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  2. McMahan Talks Cerritos Starship Design More reviews:
  3. Sir Patrick narrates the new CBS Champions League trailer: Click Me
  4. Title sequence: I didn't watch them as I like to form my own opinions, (I liked it) but here are a couple reviews of the first episode. Spoilers possible... Written reviews: This season on Lower Decks:
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  6. Sir Patrick on the future of UK theater: Sir Patrick Stewart: 'Even if I do a one man show, I shall perform it at the Royal Shakespeare theatre'
  7. Pike, Spock and Number One go on adventures set on the Enterprise before Kirk and co take over.
  8. In development at Nickelodeon:
  9. FF to 28:38 to skip table read. Discovery, Lower Decks and Picard panels follow.
  10. Sir Patrick on The Empire Film Podcast (he appears at around 1hr 13min): Click Me
  11. I really enjoy this show. Lots of good twists and potential for the both the new and "old" characters that are part of the main cast.
  12. Welcome Space Critter! Are you looking forward to the new season of Discovery?
  13. It is very sad to learn of this. RIP.
  14. Sir Patrick was on BBC's The One Show just now, and here's a little excerpt: Click Me
  15. This was written a very, very long time ago. When I was very young indeed. It was written on blue construction paper, with a black crayon. Somehow it ended up in an old photo album. Anyway, here it is. -------------------- "Space Egg" "CRACK! CRACK!! CRACK!!!" "In five minutes the Space Egg will hatch." said Bones. "CRACK! CRACK!! CRACK!!!" "Make that three minutes." said Spock. "CRACK! CRACK!! CRACK!!!" "The Space Egg is wicked!" said Scotty. "We must kill the Space Egg!" said Bones. "No." said Kirk. "CRACK! CRACK!! CRACK!!!" "The Space Egg will hatch now." said Spock. "Cheep! Cheep!! Cheep!!!" said the chick. "It is not a Space Egg." said Scotty. "It is a chicken egg." said Bones. "Lovely just lovely." said Kirk. --------------------
  16. Hello! Let's talk about Star Trek!
  17. It's Sir Patrick's birthday today, and here's an interview: Sir Patrick Stewart: “I used to be afraid that if I had therapy – it might take away my ability to act”
  18. Tee hee... So, while researching Blu Ray players, that also led me to learn about 4k and led me to look at TVs. We do have a flatscreen already that handles HD, but it is on the smaller side - 32 inch - because of the set up we have -we cannot do the larger TVs. I have a smattering of movies that came as set with DVD/Blu Ray/ Digital, with the idea that we would eventually get a Blu Ray player. I too am not ready to give up my DVDs and the player I have also has a built in DVR and can also wrote to DVD, something hard to get now. I know it was startling the difference between the remastered TOS DVDs, so now I must see TNG Blu Rays! All I need to do now is figure out which Blu Ray player to get. 8-) Thanks again!
  19. Sir Patrick will be 80 next week and there's a lovely friends tribute in today's Guardian: 'He's so strapping and virile': Patrick Stewart at 80 – by Shatner, McKellen, Tennant and more
  20. Anytime! If it's any comfort - I myself bought my BluRay player (AND a flat screen TV) just for the TNG Blu Rays. Until this day TNG and X Files are the only two shows I have on Blu Ray and use the player for. I prefer buying DVDs as well, they're usually cheaper and I'm not obsessed with high quality television at all, and current shows are all shot in HD already anyway so there's really no reason to buy Blu Rays anymore, the DVDs look just fine. But TNG was simply worth it, and so much. The show looks almost completely different in HD. The difference between SD and HD is staggering. But I do still also have my DVDs, I treasure them as much as my Blu Rays because I bought them with my graduation money (they were REALLY expensive when the first edition came out). But if someone forced me to choose I'd pick Blu Rays because in TNG's case, it was just MEANT to be in HD. They just didn't have the means back then. Now they do and it looks the way it was always meant to look.
  21. Hi Mr.Picard! Thank you so much for the information! We do not have a Blu Ray player (yeah, we are old and set in our ways... LOL...) But maybe it is time to spring for one. You have given me a lot to think about, and I truly appreciate your taking the time to reply!
  22. Wanna talk to Sir Patrick about Shakespeare? Now you can: Judi Dench, Ray Fearon, Harriet Walter and Patrick Stewart Launch TALKING SHAKESPEARE At The RSC
  23. Welcome aboard! To answer your question - get the TNG Blu Rays. That's the safest bet of them all quality-wise, AND you'll get the show in HD, which is a HUGE difference because it's almost completely remastered. But, if SD is your thing, I'd say the issues they had at first with the DVDs have been resolved by now. (The first TNG DVDs had the issue of cases that broke the DVDs when you put them back in because the plastic was almost as hard as diamonds, lol.) But aside from that I haven't heard of any major TNG DVD issues in quite some time. I'd also say that the older sets are probably pretty difficult to get nowadays since they were replaced by newer ones gradually.
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