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  2. Rascals does it for me. Capt. Picard throwing a fit to see Commander Riker. Capt Picard calling Commander Riker dad
  3. happy birthday versiyafoep! they turn 38 today
  4. happy birthday deagletime! they turn 45 today
  5. happy birthday coastalcutie! they turn 65 today
  6. hi feltman! welcome to the forums!
  7. On the right a bit under your profile, there is a link called Unread Content... or you can use
  8. Where do we find them since last visit?
  9. happy birthday captainlightner! they turn 37 today
  10. happy birthday bwexplorer! they turn 33 today
  11. Hi Trek fans! We created a Star Trek comic about a Nebula class ship exploring the Triangulum Galaxy. It's set alongside late-era TNG. We'd love it if you checked it out and let us know what you think!
  12. happy birthday triplittleminx! they turn 46 today
  13. happy birthday marryann_lone! they turn 43 today
  14. happy birthday cptn_calhoun! they turn 53 today
  15. happy birthday commandertroi! they turn 37 today
  16. happy birthday ussholland_co! they turn 34 today
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  18. happy birthday!

  19. happy birthday hansman! they turn 34 today
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  21. happy birthday tinman1! they turn 67 today
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