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  1. Kevin, Great to hear from you!!! You are absolutely correct family first. Also you are the right one to man the Eagles Message Board! How ever you chose to progress with this site it will be Great!
  2. AE, I can only read part of your response there is a Ad in the middle of it.
  3. I assume when old people like me quit up, they have lost the capabilities to do so or they have died. I some times wonder if this is not a correct way to look at it.
  4. Wonder how much of the original cast it will have?
  5. Cats as Star Trek characters is pure blasphemy
  6. Data is an emotional not logical choice he was always trying to be human and made many human like mistakes
  7. I have done that, lost them on my head.
  8. that would be a plus because I am always forgetting were I put my glasses.
  9. the contributions of the many that is Star Trek.
  10. since I am the only one voting it hast to be STO Joan Collins