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  1. I chose DS9, but TOS is my sentimental favorite. It got me hooked in 82 or so, and hasn't let go of me since.


    In order


    1. DS9-TOS

    2. TNG

    3. ENT

    4. VOY


    Enterprise is fast creeping up the pack, though. I have the feeling that, if I can catch up on a few episodes (I've only seen this season!), it will be my second place choice.

  2. When Worf first appeared on DS9, I was already a Niner, and I resented it wholeheartedly. So, just because he was getting all the attention, and the characters I had already grown to love were being lacerated by some people as being unable to pull it together by themselves, I seriously disliked Worf for at least ten episodes. He didn't belong with "my" space station!


    Before the TNG people blast me, I mellowed dramatically by the end of the season, and now wouldn't trade him. However, I agree with the others who said that the show improved, and Worf helped, but he is not the solitary reason. He actually DID belong on "my" station! :dude:

  3. I've been watching this thread off and on, and think I'll finally reply.


    First, as an English teacher - the English language does not run on denotation (dictionary definition) alone. There is also connotation (common definition). That's how languages grow and change. If they did not, the language would die. And even the Oxford English Dictionary, the premier dictionary for the English language in the world, recognizes that they are behind in documenting language growth the moment they are published, and they can't put out new volumes for decades, not years. Also, different dictionaries list different definitions - some of them may be more up-to-date, or word things differently. To get a more exact idea of definition, you have to consult more than one dictionary, even if you use the OED. (They pride themselves on covering every word in the English language, from its beginnings to the present.)


    Okay, switching to Star Trek - my movies are mixed in with my others alphabetically by sub-title. ("Star Trek" doesn't count for me - "The" doesn't count, period. "Undiscovered Country" is with the "U's," for example.) My tv dvd's are separate - and they're chronological. At this point, I only have DS9, seasons 1-6, and they're in order.

  4. I took piano years ago, and keep up with it a little bit. I've played the flute for twenty years. (Five years of lessons; two at a college/early professional level) With a little brushing up, I can play the piccolo, fife, and penny whistle (tougher than you think to do it reasonably well), and recorder. I can also play the kazoo - does that count? :clap:

  5. "Hard Time" is a gut-wrenching episode, that's for sure. As far as being a vehicle for Miles, it's excellent.


    One part that I like about this one (but that I hate about some other eps - go figure) is that at the end, you know that it's not all solved, wrapped up in pretty little paper, and on to the next episode. It's something that's going to stay with Miles for ever, even after the memories fade a bit.


    Have to feel badly, though, to be carrying those memories to begin with...

  6. I parked next to Wallace Shawn (Grand Nagus Zek) once in Pennsylvania when I was on vacation. Does that count? He was in his car, talking to his agent or someone on the phone, and arguing about a role he was/n't getting.

  7. TOS books are my favs, and in particular:


    Uhura's Song

    How Much For Just the Planet? (My original inspiration to write my own stories)


    Spock's World

    The IDIC Epidemic

    The Romulan Way

    Black Fire

    Crisis on Centaurus

    Memory Prime

    (I'm sure I'm missing a couple here. Anyway - must haves in my library are Uhura's Song, How Much..., Memory Prime, and Crisis on Centaurus.)


    TNG: Really, I enjoyed "Q-in-Law" the most


    DS9: The Siege - NOT a novelization of the episode

  8. I'm afraid I need a "what the heck are you talking about?" option.  :(

    HEHEHEHE :( :lol: ;)


    I am lost too :huh:

    It's a quote from "Pirates of the Caribbean". It basically means crazy like a fox.


    I can be, but not permanently like Jack!

  9. I rewatched PotC the other day, and I can give you a couple of plots!


    Number one -


    Click for Spoiler:

    First, have you WATCHED the extra scene with the monkey at the end? It's after the credits. It steals a coin from the chest - so the curse is back on. None of those pirates can be hanged or beheaded or whatever while Jack the monkey has the coin. Who knows - maybe they'll pull the old Barbosa-wasn't-dead-when-the-monkey-took-the-coin thing and even bring Geoffrey Rush back.



    And possible plot number two -


    Click for Spoiler:

    Bootstrap Bill Turner. Okay, he was blown up by a cannon, but he wasn't dead as long as the curse was on. We saw in PotC that parts of the pirates are animated even when separated from their bodies. Who's to say that he couldn't have reassembled himself? This is a LONG stretch of the imagination, I know. But still a possibility.



    And besides the fact, "The Curse of the Black Pearl" is the subtitle of the first movie. Why does the second movie have to be about the curse at all? Jack Sparrow is still a pirate, after all, and condemned to death. Commodore Covington said he was only going to give him a day's head start.

  10. In the season 3 episode Civil Defense Gul Dukat says to Kira:

    "Are you really prepared to let over 2000 people die just because you don't like Cardassians"..

    Gul Dukat was going to let the station blow up if Kira didn't let him take command over the station.


    So I'm guessing there are about 2000 people stationed on DS9..

    That number sounds more logical than 7,000 permanent residents, Stelfan, but we also run the possibility that he scanned the station on his way in and knew roughly how many people were aboard.

  11. Spare time? What's "spare time?"


    I have to get CJLP to get his dictionary out again to tell me what "bored" means. :P Does that happen in "spare time?"


    Reading, writing, handiwork, research (yes, believe me, it's fun!), play music - and on and on - there's so much to do!!!!!!

  12. Now, wait - probably they're ALL right, depending on the actual question.


    Are you asking what is the semi/permanent number? Remember that DS9 is, in many ways, an airport. People come in, stay a while, and leave. There's no way that 7500 people live on the station permanently.

  13. My favorite classicals are Star Trek themes [a good cd is Symphonic Star Trek by Cincinnati Pops Orchestra] also classical movie themes.Free Enterprise

    That is an awesome CD. My brother gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. He was in college at the time, and he said almost every room on his hall had it. They all coordinated one day, put their speakers in the doorways, and synchronized it all down the hall. Twenty different rooms playing Star Trek at full volume - Wow...


    I voted "sometimes" because I only like some classical music. I've been a flautist for almost twenty years, so I enjoy flute music. Do any of you remember the CD "Classical Thunder" that they advertised on tv a few years ago? That's my kind of classical. "Ride of the Valkyries," "William Tell Overture," "In the Hall of the Mountain King," etc. (I LOVE Grieg's "Piano Concerto.") I HAD to buy that CD. When I write, it's what I listen to.