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  1. Oh, my - do I connect with some of these stories...But where to put the bodies? I used to mow cemetaries for a living -- I know a few places where there's a little room!


    I used to be the office manager in a grocery store - complaint central. One night a customer walked up to me and started ripping on the woman in the deli about how she's stupid, has various hygiene problems I won't go into here, won't do what he wanted her to, and wanted me to speak (ie yell) at her. I apologized for the inconvenience (whether you mean the apology or not, you gotta do it), and backed it up with she was following store policy. I said I would bring up the situation to her while I was driving her home, since she was my sister, but I wouldn't repeat the personal, rude, and uncalled-for remarks. It was definitely the end of the conversation.


    Now I work CS for a major credit card company, and I totally and completely agree with the others who said that rudeness goes to a new level on the phone. It's like being disembodied gives them the right to go off. Don't these people realize that I have a plethora of their personal information sitting in front of me, and could really wreak havoc with their entire lives if I were that sort of person? I have your social, your address, your mother's maiden name -- all things I need to hurt your finances. I would never in a million years do that, but it's possible. (I love the people who, when asked for some information for security purposes, say "I never gave you that." I'm looking at it! I just asked you to verify....) Just a word of advice to anyone who reads this -- just for a little piece of added security, add passwords to your credit cards............


    The woman who sits next to me had a fraud perpetrator on the phone a couple of weeks ago - he couldn't figure out why he hadn't received the direct deposit he asked for -- it turned out he had opened and closed so many fraudulent accounts, he couldn't remember which was his fraudulent funds didn't arrive in his fraudulent bank account because he had closed both of them. Needless to say, the fraud department took hold of that call really quickly. Gotta love caller ID...

  2. Lady Narana is a character I created for a series of stories I've written (I'm writing the last one now - any question why I don't want to finish it?). She's...well...not me and me at the same time. ;) I originally wanted something that would be easy to type 'cause I knew I'd be typing it a lot, and, literally, I just pounded a bunch of letters and Narana was born. (I might have tweaked one letter - it was ten years ago and I really don't remember.) She grew far beyond what I ever thought she would be - and now it's my name on every site/email I have.

  3. For some reason, Data (hello, Prof, by the way!), my computer doesn't react well with the Yahoo! chat program - I can get in only after some work and a lot of patience - so I don't use it. :S I also have a small business website through Geocities (Yahoo!), so I do use them for some things.


    Thank you for all of your answers! It's not the messenger service that costs money - I still use MSN Messenger to talk to some friends - but MSN's chat service. I broke down a couple of times and tried to get them to let me on (with my handy credit card at hand), and I can't do it for some reason without starting a new account with them. I am unwilling to change my LadyNarana identity. I'm looking for honest-to-goodness chat rooms. But it's okay - I've been back in this one a few times (how could I ever not be?), and it helped fill the void. ;)

  4. I used to be a semi-regular chatter, but MSN costs money now, and I have a bad taste in my mouth from Yahoo!, and I will never ever ever use ICQ again. What program do you use to chat? I'm snowed in tonight, and I've lost contact with most of my chat friends...I need to type-talk occasionally!


    Sheez, I'm pathetic...

  5. Oh, wow - what a topic....


    It would be difficult for me to list modern actors I WOULD go to see a movie especially for -- with the exception of every member of the LOTR cast...


    Okay...I would pay to stay away from --


    Ben Stiller (Starsky and Hutch a COMEDY? Say it ain't so!! But his parents' comedy acts were always hilarious.)

    Jack Nicholson (Never thought he was all that)

    Leonardo DiCaprio (Chanted "Die, Leo, hurry up and DIE!" as Titanic drew to a close - although Catch Me If You Can is okay.)

    Nicholas Cage (Saw National Treasure for aforementioned LOTR cast member)

    Angelina Jolie

    Jane Fonda (My dad is a Vietnam vet---don't get him started...)


    There are others I don't care for - Meg Ryan, George Clooney, Ben Affleck (J. Lo doesn't even belong in an acting category)...but I'll watch them occasionally...

  6. I liked the tv show, but didn't really get to see it much. The music and the fact that poor David never found any peace really affected me when I was younger.


    A few years ago, I flipped past The Hulk on the SciFi channel and decided to stop and watch. To my surprise and joy, it was my favorite episode of all time -- and found out that the protagonist was played by Gul Dukat -- I mean, Marc Alaimo. Didn't mean a thing to me when I was a kid, but it made me love the episode even more as an adult!

  7. Whose bright idea was it to loose Nurse Ratchett on Bajor anyway?


    Back on topic - Seasons 1 and 2 both impressed me with some of their episodes. I enjoy many of them, and love a few - "Dax" is the first one that comes to mind. I could watch that episode over and over...


    Wait a minute - I have... :frusty:

  8. I can paraphrase - it's from the Section 31 files on the Season 7 dvd's -


    Click For Spoiler
    He says something along the lines of..."Yeah, Dukat sure got around. I wish the writers had let me in on some of that..." He didn't state it as crudely as that.


    Can someone who has Season 7 help me with the quote here? I only purchased through Season 6 before I went totally broke...

  9. Spock's Death

    The Enterprise's Destruction

    Don't know the name-not a huge TNG fan - the episode where Troi finds out she had a sister. I'll watch that ep anytime



    I still haven't seen Jadzia's death, although I have had the DVD for months. If I don't watch it - it didn't happen. Ditto the series finale


    Honorable mentions for touching moments:

    Enabran Tain's death

    The Admiral's defense of Starfleet policy when it comes to genetic enhancements


    I know there are others I'll think of later...

  10. Bela Lugosi with Peter Lorre in "You'll Find Out"

    Peter Lorre guest-starred on "Rawhide" with Clint Eastwood (in an great episode, I might add)

    Clint Eastwood - oh, where to go from here? There are so many - in "Dirty Harry," co-starring Andy Robinson

    Andy=Garak, etc., etc.



    Robert Mitchum

  11. Buster Keaton? LOL - This one was a little tougher...


    Buster Keaton with Judy Garland in In The Good Old Summertime

    Judy Garland with Angela Lansbury in The Harvey Girls

    Andy Robinson guest-starred on Murder She Wrote with Angela Lansbury (as the bad guy who gets killed, of course :) )

    Good ole Andy is Garak on DS9


    Albert Finney

  12. It's no secret that Dukat is one of my favorite characters in all of Star Trek, and ties with Kang as my favorite bad guy of all time. But after he went crazy, it seems as though the writers didn't know what to do with him. Personally, his whole Kira-your-mother-was-my-mistress thing was an episode that belonged earlier in the run, not Season 6. And the connection between him and Wynn and Bajor in Season 7 ... no. It was unworthy of the Dukat they had created. I think MA did the best he could with what he was given. And, for goodness' sake, how many women could Dukat handle? LOL...not that he handled any of them well at I love MA's comment in the Hidden Files about all the

  13. I've seen FOTR 32 times,

    TT 19 times,

    and ROTK 13 times


    and am waiting on tenterhooks for ROTK extended to come out next month.


    I can't tell you how many times I've read each trilogy book and/or The Hobbit.


    I've never seen treatments of books done so well on the big screen. Never, ever, ever. I told my mother (NOT a fantasy/scifi fan) after FOTR that it was an epic movie on the scale of Gone With The Wind. I still stand by that...I don't really like GWTW, but you can't deny its status.


    Sheez, this is sad. :) At my age, I should know better, right? B)

  14. I haven't been on this site since the end of August (I'm not quite sure why), and when I signed on today to see what's been going on, I found 70 PAGES of postings. I can't read them all (but I've scanned about 20 pgs worth), but I'm assuming the election and the Red Sox (WHOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!) were covered.


    Glad to be back. I'm not going to let two months go by like that again. :)