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  1. I have some flower beds that are shamefully under-attended. Once again this year, I'm saying I'll make the effort to have them look better. We'll see what actually happens. :laugh:


    I grew up on a farm, so I'm used to vegetable gardens, too. But it snowed here yesterday, and predictions say it will again on Friday, so I'm not even thinking about putting anything out yet!

  2. Ronald Reagan in This Is The Army with Joan Leslie (love this movie)

    Joan Leslie in The Sky's The Limit with Fred Astaire

    Fred Astaire in The Towering Inferno with OJ Simpson

    OJ Simpson in The Naked Gun with Ricardo Montalban


    In honor of National Tartan Day today in America:


    David McCallum

  3. CJLP-Headborg WAS "minding his own business." The situation was brought to him, and he asked us.


    I know a lot of cities have ordinances like this. Public eyesores, and all that. In fact, I have friends who also had problems with the city because of too many cars in their yard. Personally, I'm with TUH - you should talk to the neighbor. If the others around you were really "concerned neighbors," then they would talk to him, not go around to everyone else first.

  4. I only have one goldfish named Lamont - I've thought about upgrading to something else (in a real tank instead of a bowl), but that's after I figure out how to keep my two cats from killing

  5. Very nice, E! I forgot about Ziegfield Follies...



    Vivien Leigh in "Streetcar" with Marlon Brando

    Marlon Brando in "Godfather" with Talia Shire

    Talia Shire in "Rocky" with Sly Stallone

    Sly Stallone in "Tango and Cash" with Marc Alaimo


    All my roads lead to Alaimo. :clap: I honestly don't plan it that way; the man's been in everything...



    Peter O'Toole

  6. Marc Alaimo was also in my favorite ep of The Incredible Hulk, so there's another link.


    Charlie Chaplin?


    LN Gulps...


    Charlie Chaplin with Jackie Coogan in The Kid

    Jackie Coogan gueststarred on Gunsmoke with James Arness

    As did Marc Alaimo


    Whew...that was easier than I thought



    Mae West

  7. My degree is in English Education, with a Speech minor. So if you ever need any grammar police help, let me know. :wow: I've been reading that post with


    Okay, thanks to the wonderful education system, English isn't all I've taught. I was a fifth-sixth grade teacher mostly, which means you teach about everything in those ages. I've also done junior high history, which I'm very good at; high school history, ditto; and biology, which was not my greatest hour. Luckily, I knew just a little bit more than the kids did, so I didn't come off as a total idiot.

  8. Three? Wow - I had four in my dorm room, too. No co-ed at all. Think four girls in a room probably smaller than your bedroom, with two dressers, two and a half closets, one sink (community bathroom down the hall), two desks, and five bunks. Not the army, but as close as I want to get.


    Ok, horror stories? I have the old I-never-got-along-with-her stories, etc. My worst roommate I only had for a semester, thank God. She drove one of the roomies out (there were five of us in the room at the time) in two days, and drove another to thinking of quitting school to get away from her. If she hadn't moved into another hall at Christmas time, I might have requested a transfer to another room myself, and my school seldom granted them. On Thanksgiving Day, she was scalded from the waist down by an industrial sized vat of boiling water. After finding out that she would be all right, my next thought was that the remaining three of us would get some peace for a week while she was in the hospital. I'm ordinarily a peaceful, love-most-people person, but there was no living with a hyper-critical, holier-than-thou person. Not sure if I can do it now that I'm a little older, either!