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  3. Hiya! I'm Johnathan or John. I'm a lifelong Trek Fan! My favorite characters by series ENT Shran & Reed TOS Scotty and Bones TNG Barclay and Hugh DS9 Garak, Dukat and Martok VOY EMH Doctor and 7 of 9
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  5. Sir Patrick did a long interview with Gold Derby, and you can watch it over here.
  6. Sir Patrick just won the Best Actor In A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series Critics Choice award! (x)
  7. I am a big DS9 fan. Odo is a great character. Welcome to the site and Happy New Year to you!!
  8. Odo rules! Oh yeah, and welcome. ;-)
  9. So cool! Please be Odo. Please be Odo. Please be Odo. I know that's unlikely but I can hope.
  10. Welcome aboard! I'm not much of a Niner but I have always liked Odo. Grumpy characters are always good.
  11. Yeah, it's great that they chose to honor the British side of Star Trek. Some of these characters are never really put into any kind of spotlight otherwise.
  12. dan voltz finished this commission of david cronenberg as federation agent kovich!
  13. That's so cool! Bashir, looking handsome as always!
  14. That's so cool! Bashir, looking handsome as always!
  15. Hi there! I'm new just signed up. Happy new year everyone and here's hoping 2021 is kinder to us!! One of my favourite characters is Odo. Anyone else?
  16. I didn't like season 1 all that much. There were obvious canon violations and the Klingon makeup was just horrid. Season 2 was a huge improvement. Now that we're in the middle of season 3, I am eagerly awaiting the next episode.
  17. i'm intrigued! i'll start watching as soon as discovery finishes up its third season
  19. i'm intrigued! please feel free to give us an update!
  20. I loved the character of Nog. Watching him grow from the annoying Ferengi to a Starfleet officer made me feel like proud, actually. His speech to Sisko in Heart of Stone was human and from the heart, so to speak, and laid the groundwork for the best evolved character in the ST universe. RIP Aron and rest peacefully knowing you are now eternal. (Except of course for the imagined episode of season 8).
  21. Just when I thought that Lower decks would be dismissed, here you are. Lower Decks the best thing to have happened to ST in years. As an old original ST fan I was so happy so see ST not taken as seriously as some would have it. The ability to laugh at one's self is primary in being humble and still recognizing the importance and greatness that is ST. There are many easter eggs to satisfy the hardcore fans and entertainment to bring in the next generation of fans to continue carrying the torch. I love this series and ensign Mariner is my new hero and right up there with Jadzia Dax. Any other Lower Deck fans here or have you all become staid?
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