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    Ive grown up watching TOS as a kid and rewatched the entire season this summer. I started binging TNG and am at the beginning of season 4! I plan on watching all Star Trek shows and then going back and watching the movies. I still have a lot to watch, but Im excited :)
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  4. happy birthday warrior_princess! they turn 49 today
  5. happy birthday! :D

  6. happy birthday t'pol_1! they turn 31 today
  7. happy birthday! :D

  8. happy birthday sorfiwien! they turn 31 today
  9. happy birthday! :D

  10. happy birthday kor37! they turn 110 today
  11. Last week
  12. happy birthday sheikhengku! they turn 59 today
  13. happy birthday rond85705! they turn 64 today
  14. happy birthday! :D

  15. happy birthday mowzer! they turn 33 today
  16. happy birthday! :D

  17. happy birthday bones88! they turn 38 today
  18. happy birthday! :D

  19. happy birthday onyx! they turn 32 today
  20. happy birthday action! they turn 41 today
  21. happy birthday 12345! they turn 32 today
  22. happy birthday! :D

  23. happy birthday rojo! they turn 39 today
  24. happy birthday renderking fisk! they turn 52 today
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