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  1. I've watched three eps, and I watch it for entertainment value. If you go on SciFi's boards, there are a lot of people being really negative about their professionalism, etc. If you go to TAPS' website, they look pretty impressive. I guess they're supposed to be one of the top groups of their kind in that region.


    I missed two eps while I was gone (in the UK), so I missed the whole chair/figure on tape thing. No reruns for a while, either. :S

  2. Sam, you're right - he does have a young daughter. And two (?) grown children, all with the same woman - they've been married for years, despite an obvious difference in age. Those marriages can work!


    Scotty is one of my favorite characters of all time - I'm so sorry to hear about this.

  3. I love Antiques Roadshow, although I don't get to see it much. I was watching the day the Keno Brothers told a woman her small table was worth over $200,000 - it sold at auction for about $300,000 - she let one of the Kenos set it up for her. The story was written up in Reader's Digest a few years ago.


    I'm from a family of pack rats that, on both sides, have lived in the same area for generations. I see things on the show one of us has in our house handed down from great-so-and-so. But ours probably aren't worth anything, knowing our luck. :D Besides, my father would never let us sell any of it! :D

  4. Dukat: "Major, it seems as if our lives have become deeply intertwined."

    Kira: "That pleases you, doesn't it, Dukat?"

    Dukat: "Major, it gives me reason to live."


    That's my all-time favorite - probably b/c - ah, well - I won't go into that here. :theforce:


    One of my favorite moments isn't b/c of the dialogue. Dukat and Kira are walking down a corridor, Kira is very pregnant.


    Dukat: "Shikaar's a very lucky man."

    Kira: "Oh, it's not Shikaar's."

    Dukat: "Whose is it, then?"

    Kira: (in a very no-nonsense-didn't-you-know? tone of voice) "Chief O'Brien's."


    Paying the actors - $$ per episode

    Special effects - $$ per week

    Look on Dukat's face - Priceless

  5. Parents should have been warned. Teenagers are still minors.


    As for teachers giving their own views, I have a different opinion. I believe teachers should be able to state their views, but not impose their views. I teach math, but my students sometimes discuss political matters in my office (initiated by them). I give my opinion, and listen to theirs.

    I have no problem with that, M - I've done the same thing. When a student asked me what I thought about such-and-such, I told them. I used to be criticized by some for the fact that I WOULD listen to the students when their views differed from mine. And you're right in saying the student needs to bring it up for me to be able to talk about it. But, although I also have freedom of speech, my views are not the specific topic of the discussion. I also have a responsibility to be relatively neutral.

  6. I'm with you, VBG, in that I have layers of things going on. TV/radio/CDs make great white noise - I've listened to my CDs so many times that I can sing along to about every track without thinking about the words, so I can still work.


    My computer and tv are two rooms apart, so I can't do both anymore. EXCEPT if I'm watching something, during commercials, I'll come in and check a couple of things until the show starts again.


    As to what shows I watch...Iron Chef, Jamie Oliver, In A Fix, DS9, The West Wing, Unsolved Mysteries. The only shows I DO NOT miss if I can help it are Iron Chef, The West Wing, and Unsolved Mysteries. Unfortunately, I miss them almost all the time. :P

  7. I use mechanical pencils, usually. But I do have wooden pencils that I use. And where's the choice for those silly "plastic" pencils they make? When I use a traditional pencil, I want one surrounded by WOOD, not that bendable, mystery substance that covers many modern pencils. I get those and they go right in the trash. Does liking real, unbendable wooden pencils mean I'm inflexible, too? :P

  8. History happens, and we can't clean it up or change it, no matter what's PC now. (You can't use twenty-first century views to judge the eighteenth century.) All you can do is present it. And history happens every moment.


    The fact that this should be discussed is absolutely essential. A teacher's political views are NOT a topic for discussion in the classroom. Whether or not it should have been shown - I personally wouldn't have. Probably I would have let it be known that the video exists, that I could have a viewing with parental permission. And discussed the horrors of war in general. NO country is without its horror stories...

  9. Wow, this thread is really interesting...


    1. As of this fall, I've been a flautist for twenty years. My present flute, Ralph, has been with me for sixteen of those years, and is my most treasured possession.


    2. I run a microbusiness w/my mother offering public speaking and music and starting some educational aids. It's growing monthly. If we could both make a living doing this, we'd quit our other jobs in a flash. (Now if I would ever keep the website updated on a regular basis! :drool: )


    3. I write ST stories regularly (my last one was 200+ pages), but my sister is the only one who's ever read any of them.


    4. I love my cat Brightspot (named for Brightspot-to-Srallansre from "Uhura's Song"), but when something finally happens to my cat Gunsmoke, I don't know how I'm going to deal with it. Bright's the house princess, but Gun's the emperor/czar, and he knows it!


    5. I get along with men better than women, but I have this horrible habit of falling for my best male'd think I'd learn...


    6. For the first time since I left my teaching job four years ago, I'm seriously considering getting back into education...need to update my certification first.


    7. If I could make a living as a writer, I would do that, as well.


    8. If I could count to five, I would have quit three facts ago - I'm an English teacher, not a math teacher! :drool:

  10. Both of my great grandfathers on my mother's side owned their own store, and I personally worked for over thirteen years in a grocery store, so here's my take.


    * A place for kids to play, etc. is a great idea if qualified staff is there - a lone teenage girl isn't enough if it's a big store with the possibility of many children at one time. My store received a demand from a customer for a children's area because, and I quote "My child was terrible in here today!" We kept the note - Lady, your child's behavior is not our fault.


    * Milk and meat prices fluctuate because of the market - not the store. Stores are under an obligation from their supplier to price their items at the suggested retail price. (SRP) If the price is under that, the store is running its own special. Very seldom is the price over that - any store needs to stay competitive. The SRP may come from the company, or it may be the supplying warehouse. (Delhaize, Hannaford, Shaws, Food Lion, etc.) When buying from a small supplier, like a local farmer, the store puts its own markup on - that varies from store to store. However, secret shoppers - people who travel from one store to another specifically to check out prices and report back to their own store - exist. Many stores, if they see a person come in, walk up and down the aisles with a clipboard or notebook, not actually shopping, will ask that person to leave. Competition is fierce.


    * Wal-Mart is a totally separate entity from regular grocery stores because of their size. They buy and sell in massive bulk, and get special prices because of that fact.


    * The suggestion of shopping on an off day is excellent. Larger stores receive trucks every day, but what department's goods is on them varies. Almost without fail, however, Tuesday is the slowest day of the week - especially Tuesday morning. After that, Wednesday, then business climbs steadily through the rest of the week. Sunday depends on the store. I shop early Monday morning, 'cause I know that's when the new meat shipment has come in, and the butcher is eager to get the meat from yesterday off the shelves; that's when he coupons everything. Meat and produce are the two departments in any store that are most eager to sell everything - their writeoffs (unsaleable merchandise) are incredible, and there's not much they can do about it.


    Sorry about the treatise on grocery stores - and believe me, there's more - but there is way more to it than just putting boxes on shelves - it's a multi-billion dollar industry that grows bigger by the year and wants to keep on doing that.

  11. Orly's in ANOTHER movie with swords? Sheez - you'd think he'd be getting tired of that. :unsure: A friend told me they're casting the new Pirates of the Car. movie now - wonder if he's going to be in that, too.


    And I'll watch this movie, maybe, if Sid's in it!