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  1. The never ending road work around here is really annoying.
  2. More new guests and information added!
  3. The rest of the Comicon pics are up on Flickr --
  4. The biggest Turkey Vulture I've ever seen soaring over our neighborhood this morning.
  5. Lol that's Robert's job. I'm completely exhausted from the con but I'll get the pics uploaded and online soon. Here's our Nimoy pic though. The Horta skirt is all smooshed in it from trying to get us all in the frame. Very nice man. I don't think he was ever not smiling the whole day.
  6. I don't have time to post much, need to mend my skirt and get to bed, but I want to post this one picture. Robert Duncan McNeill, nicest guy ever! He was so sweet. Told Rachael how great her costume was and when Rachael was too shy to meet his eyes he bent down to her level and told her "It's OK, I was real shy as a kid too". I think Rachael may be in love (though it doesn't show in this pic lol). She's been telling everyone about him.
  7. Thanks guys! I still need to get a pic of me in my horta costume. I'll get one today. Comicon today! At 4:45am Rachael was standing over me saying "Are you getting up?! It's comicon today!" She's just a little excited lol. One more cup of coffee than I need to start getting ready. It takes over an hour to get downtown on bus and light rail but three days worth of passes for three people is still cheaper than parking downtown for three days and a lot less stressful. Not to mention there's lots of other fun geeks to talk to on the way there. :) I'll post pictures later.
  8. I'm listening to somebody on the high school loud speaker across the street singing Bird is the Word.