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  2. I like Anson Mount in this role. I hope this is successful and eventually shows up somewhere I can actually watch it.
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  4. happy birthday sweetgrl! they turn 31 today
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  8. happy birthday senara! they turn 46 today
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  10. happy birthday! :D

  11. happy birthday captain holland! they turn 30 today
  12. hello jeep! welcome to the forums!
  13. happy birthday! :D

  14. happy birthday uulargh! they turn 59 today
  15. happy birthday! :D

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  19. happy birthday muxcricket944! they turn 61 today
  20. I really do love Lower Decks..It's the reason I subscribed to CBSAA back when it when it first came out..I watched episode 1 on YouTube and I was hooked..There definately is room in the Star Trek universe for this series..I am anxiously awaiting season 2..I bought the season 1 blu rays and enjoyed them very much..I'm so glad this series was made..I know I could use a little comedy and fun times in my life..
  21. I was thinking about this forum so I'm stopping by to say hello.I used to be a member a long time ago and there's no way I could remember my password, so I signed up brand new..I've been thru alot over the last 10 years, including drug addiction and rehab among other things..I am well Peace to you all.. LLAP
  22. happy birthday chief_rosco! they turn 50 today
  23. happy birthday ensign mcgregor! they turn 32 today
  24. happy birthday! :D

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