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  1. happy birthday ddillard! :D

  2. I have not missed an episode since it started.
  3. Does not seem like it has been nearly a decade since I joined here, but it has been such a great experience.
  4. I was a big fan of alias, but not sure if the series would be the same without Jennifer Garner
  5. lol, I pay $85 per class for my books
  6. I think that they look kind of cool, but I am not a fan of Apple, I find that their products are overpriced and not really worth the cost. I am looking into getting a PDF reader at some point for use with school since all of my text books are in PDF/ebook format. It would make it much easier to carry them around with me to study whenever and wherever I can find a few spare moments.
  7. "Little Boy" was uranium highly enriched with U-235 and "Fatman" was plutonium. I imagine that there are many projects and operations that only the President and those directly involved are aware of within our country.
  8. I am not even gonna post a ban on you, lol BTW, Roy that was actually me that suspended you for the Chinese Comment not Kevin.
  9. I watched this episode again as I was falling asleep last night. I learned the valuable lesson again not to try to turn this one on and go to sleep, lol. I ended up watching the entire episode before I realized that I really should have been asleep since I had to work this morning.