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  1. Best wishes - our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  2. Truly sad news - I had wondered how he was since he hadn't posted in a while. Thank you Kor for letting us know.
  3. Oh my goodness, sorry to hear of your health problems - I hope all goes well with the cardiologist (I hope you weren't too fond of eating salt ) Glad you're home - do take care.
  4. A good summation - although I couldn't help think a bit of Dr. Smith and Lost in Space every time I looked at the Robert Carlyle character. One thing I noticed is none of the characters had any immediate appeal - I can't make the commitment to watch a series week to week if I don't like at least one character. But it very much had the dark, negative, depressing aura of the new and reimagined BSG but IMO not quite as artistic as BSG And Daniel Jackson's "appearance" was a bit of a letdown.
  5. It's available for free on - watched it a bit ago - not my cup of Stargate but go see for yourself.
  6. What's your name? ---- 2. Where are you from? Small town in Florida 3. That's an interesting forum nick, what's it mean? Seeking what unicorns stand for (virtue) 4. So, are you over 25 or under it? Over. 5. If you could live anywhere else where would it be? A Florida where all the yankees have gone back home - 6. Star Trek in one word: Legendary 7. How did you get into Star Trek? I saw the previews and decided to watch (I was a kid) 8. Do you try recommending Star Trek to other people? Yes but pesistence has been futile 9. Favorite episode of Star Trek? "Balance of Terror" 10. Favorite character? Spock 11. Favorite Star Trek series? Voyager 12. Favorite non-Star Trek bit of sci-fi? Stargate (at least the first two series) 13. Favorite other TV shows? Pscyh, Eureka, Leverage and of course - The late lamented Jericho 14. What's your favorite film of all time (just one)? Casablanca (no, I wasn't living when it was made) 15. Film that most made you regret having eyes? I turn it off it it's that bad (or leave the theatre) 16. Favorite actor(s)? Skeet Ulrich 17. Last film seen in cinema (and how was it)? Star Trek XI 18. Recommend a film we've probably not seen. The War of the Buttons 19. What are you listening to these days? Classical South Florida internet radio 20. Name a song you like by a band that sucks horribly: n/a 21. Most hated band/s (go on have five)? n/a 22. Best gig you've been to? I saw John Denver at Wolf Trap many years ago. 23. Favorite drink? Mountain Dew 24. Favorite food? Barbecued Ribs 25. Last book you read? Peter and the Starcatchers 26. Desert Island crumpet (US translation - chick/guy you'd like to get saucy with)? hmmmm 27. If I was king/queen of the world I would.... I'd begin by seeing that everyone learned to read. 28. Best moment of 2009? My new car (once the trauma of car payments passed) 29. Star Trek II (or the sequel to the new Star Trek) will be.... a journey in an uncharted direction
  7. I first remember the oohing and ahhing when he starred in the tv mini series North and South - And how can anyone forget - To Wong Foo - Thanks for Everything - Love Julie Newmar? Yes, it is sad.
  8. My first thought was "there have been 100 scifi series?" Then I see they scraped the barrel to include horror, supernatural, fantasy, & anything gimmicky just to get 100 - I mean "Get Smart" is on the list? And Brisco County - not really scifi but any Bruce Campbell fans that haven't seen it should watch - only lasted a season but very entertaining. Although some people consider Jericho a Scifi series - IMO it was more of a straightforward drama but if it's on this list should be at least in the top 10 - I'd put it at #2. And Eureka should be much higher on the list as should The Outer Limits - that was a classic. And what happened to the Invisible Man - that was pretty good, and The Chronicle and Tremors were were farcical but entertaining. or what about The Prentender, Starman, Dark Skies, Sanctuary, The Man From Atlantis, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea or the Time Tunnel Or how could they leave off The Invaders - another classic
  9. The tech guy came and fixed my internet - yippee (although it's scary to realize how internet dependent I have become)
  10. For the true collector
  11. Wow, welcome back - it has been a while.
  12. According to Ralph Nader - they're all Republicrats - and I'm not sure I see all that much difference. However, they can change primary voting procedures so that all votes get equal weight - Florida is a large state with a large electorate and in the prmaries it is a "winner take all" so that McCain got all the delegates by getting the highest percentage of votes. Had the electoral votes been apportioned as in some states another candidate would have led the electoral tally coming out of Florida and may have done better in subsequent and the November election may have different if someone other than McCain had run. So there is something that could be done - but no one ever brings attention to this.
  13. Pardon me for being the cynic but the American people don't get a lot of choice in choosing their officials because they get little choice in choosing the candidates. Those are chose by special interest groups - powerful organization and individuals that pour money positioning their candidate into the headlines. In other words we may get to vote in the November election but hve little say in who will be running in the Nov election.
  14. amazing - a long way from being marketable - but amazing nonetheless.