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  1. Sir Patrick has written a short but very moving article about David Warner: Here
  2. Sir Patrick had a nice little photo shoot at San Diego Comic Con earlier:
  3. A new Yorkshire Tea advert with Sir Patrick: Here.
  4. Sir Patrick on stage at Cannes Lions earlier:
  5. Sir Patrick at the British Consulate General Residence in Los Angeles earlier:
  6. Sir Patrick and Alex Kurtzman will be speaking about Star Trek at Cannes Lions on June 23rd. More info.
  7. Sir Patrick is watching his beloved Huddersfield Town right now:
  8. Another interview, this time it's all about Charles:
  9. I'm a huge fan of Pulaski as well. Muldaur did a great job!
  10. A new interview with Sir Patrick! (Careful, PIC season 2 finale spoilers.)
  11. Sir Patrick is attending the Doctor Strange - Multiverse Of Madness premiere in Los Angeles right now:
  12. Here's an interview with Sir Patrick that was originally a podcast but it's a nice read anyway:
  13. Sir Patrick is at the Deadline Contenders Television event right now:
  14. Excerpts from an old interview with Sir Patrick can be found here:
  15. Sir Patrick at the pre-BAFTA party in London earlier:
  16. Sir Patrick at the pre-BAFTA dinner in London earlier today:
  17. A new Sir Patrick interview can be found here.
  18. Sir Patrick appeared on The Late Late Show a few hours ago - here's a video.
  19. A new interview with Sir Patrick in The Guardian.
  20. Sir Patrick has finally basically confirmed he's in the Dr. Strange movie!
  21. Sir Patrick appeared on CBS Mornings just now, and here's the interview.
  22. And here's another PIC-related interview:
  23. Sir Patrick has yet another totally convincing response to the question of whether that's his voice in the Dr. Strange trailer.
  24. Another interview with Sir Patrick, this time a video: Click Me