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  1. Sir Patrick has been nominated for a Saturn Award (best actor on a television series, Star Trek: Picard).
  2. Check out the latest LEGO Bits N' Bricks podcast - it features the creators of the LEGO Universe game and they talk about what it was like to work with Sir Patrick back when he voiced the game. There are also a few behind the scenes moments.
  3. Sir Patrick and several other British artists have published an open letter asking for a change in EU visa rules: Stars including Sir Ian McKellen urge changes to visa rules for artists
  4. Paramount+ is running a nice little ad campaign and they just released the best spot so far.
  5. Sir Patrick moderates a Schitt's Creek Q&A. Watch here.
  6. If you have a way of reaching all the members who are no longer here and make them aware of there being a STFans Discord, it could be a nice idea!
  7. Sir Patrick did a long interview with Gold Derby, and you can watch it over here.
  8. Sir Patrick just won the Best Actor In A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series Critics Choice award! (x)
  9. Welcome aboard! I'm not much of a Niner but I have always liked Odo. Grumpy characters are always good.
  10. Yeah, it's great that they chose to honor the British side of Star Trek. Some of these characters are never really put into any kind of spotlight otherwise.
  11. They're really trying to turn this cat into Trek's Baby Yoda, aren't they?
  12. Sir Patrick and his Young Artist Academy Lifetime Achievement Award: You can watch the whole ceremony here.