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    Thank you, I've been a treckie forever, I was so pleased when it showed up on Netflix. I try to ignore the inconstancies of the series and just enjoy it.
  5. Inconsistency in Star Trek? I'm Shocked! Actually It happens a lot, both within series and between individual series. Putting up with these Inconstancy is part of the game if you wanna have fun being a Star Trek fan. As you grow in your fandom, try to remember this... It's a quote from Dr. McCoy to Mr. Spock about questioning the lyrics of the Song, Row Your Boat. Spock stops the song and says "Life is not a dream." McCoy: "It's a song, you green blooded Vulcan! The words aren't important, what's important is you have a good time singing!" Try to place importance of the story you are watching at the time over how well it aligns with any earlier or later continuity. Star Trek is wonderful! Marvelous! We love it sooooo much! But, it is not a religion! It is not perfect, it has flaws and we have to live with them. If you cannot, then your life as fan is going to be pretty miserable if all you ever see is the warts All that said, sometimes the pain and suffering of an inconsistency (Continuity Problem) can be reduced with an application of some 'head cannon explanation'. We can think up some kind of explanation that puts a patch on the problem. These ideas are not canon, they are personal fixes in our heads for issues, but what works for you may not work for everyone. Sometimes the producers "RETCON" a problem. It stands for "Retroactive Continuity" If a problem gets RETCONED by the makers (owners) that means that a later episode has given an official patch for an earlier continuity problem.Whenever episodes have a continuity problem the later trumps the former! In TOS the Romulans did not have forehead ridges but later in TNG they did. "Which is it?", raged fandom for years. Then, a recent episode of Picard solved it with a single sentence. Romulans with ridges are "...from the north." TL;DR Don't worry about it!
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    In season 1 episode 15 Balance of Terror, they show the base being destroyed and then they show the romulan ship disappearing. Also there is an inconstancy in romulan uniforms, the centurions in the episode are with a red uniform, then in season 3 episode 2 The Enterprise Incident they are blue. Just wanted to point this out, sorry my first post was so negative.
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  8. They're really trying to turn this cat into Trek's Baby Yoda, aren't they?
  9. Sir Patrick and his Young Artist Academy Lifetime Achievement Award: You can watch the whole ceremony here.
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  12. JMS just announced the news! Last Dangerous Visions Will Be Submitted to Publishers in 2021
  13. They keep getting better and better. "Forget Me Not" was hands down the most emotionally charged episode Discovery has yet done, imo. Next up S3 E5
  14. apparently you can get a cardboard standee of grudge the cat? Star Trek: Discovery Grudge Standee
  15. The symbiont in S3E3 is a new character named Tal. Dax may still show up eventually but I now doubt it will happen. (my saying that guarantees Dax will show up. lol)
  16. First time in years I have rewatched Star Trek episodes multiple times, not in the previous two seasons of Discovery, nor in Picard. I watched the ending of S3 E2 so many times I have lost track. I started this season irked because somehow in the future the Federation was gone, but even in E1 the hope of the Federation persists in such a way that it is inspiring. But while I loved the ending of E1, the ending of E2 felt so much like the Star Trek of old, I have watched it over and over. I get the same feeling. And in each of the episodes we have seen Discovery embodying the Federation in what they do to help who they encounter, keeping hope alive, even with Michelle Yeoh’s character non-Federation interjections. I loved Saru’s comment about dialogue being a tool, and how Earth and Titan will work out their problems. I loved Tilly hugging the tree, finding something on Earth that remembered her. I find the first three episodes of S3 rich enough to consider again and again. *I went back and checked to see if I really didn’t review episodes, and I did review a few after all, just not with the current enthusiasm.
  17. Check out the awesome upcoming Star Trek stamps from the Royal Mail (with, naturally, a heavy focus on British Trek actresses and actors) in the Royal Mail Shop. (Yes, they ship worldwide.) My favorite is - of course - the Jean-Luc Picard stamp:
  18. Hello, all...This is where I will be posting my "Star Trek: Entomalians" TNG/DS9-era fanfic. Before I begin, a disclaimer - this story takes place within an alternate reality set within the "Star Trek" universe. This is to avoid any conflict with established canon, and to allow for full artistic freedom in the telling of the story. The story is broken down into three "seasons", with four "episodes" in each season. The episode names are listed below:SEASON ONE- Blood and Thunder- Duality- The Dyson Cube- Laying the Found(er)ationSEASON TWO- The Remilitarized Zone- Black Gold- The Big Borg Battle- All the Queen's Ships and All the Queen's MenSEASON THREE- The Battle of Betazed- The Sky Is Falling- Stargazing At Midnight- In Caelum FeroI will be posting the story soon. I hope you will enjoy it.
  19. Sir Patrick will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award (digitally, of course):
  20. Of course they do. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Chang had ears.
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