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  1. Yeah but that was like a year ago lol. And they already heard about that shoot I think.
  2. haha, yeah that's just because I didn't text you anything.
  3. Then maybe you shouldn't be banning me haha You're banned for getting a new avatar
  4. Wait what?! You're banned for even suggesting that I could be a fat, bald old man!
  5. They did it! The Giants (I'm trying to say a bad word but can't) did it!

  6. Hey, thanks for remembering my birthday! How are you?

  7. I don't know, I don't really watch the Simpsons. Is he?
  8. I would never do porn, sorry Roy if that's what you were getting at. And just for the record older men can be wrinkled hags with lots of baggage too. Also, they tend to think that they can keep up with a younger girl, and can't. It's actually pretty funny... And as for money, well I'm rich and my dad is a nuclear engineer so he's pretty rich too. Plus I have my education so I will never not be rich. And just because an older guy has money doesn't mean he's going to spend it on you, which is usually how it is.
  9. 1. I thought I already explained to you that it was a fitting not a photoshoot, and I don't have pictures from this incident. And even if I did I doubt I would text them to you. 2. No I don't like older men any more than you like women that are older than you. 3. Bethlehem, I may not flirt with you but hearing you say you're not into porn just gave you awsome points in my book 4. Why are we talking about porn anyway? :)
  10. You're banned for being someone I've never banned before
  11. You're banned for thinking Penguins play hockey