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  1. Some say I have a bit of a Trek obsession too, in fact one person (Amy - aka Luvin1stdegree) even thinks I need therapy because of it  :o  :o

    My life is chaotic. Trek IS my therapy!!! :laugh: !!!

    That's what I tell her... it IS therapy! lol

    Amen! I'm with you --


    Trekkie/Trekker - I don't really care. I personally use "Trekkie." I know other people don't care for the term, but, hey, whatevah!

  2. I'm a country gal born and bred, who currently lives in a town. Very small by most people's standards, but it feels confining to me. I'm thinking of staying here, but my folks still live on the family farm, and I can escape there anytime. All in all, I vote country!

  3. anyone see GALAXYQUEST it was hilarious, i think the parady of shatner was hillarius, i wonder how much of that really reflects how he is. oh well ill stop ranting now, ill leave the answer at a NO

    I thought Galaxy Quest was hilarious! ESPECIALLY the beginning, that lampooned them all! But the captain's character...that was preciously funny!

  4. Happy Birthday Marc Alaimo. Wow, you guys have great memories. I see LadyNarana is really enjoying herself here. She only has one post to go to become Lt. She will be caught up to me soon.



    I am having fun; thanks, Data. I owe you, big time! :laugh:

  5. I stand corrected.  Gambler and what else?  I missed one...

    Marc Alaimo played Officer Burt Ryan in the DS9 episode "Far Beyond the Stars".

    Yep, he played a Cop that beats Benny up and kills Jake for tryin to steal a car I think. Jeffery Combs also plays a human in that episode and is Officer Mulkahey.


    The next episode that Benny Russell shows up in is in season 7, episode 2 Shadows and Symbols. In that episode Casey Biggs (Damar) plays a human doctor in Siskos Benny Russell vision.

    That's RIGHT! I forgot about that one! Actually, I forget those vision episodes anyway - they're not my favorites...


    Thank you!

  6. cool, is it worth to get 4 DVD set while I have two DVD disc?I meant from the very fiirst release of LOFR:felllowship of the ring, I had two disc. :laugh:

    I personally think the 4 DVD set is worth it, if for nothing else than the 30 minutes of bonus footage. (More Sean Bean! Ah, now THAT I can handle!) But I love watching behind=the=scenes stuff, and the other two disks are loaded to the n'th degree!

  7. Hope this helps answer at least one of your questions....this is from's library...
    Bajor cemented a relationship with the UFP by inviting Starfleet administration of Terok Nor, the onetime Cardassian slave-labor mining and processing station in orbit; it was renamed DS-9 and moved near the wormhole to protect it. DS-9 is now about five hours away from Bajor by native transport, though only about three-hours away by Runabout.

    Thank you! I knew the five hour total, but not the three. I guess that alters the question - how quickly do either (or both) of those craft travel?

  8. It's been a long time since I've seen a VOY ep...wish they were in reruns here; that's how I get caught up.  Is Chakotay related to an Admiral?  I heard a reference to Admiral Chakotay on the DS9 ep I'm watching.  Too unusual a name to be wholly coincidental.  Thanks!

    There was an Admiral Chekote in TNG's Gambit Part 1 but as you can see it was spelled differently although pronounced the same. Admiral Chekote

    wasn't of Native American descent

    Sounds as if someone liked the name, then!

  9. I voted for Fellowship.  I love Two Towers, but Fellowship blew me out of the water when I saw it.  9 times in the theater, 13 times on tape/dvd now.  And counting!

    Lady Narana...Which version of the Fellowship do you have on DVD?

    I had the regular release on tape (which I've now sold, actually) and extended (4 DVD) set. I can't wait until Two Towers comes out. I've only seen the extended edition three times...the others were on the tape.

  10. It's been a long time since I've seen a VOY ep...wish they were in reruns here; that's how I get caught up. Is Chakotay related to an Admiral? I heard a reference to Admiral Chakotay on the DS9 ep I'm watching. Too unusual a name to be wholly coincidental. Thanks!

  11. Does anyone know the limit range of a transporter by the time of TNG and DS9?


    Also, how far in distance is DS9 from Bajor? I'm watching eps today, and someone asked me both of these. I don't know!