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  1. Do you mean Foghorn Leghorn?? If so, the answer is yes, yes, and yes. I voted for LT.
  2. Sometimes my goofy computer makes me post things more than once, and I have to go back and edit the second one. Okay, another useless fact, then. The soft drink Moxie, a Maine invention and delicacy, actually used to be the second biggest soft drink in the world, only outstripped by Coca-Cola. Then the owner of multiple drug stores bought Pepsi-Cola, stocked only Pepsi in his soda fountains, and brought Pepsi out of bankruptcy. There's another little bit of this story, but it's why you can only find Moxie in general distribution in Maine. Calling Moxie a delicacy is a compliment. It's an acquired taste...but it's worth acquiring! lol
  3. Actually, ANY state flag can be flown at the same height as the Stars and Stripes - as long as the US flag is flown on the viewer's left. They say that "Maine" is the only one-syllable state name in the nation - but on our charter, we are listed as "The State of Maine", so I guess that fact depends on to whom you speak. I sometimes go to great lengths to keep the preposition away from the end of the sentence.
  4. Age discrimination is my opinion. Real.
  5. It's no secret to those who know me that Marc Alaimo is one of my favorite actors, and Gul Dukat is my favorite ST bad guy. Let me tell you, it took a lot to surpass Michael Ansara and Kang for me - and Ricardo Montalban and Khan. (What is it with the "k"s?) But Mr. Alaimo did it, no question. I loved that character from "The Emissary" until Season 6, when Dukat got more than a little weird - but that was the character arc, nothing to do with Mr. Alaimo. I will watch absolutely anything with Marc Alaimo in it. Anything. Just bring it over. Or Tivo it. I'll be there. With popcorn. With Yamak sauce. And kanar.
  6. Oh, I can't believe you made me choose between Firefly and Farscape. I voted Farscape, but now that I've stopped to think about it, I should have said Firefly. Ah, live and learn. But what a show! I too am of the league that mourns its premature demise...although I just watched it a few months ago, thanks to Netflix and a very persistent friend.
  7. I read an interview with the dig director a couple of weeks ago. He said they were still working on the tomb, and the last two coffins were still inside. Another case of a subject suffering in the editing room, if you ask me. The work described in the special takes incredible amounts of (boring) time before the exciting bits happen. But I also find such programs fascinating without the madeup hype. But they're not looking at sucking people like me into the show; I'm already an addict. I'm sure we'll hear more about the tomb as time goes on. According to the interview I read, Discovery is continuing to tape as they work more. I want to know what else they found in the canopic jars.
  8. Captain Kirk? A FAMILY man? What a concept. It definitely would have been a major revamping of the character as we know it. Would it have made me like him more? (A TOS fan, who loves Sisko) Ummm...maybe. But I can't see Bill Shatner in that role, for some reason. I'm sure there are other good reasons main characters aren't connected - Playing to people's fantasies has got to figure into it, too. On shows where they do get together, the few times the spouse doesn't die, the show dies. Think Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Moonlighting, Remington Steele (although they already knew they were dead when they got together), etc. But why can't there be drama with married people? Movies do it. Heck, comedies feature married couples. Can't life be exciting and/or dramatic with a partner?
  9. Well, I haven't even visited the site in about six months (BAD Narana, BAAAAD Narana!), so I couldn't post at all. B) I signed on yesterday b/c I got the email about the trivia session, and realized there were over 130 pages of material I hadn't read yet. Needless to say, about 128 aren't going to get read, unless they're commented on again. I'm going to try to do better... Notice the word "try."
  10. This is very sad. I've watched West Wing for years (although I'm not up on the two recent seasons - I'm waiting for the DVD's), and respect the actors for their dedication and talent.
  11. Frankly, I'm surprised no one has mentioned Apocalypse Now. Aren't some of these movies way too young to be considered classics? Isn't it TNT that has (or used to have) "New Classics?" That's pretty much an oxymoron... Now, mind, I'm not disagreeing with any choices, so please don't blast me. The LOTR movies are my favorite movies in the world, and should never be remade, but they won't be classics for years yet. Anyway, few if any of the great musicals should be remade. And I'll add to the list The Dirty Dozen, The Magnificent Seven, High Noon (too late), any Hitchcock movie, Twelve O'Clock High, Stalag 17, any John Wayne movie, and any Cary Grant movie (just 'cause I love Mr. Grant).
  12. I've seen: All of TOS About 50% of TNG All of DS9 except for three eps - by choice All of VOY Seasons 1-2 of ENT - getting the rest via Netflix now 1 ep of TAS All of the movies I still have a little bit to go. I sincerely wish I wouldn't run out, though I know I will soon...
  13. Wow - this was dredging up an old forgot all about this! Oh great, now I have to go watch a Bariel episode to get the thought out of my I need an excuse to watch DS9...