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  1. You're Banned for not updating you're pic . The car can stay !
  2. Leo, here, with Gemini the twins in my first house, which means I can be passive or aggressive :) take your pick!
  3. I don't know about anyone else, but has anyone noticed the Science & Technology Posts on here? All these Earthquakes that are happening are making me wonder what is going on? It seems like there have been a lot of them in the month of May and what is about to happen to our planet? Is someone doing something or messing around with under ground explosions? Why now? Or is it just time for our planet to shift again? Questions and more questions just keep popping up in my head. What will become of our planet? Is it really time we start thinking about getting off this planet and into outer space? This is starting to scare me and make me wonder if this planet will be here for our children and grandchildren? :)
  4. Yes found it when it first came up on Star Trek's website and posted it about 4 days after your post in my personal log. At the time I found it I could not load it to my browser as my internet was acting up and still seem to have trouble with it Hmmmmmm, I hate Hughesnet!
  5. I read that now I want some, LOL. (I do make the best one here in SC.)
  6. :) I guess we will never see him in any more Star Trek Movies.
  7. Maybe put Archer in the next one, as Scotty did beam Porthos to somewhere and I would asume that Archer would want him back. I think they will bring in some of the Characters from TOS. But as for a story line, Star Trek VII: "The Search for Porthos" would be a better chose IMO. Who knows maybe they will throw in somemore people from the future after all the Timeline has been messed up thanks to Nero (or however spelled).
  8. I have never been to one but if the one at Six Flags in New Jersey was one I wouldn't know. It was a crescent shaped room with the screen covering half the wall and they did a helicopter ride thru the Grand canon, a roller coaster ride, Which gave you the feeling of being on it. Yes people where grabbing the rails and holding on. Me i learned a long time ago how to stand on a boat that was rocking back and forth. But right now from reading this post I have missed out on something big. From whats been said you haven't lived life until you include an Imax experience.
  9. C- Canon I hope that spelled right lol!
  10. Well lets say there is a song out there with Chataeya in it and you listen to the song cause it's done by a group you love to listen to, you hear the name and know it but real don't know me in person. Now time goes by and you and I run into each other, under extreme condisions. That song is so far from your mind right now that it just doesn't click. Now maybe later on after everything has calmed down (which they don't show as of yet) my name will click. This is more then likely what will happen in the next movie. After all if you know there will be more movies on this subject it gives you something to work with.