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  1. An interesting interview: Patrick Stewart On His Return To 'Star Trek': 'I'm Braver Now Than I Was'
  2. Time for a big announcement! Sir Patrick Stewart is writing memoir, publisher announces
  3. A little X Men reunion - with Charles Xavier, of course: Click Me
  4. Two new interviews! One with TV Guide: Star Trek: Picard's Sir Patrick Stewart on Black Lives Matter: 'I Am Passionately Behind the Spirit of Those Protests' And the other with Henry Cavill as part of Variety's Actors On Actors: Superman Meets Picard: Henry Cavill and Patrick Stewart on Their Life-Changing Roles
  5. An interesting event this weekend: Sir Patrick Stewart and the Duchess of Cornwall are set to join an online festival focusing on the impact of coronavirus on gender inequality
  6. Sir Patrick was on Deadline Contenders just now and here's a recap of what he had to say: ‘Star Trek: Picard’s Patrick Stewart On Deciding To Finally Engage & Bring Back The Captain
  7. He only agreed to it because the original pitch for the show was so completely different from TNG. He'd turned every single other offer down for years because they were simple continuations of TNG. His biggest and most important criteria for his career nowadays is "have I done something like this before". If the answer to that is "no", chances are he's gonna be interested in the project.
  8. I have personal reasons for not watching the show. I have to support it as a Sir Patrick fan because it's what he wants to do and I want for him to be happy, but on a personal level I can't bring myself to watch it (has nothing to do with the perceived quality of the show). So, I support it as a Sir Patrick fan, but that's about it. Not easy, to say the least.
  9. I have. Just don't really have anything to add to it since I don't watch the show.
  10. A nice Actor Roundtable interview with Sir Patrick (and others): The Time Is Now to "Make People Uncomfortable": Patrick Stewart, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actor Roundtable Also comes with this gorgeous picture collection:
  11. An interview with Sir Patrick and Michael Chabon: How novelist Michael Chabon lured Patrick Stewart back to the ‘Star Trek’ universe
  12. It is, yes! It looks like a slightly updated version of it. I'm digging it exactly because of that!
  13. Yes, it works now, it looks just the way it used to! Ah, I really missed this place.
  14. Thanks for the upgrade, VBG! So sorry to hear that your family health isn't good. I hope everyone will be okay! As for your question, I'd love to see the forum on the front page - just like it was in the old days - but that might just be me.