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  2. An interesting interview: Patrick Stewart On His Return To 'Star Trek': 'I'm Braver Now Than I Was'
  3. Time for a big announcement! Sir Patrick Stewart is writing memoir, publisher announces
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  5. A little X Men reunion - with Charles Xavier, of course: Click Me
  6. Two new interviews! One with TV Guide: Star Trek: Picard's Sir Patrick Stewart on Black Lives Matter: 'I Am Passionately Behind the Spirit of Those Protests' And the other with Henry Cavill as part of Variety's Actors On Actors: Superman Meets Picard: Henry Cavill and Patrick Stewart on Their Life-Changing Roles
  7. An interesting event this weekend: Sir Patrick Stewart and the Duchess of Cornwall are set to join an online festival focusing on the impact of coronavirus on gender inequality
  8. Sir Patrick was on Deadline Contenders just now and here's a recap of what he had to say: ‘Star Trek: Picard’s Patrick Stewart On Deciding To Finally Engage & Bring Back The Captain
  9. He only agreed to it because the original pitch for the show was so completely different from TNG. He'd turned every single other offer down for years because they were simple continuations of TNG. His biggest and most important criteria for his career nowadays is "have I done something like this before". If the answer to that is "no", chances are he's gonna be interested in the project.
  10. I kind of felt the same about the new generation of movies. I was excited when the first one came out, until I watched it. Then my enthusiasm died down. I wasn't happy with what they did. With "Picard", I was somewhat surprised that he agreed to do it. I seem to remember him saying that he was finished doing any Star Trek (I could be mistaken though). Still, I'm curious to see how it is and if it's done well. As a fan of his, if you ever do watch it, I'd be very interested in your opinions of whatever episodes of it that you watch.
  11. I have personal reasons for not watching the show. I have to support it as a Sir Patrick fan because it's what he wants to do and I want for him to be happy, but on a personal level I can't bring myself to watch it (has nothing to do with the perceived quality of the show). So, I support it as a Sir Patrick fan, but that's about it. Not easy, to say the least.
  12. You don't? I thought for sure you would. Why don't you? I haven't either, not yet, anyway. I've read a few things about the first few episodes, but no specifics. Only that the people who wrote about them, liked them. I've intended on watching them, but just haven't gotten around to them yet.
  13. I have. Just don't really have anything to add to it since I don't watch the show.
  14. @Mr.Picard, have you noticed the new Picard forum?
  15. A nice Actor Roundtable interview with Sir Patrick (and others): The Time Is Now to "Make People Uncomfortable": Patrick Stewart, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actor Roundtable Also comes with this gorgeous picture collection:
  16. Wow, I'm just seeing this. Sad news, regardless of when I'm learning it. He played Nog very well and he became one of my favorite DS9 characters.
  17. An interview with Sir Patrick and Michael Chabon: How novelist Michael Chabon lured Patrick Stewart back to the ‘Star Trek’ universe
  18. It is, yes! It looks like a slightly updated version of it. I'm digging it exactly because of that!
  19. It is very reminiscent of one of the very old skins from back around 2003, isn't it?
  20. Yes, it works now, it looks just the way it used to! Ah, I really missed this place.
  21. Thanks, we're getting through it. I've had the original theme (skin) of the board tweaked, and a new one created. If you're seeing the same theme that you've been used to for about the past 10 year (or is it longer?), you can switch themes by clicking the 'Theme' drop down, all the way at the bottom of the site. You should be able to see it, if you can't just let me know.
  22. Thanks for the upgrade, VBG! So sorry to hear that your family health isn't good. I hope everyone will be okay! As for your question, I'd love to see the forum on the front page - just like it was in the old days - but that might just be me.
  23. I don't buy a lot on eBay, but I've been a seller on there since the late 90's. I've had two different seller accounts on there, the first one from the late 90's to very early 00's kind of got lost to time. I sold a lot of computers that I built, back then but I have no idea what the total dollar amount of sales were. If I were to guess, I'd say probably in the $25,000 to $35,000 range. On my current seller account, which I've had going since 2002, I just looked up the total dollar amount of sales since then and was blown away by the total amount. Almost $98,000.00. Of course, that's spread out over 18 years worth of selling. In all that time, zero negative feedback, all positive.
  24. Seeing as this is a new series, it should have had its own forum before now, so this forum is for the discussion of Picard. With the family health issues that I've been dealing with for the past couple of years, I haven't really taken a lot of time to sit down and watch any of the new Star Trek stuff, so I haven't even seen the first episode of this show yet. What I may do is watch it and record my reactions to each episode for YouTube, and give my opinions/thoughts to each episode... good, bad or indifferent. I'm not sure when (if) I'll do that, but maybe I'll get started on that in the near future.
  25. Finally got the upgrade completed, after a week and a half of trying. The skin may need some tweaks, so I'll see about that going forward.
  26. Kevin, Great to hear from you!!! You are absolutely correct family first. Also you are the right one to man the Eagles Message Board! How ever you chose to progress with this site it will be Great!
  27. I'm sorry that I've been so long absent. For the past year+, I've been dealing with some serious family health issues. Actually, it's been for about the past 7 or 8 years with various family members and close friends. I haven't even had (or taken) the time to watch any of the new Star Trek series that have come out these past couple of years. I've meant to watch Picard, but just haven't yet. One of my non Star Trek interests, well my main non-Trek interest, as I'm sure you may recall is the Philadelphia Eagles. They recently decided to do away with their message board, which had been in existence for about 21 or 22 years and was actually the inspiration to me to create STF oh so many years ago. Well, a bunch of the Eagles Message Board members started a GoFundMe campaign and raised nearly $4,000 to create a new Eagles Message Board... so guess who owns the new Eagles Message Board? Yep, you guessed it, I was the one who was drafted to create it (well, re-create it... it's identical to the old one). It took a good bit of work, but doing it reminded me of my neglect of STF. I can't promise to be on every day, because family health issues are really more pressing. But one thing that I am going to do is upgrade the board. Invision is coming out with their 4.5 version soon and I'm targeting that as the next upgrade (unless they say that I need to upgrade to 4.4.10 first). Upgrades always mean a new skin, of course. 15 years ago, I'd just dig in and do it myself. But I don't have the time or energy for that now, so when the time comes, I'll hire someone to skin the board for us. My question to anyone here would be, should I keep the portal as the front page or go with just a forum view?
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