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    Comics and Scifi. Of course, Star Trek<br /><br />I have also studied martial arts for a few years, but quit. I hope to start again some day in the future. I'm also a big movie buff, love movies whether they be good or bad, I love them all! Needless to say, I also love TV. I guess the best way to describe me would sadly be a couch potato. Nah, probably not that bad. I also like writing and would like to do some professional writing one day in the future. <br /><br />My 5 Favorite Comic Villains<br />1. The Joker<br />2. Venom<br />3. Lex Luthor <br />4. Darkseid<br />5. Carnage<br /><br />My 5 Favorite Super Heroes<br />1. Superman<br />2. Spider-Man<br />3. Batman<br />4. Rorshach<br />5. Captain Marvel

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  1. Well, it's sad to say, but the series finale of Smallville was disappointing to say the least. The entire season was hinting a big battle between good and evil. You'd figure that'd mean the JL and Connor Kent (Superboy) against Darkseid's forces, but we pretty much got Darkseid taken down by Clark with one punch. We also never got to see Tom Welling as Superman. He did put on the suit, but never had an up close shot. Just a tiny little CGI man flying with a cape and the colors. I'm sure this had something to do with a weird legal issue DC has with the Superman name or Tom Welling didn't want to wear the suit. The best we get is a CGI Superman from far away and one up close shot of Superman, but only showing Welling's face with a CGI cape behind him. The last few seconds of the episode were good. When Clark leaves the Daily Planet, rips open his shirt to reveal the S with the movie theme playing. That was cool. I think they could have just skipped the tiny CGI Superman and ended it with the S reveal and it would have been better. Overall, the episode was just eh...not the super ending it could have been
  2. It's a pretty good show, but I don't really watch it and have only seen a handful of episodes. Surprised it is still on as well
  3. it's no masterpiece, but I was the right age at the time it came out (12 years old). It is just a movie that stuck with me over the years
  4. I love the original Judge Dredd movie. It's probably more of a guilty pleasure kind of thing, but I love it. Excited to see the new take on the character in the upcoming movie
  5. I'm with Roy and say that Reservoir Dogs is my favorite, with Pulp in a close second
  6. I barely remember this TV show. I just rememeber that my parents were fans. I was only 2 years old 25 years ago
  7. Awesome if the actually do it, they have been talking about QL ideas and bringing it back for years. I remember when they were talking about a spin-off about Sam's daughter leaping trying to find her dad.
  8. I'd love to see the resurrection of kirk somehow put into the storyline before it is too late
  9. I want to, but don't have the money to spend on playing it (that goes to the gf lol)
  10. depends on which Mudd episode. I hated his first appearance episode, but loved his second.