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  1. My first episode was also "The Savage Curtain," but it was around 1982 or so. Found it while channel flipping, watched it for curiosity's sake, saw the next ep the next day, and was totally hooked.


    I remember watching "Encounter at Farpoint" the night(s) it first aired, and thinking "That was REALLY stupid..." but I watched off and on for the first season, hoping to hit an ep that would get me hooked. Didn't happen. I'm still a sporadic watcher.


    I watched "The Emissary" when it debuted, and it was more my speed. Hooked within, oh, half an hour.


    I watched "Voyager" in the beginning mainly to see Paris. Haven't watched it since second season. "Enterprise" I've only seen once - too much going on on Wed.


    I'm such a sporadic fan...

  2. You guys make me feel so old-fashioned. My fav book of all time is "Uhura's Song." But I love "The Romulan Way," "Ishmael," "How Much For Just The Planet," "Q-In-Law," "The Siege (DS9)," "Crisis on Centaurus (my second fav)," and various others. I don't like the crossovers as a rule, although some are ok

  3. I can't choose! APofA is precious - especially that little kid questioning them while sitting on the bumper. And Kirk's stick! AWtE is great. But TWT is probably my fave. I've always wanted to be that grip who got to stand above the set and chuck things at Bill Shatner. In a more favorable universe, maybe Jimmy Doohan could get that job! :tear:


    J/K, everyone!

  4. Oh, I think "Spock's Brain" is by far the "winner" in this category. Only one good line, IMHO, which I quoted on another thread, so apologies to those who've seen it twice.


    "Is that you, Dr. McCoy? And are you with the captain?"

    "Well, where else would I be?"


    'nuff said.


    And I also feel badly for LN - he objected strongly to shooting this script. And that pic of DFK in that clear plastic colander...what the heck were they thinking? Was anyone thinking?

  5. im bad with epi names, but howabout the one with the spacey alice in wonderland. im late im late for a very important date. :tear:

    Think you mean Shore Leave. :idea:


    I have to agree with "Way To Eden." "Well, crack my knuckles and jump for joy! I got a clean bill of health from Doc McCoy!"


    And, as much as I dislike the ep in general, "Spock's Brain" has one interchange I enjoy. "Is that you, Dr. McCoy, and are you with the captain?" "Well, where else would I be?"


    Where else indeed?

  6. Oh, I hate Kai Wynn! And it has nothing to do with Louise Fletcher (although - has the woman EVER played a good person role?). She was the epitome of someone who used religion to gain power. Not all religious leaders are like that (Bareil, although I hated him for quite different reasons, seemed to be much more grounded in his religious path). I've only seen the first seven episodes of season seven, and very few of six, although I know how the series ends.

  7. As a lover of irony; witticisms; intrigue; and a truly good, humorous lie, I LOVE Garak. "The Wire" is head and shoulders above most of the early episodes, although I love almost all of them.


    My favorite Garak/Dukat interchange is when GD has almost thrown him off the balcony for touching Ziyal.

  8. the Federation had about one year to prepare for a Dominion invasion (the time from when they first discovered their existance to the time they actually came through the worm-hole). DS9 was the first line of defence so they really beefed up the stations weapon+shield power. Also, the Federation designed the Defiant class starship, which included a borrowed Romulan cloaking device. Though very small, the Defiant (as you've probably seen) is very powerful and manuerable, perfect for battling Jem'Hader ships which are rather small in size and rely on speed.

    Just as a nitpicky point...the Defiant wasn't designed for fighting the Dominion. It was designed to fight the Borg.


    One thing I always found amusing...the great minds at the Federation design and testing center couldn't make the Defiant feasible, but one (admittedly, near-genius) engineer on a Deep Space post did? I know the Defiant was constant work for him, but you must admit, it never truly failed them!

  9. How in the world do y'all choose? My LIST is Sisko, Dax, Kira, Garak, Dukat, Quark. (Not necessarily in that order...but I can't put them in order!) In fact, there's not a regular on DS9 I DON'T like. (I didn't like Bareil or Shikaar...some reason, the two of them really annoyed me.)

  10. I think the war was the next natural extension of the Dominion plotline. And, let's face it - without the Dominion and conflict, we were just back at exploring this universe. TOS started it, TNG furthered it, but there had to be a new avenue. Besides, other than planetary conflicts, there had never really been any sort of struggle. Tensions, yes. But we never saw war with the Klingons, Romulans (I don't really appreciate the direction in which they took THEM, but that's another thread.), Cardassians, Orions, Ferengi...all of whom were supposed to be opposed to the Federation.

  11. Oh, baby, baby - Gul Dukat! I adore Garak, but I LOVE Dukat. MA played him as such a multidimensional character until the whole pah'wraith thing, which had its moments.


    BTW, happy birthday to Mr. Alaimo (May 5). I'll bake you a cake if you come over! :tear:

  12. Hi All!


    I don't have anyone I can talk Trek with except my sister...thus the dunsel remark. A bb "buddy" of mine on Comedy Central pointed me in this direction. Thanks, Prof, for telling me about this! Except now I need to find your name on here :tear: I can't wait to surf this site some more and interact.


    ST is my favorite show in the history of television. Dr. McCoy RULES! :idea:


    See y'all somewhere out there...thataway...