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  1. Our nostalgic tune..lol These parts of the song.. LOL those days where great...wait a min..those times are what got me into this mess
  2. Feeling pleased with myself after finding out i am ranked Nr 10 outta the 112.047 players to play in my clans server over the last 6 months SLAYER PDeadshot316 in da house!! SLAYER DOMINATION TOP PLAYERS
  3. Since both my Ladys are fast asleep and i have a day off from Uni tomorrow, i am catching up on things here and over at SWF while i Admin my clans server on Battlefield 2
  4. I dont know if anyone has seen this but i just found it,its pretty good and worth watching
  5. I am thankful for my very close friends who just did something for me that might seem small to some but means alot to me. You know who you are.
  6. yup. Ahhhh just helping deb up off my lap...damn bad idea that hurt
  7. I was eating debs neck ..lol but she is smart and she went to the cooler to get some Strawberrys..she thinks i will just eat them and forget but ooohh nooo..lol
  8. What's little Mandy's middle name? Good question kev...her full name is Mandy Darlene Saskia Evans. Darlene was my moms name (god bless her soul) and Saskia is Debs moms name.
  9. Downloading a DVD screener of the new Batman film "Dark Knight".. 1.3gb in 33mins
  10. I go with deb to every ultra sound coz its amazing to see your child as it grows inside the womb each time there is something new to see. As for wanting a boy..well i have a little princess and another would be too much to deal with when they reach the 13 plus stage...noooooo 2 teenage girls would be a nightmare not to mention the fact all the guys i would have to scare off if they take a liking to them..lol But to answer your question i would love a son and also there is only me and my brother to carry on the family name so that would be nice but i dont really care at all what we get just being a daddy again is enough to satisfiy me.
  11. I just downloaded tonights Smackdown so i am gonna watch a bit of it while deb makes the evening meal.
  12. LOL damn and i thought i was some kinda internet hotty Any email or pm i get that starts off with..."I am a goodlooking girl with a nice figure"...tells me straight away its bull...no good looking girl in her right mind would pm strangers let alone me..lol kicking back after a long day
  13. This pic is from the last ultra sound deb had...you can really see the baby now
  14. This one was taken this morning..My best friend from the clan Saxdude did the impossible,he landed a J-10 fighter on a bridge ..i have seen ppl land the F35b on it but that has hover mode,the J-10 doesnt..its hard enough landing it on a runway never mind a bridge..lol I took the screen shot while flying my Cobra Attack helicopter,my bud got on top of the jet to pose for a pic..lol