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  1. Yesterday
  2. Because you were curious, of course! LOL!
  3. Happy birthday baronesstrisha! Many happy returns!
  4. Nice! Hope you have/had a great day!
  5. Woot! Happy day of birth!
  6. happy birthday startrektrekkie2003! they turn 33 today
  7. Last week
  8. happy birthday! :D

  9. happy birthday data! they turn 67 today
  10. happy birthday close652! they turn 52 today
  11. happy birthday baronesstrisha! they turn 54 today
  12. Why the heck did I post this???
  13. Earlier
  14. I just watched this(now available for free on Youtube). Such an amazing job! Made me want to watch DS9 again(I'm doing it now!).
  15. hello hello! welcome aboard!
  16. Its really hard to compare the two...the proverbial apples and oranges...The Enterprise D is a Galaxy class starship while the Enterprise E is a Sovereign class starship...Designed for two different jobs...did them both flawlessly
  17. Fav Series: TNG Fav Skipper: Picard Fav Ship (Or Class): Defiant Fav Episode: TNG - Masks
  18. Welcome! Some stats may be required for correct assignment: Fav Series Fav Skipper Fav Ship (Or class of ship) Fav Episode :)
  19. happy birthday ghiaman74! they turn 41 today
  20. I can relate to that feeling so much...
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