote.


    And, personally, I think at least one of the survivors needed to be hauled up before a court-martial!

  9. Actually IN my home town (and I live in the country - my town finally topped 3,000 a few years ago), only one that I know of - part of the library scene in "The Man Without A Face." In fact, my mother was librarian then, and got to meet Mel Gibson and watch the whole process.


    In the town that is my second home, they filmed parts of "The Man Without A Face," "Peyton Place" (My gfather worked as a dialect coach on that movie), "The Bedroom (or whatever that Sissy Spacek movie is called), and a Steven King movie. There are a couple more, I think, but I don't remember them offhand...

  10. That's what I thought you meant, but that was my brain skipping sideways.


    We have ships seemingly peopled mostly by graduates of Starfleet Academy, which would account for a higher rank. This, however, is highly illogical, which is the point.


    To go along with your "too many officers on the bridge" comment - I know ST jokes about it, but too many officers go on First Contact missions, too. While officers are important, even in chess, the pawns usually go first...Cannon fodder, scouts, whatever you want to call them. The Captain and the First Officer and the CMO (First contact, TOS style) are quite the power mix.


    I wonder if, in this time period, they have an OTC program in the public schools. (Another sideways skip of the brain.)

  11. Question - while I don't disagree with anything you said, I know on civilian vessels, being called "captain" is an honorary thing. If a commander or lieutenant commander is in charge of a vessel, is it accurate to say that he or she "captains" the vessel, or that he or she "commands" the vessel?

  12. I admit it, I admit it. Season 6 has been sitting in my living room for weeks, and I've seen every episode EXCEPT the season finale. I've seen the infamous scene before, but can't really bring myself to watch the whole thing. It's been IN the DVD player, and I've gotten right up to pushing the "play" button, and still haven't done it. I did watch Terry Farrell's comments on the ep, though.


    Maybe tonight. I just don't want to watch Jadzia die.


    As someone said, this, what little I've seen, seemed as pointless as Yar's death. We'll check it out and see...


    When I heard Jadzia died (it had gone off the air here), I was in a scifi chat room in Yahoo! and made several people verify it before I would believe them. Maybe I'm still reeling. :force:

  13. If the New World had not been discovered, how many billion people would all be living in Asia, Africa, and Europe? Anyone for jungle, desert, or tundra? There's still space there...


    Sending astronauts is not spreading our civilization. Sending astronauts to the moon is not polluting a rock with our civilization. Almost no problems are solved merely by throwing money at them.


    Some dreams and goals are bigger than this planet. God gave us the universe - why not explore it if we can?

  14. Dukat: "Major, it appears our lives have become intertwined." (not exact)

    Kira: "That really pleases you, doesn't it, Dukat?"

    Dukat: "Major, it gives me reason to live."


    Garak to Bashir. "Just plain, simple Garak."


    Garak: "My dear Doctor, they were all true."

    Bashir: "Even the lies?"

    Garak: "Especially the lies."


    (Someone) to Quark about Odo: "But you're his greatest enemy!"

    Quark: "I guess that's the closest thing he has to a friend."


    Kira speaking to Bashir about her pregnancy: "This is all your fault!"


    Rom, yelling in the corridor. "Leeeeeeeetaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiit!"

    (I also love Chase M's imitation of it. :frusty: )


    (Robert Picardo) as he's boarding the transport at the end of "Doctor Bashir, I Presume": "Have you heard of an ancient text called the 'Kama Sutra?'"


    Oh, man, there are so many. I'm going to have to check the wording on a few more.

  15. I don't understand. I thought yellow meant "Go faster!" :laugh:


    I went to university in SC, and it was the same situation you described, KM. You have to wait at LEAST five seconds after your light is green just to make sure you won't be hit! And in some areas I was around, people's cars cost more than their houses - and it was a crapshoot whether or not they were insured.


    Anyway, I agree with the delaying of the lights - except - I can see people tailgating MORE through intersections if they knew that was happening - piggybacking on someone else.

  16. *Runs around screaming "I can't choose! I can't choose!" and then collapses, sobbing, on the floor.*


    Sheez...what a choice!


    Ok, ok. No secret I'm a HUGE DS9 and TOS fan. And so, I voted for William Riker! :laugh::rofl: WITH the beard, not without it! I've always been a sucker for big, tall, beefy guys...