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  1. I can't name a cheese I don't like (except I don't like anything smoked, including cheeses), but I haven't tried a few. Limburger is beyond me, and there are several in the specialty cheese island that are beyond my price range, but I'm trying them one at a time now. :clap: My faves? Hmmm... Anything from cottage cheese to Havarti to Swiss to good old American Cheddar is good, but I think I have to go with domestic Provolone!

  2. Just confine the fight to a holodeck or Sickbay, and the mobile emitter is no problem! :clap:


    For scariness alone, Pulaski. For stamina (considering the emitter problem), The Doctor. For intelligent fighting, Bashir.


    Ok, my choice is Bashir. But could Bones put me back together, with Julian assisting??

  3. I used to have a friend who did a lot of specialized Army training above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. He's told me many times of the over 100 degrees below zero days. He also said that, at that latitude and with that clear coldness, that the Aurora Borealis were absolutely breathtaking beyond description.

  4. Sorry, I'm from the US, and I know who Red Green is. Would he bring Harold with him?? That show is absolutely hilarious - pretty much because I know people like that in real life!


    Anyway - Alan Alda would be cool. How about Don Johnson? He could be the nattily dressed leader-to-be of Section 31, who never breaks a sweat and always gets the bad guy...

  5. War of the Worlds is one of the best productions EVER, radio, TV, and movies included.


    I used to have my classes listen to it as a listening exercise, and while talking about old-time radio. It got to the point that I had successive classes asking when they were going to hear it.


    I wish I had it on CD. All I have is an LP. Hangon, where did you get yours?

  6. I was a Dwight Shultz fan before he went on TNG, and I think he's an extremely versatile actor. Who else could play Howling Mad Murdock , making up some crazy character or another EVERY week? HMM is really showcased well in an episode whose name I can't remember, but is based on an old Starsky and Hutch episode. Face is badly wounded/shot, and HMM has to try to save everyone in the Italian restaurant where he works. Marc Alaimo plays one of the heavies, but it's not his best bit part.


    That said, I love Barclay. I agree - not everyone on Starships can be perfect. Except how he made it is as Lieutenant sometimes confuses me. Maybe that's why I don't have a problem with his age and still being a Lt. It was probably slow going up the command chain.


    My favorite Barclay episode was the fear-of-transporters one. Can you imagine McCoy, who also had a thing about transporters, doing what Reg did?


    Oh, and I really enjoyed his cameo in FC. I think it makes the movie a bit richer when you can bring in someone like that. Just having the regular cast time after time WITHOUT those touches makes the feeling a little stale. It's why I love spotting Yeoman Rand in the TOS movies - she doesn't say anything sometimes, but you always see her.

  7. DS9 is another show that got better with age, even though there are a few eps from the early years that I really, really enjoy.


    It depends on what character you really like as to what shows you can really look forward to. Off the top of my head,


    The Wire

    Hippocratic Oath

    The Begotten

    The Darkness and the Light


    Dax (first season - you've already seen it :dude: )

    By Inferno's Light

    In Purgatory's Shadow

    The Ship

    Starship Down


    Quickly, those are some of the ones I really liked. It varies for everyone, and I have Season 6 coming in the mail - I've only seen about 20% of it. Season 7 in a couple of weeks; I've only seen 6 eps of that.