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  1. The Wire is my (and my sis') fave episode from Season Two. In fact, if it's not our fave ep, it's at least in the top three or four. It's so intense, and so convoluted, and you just get a great look into Garak's twisted little mind and world.


    "It's all true."

    "Even the lies?"

    "Especially the lies."

  2. I couldn't really answer this one. I loved so many episodes, and I have not, as of yet, seen even half of Season Seven. (Come on, Paramount! Let's speed this up a bit...) I can't wait to see all of this series, finally!


    My sister has my one complete season at her house. :lol: I WANT MY TREK BACK!

  3. I never posted on but used the site for reference. A few times I visited the forums. On one of my lurking sessions, I found a link to this place. I did not register for a few days. Finally after a week of lurking, I registered. I am happy I did. This is one of the best forums around on the internet.


    VBG, you have done a great job here. I thankyou for creating a Star Trek forum that truely gives you the feel of trek.

    I used to be a member at the Comedy Central Beat The Geeks Board. It started out great, but people started arguing a lot, spamming started, and the show was cancelled, so people started dropping off. Data ran the Star Trek thread on that board, and he invited all the ST regulars to join here. After lurking a bit, I did!

  4. Colm M. is a busy man. Seems as if he's been in everything lately. :dude:


    Wasn't part of the TNG crew in an episode of Diagnosis: Murder or something like that? At a race track, I think. I have the CD of Brent Spiner in the Broadway revival of 1776; listen to it constantly. Almost as good as the original! Neelix (sorry, forgot his name) and Rene Auberjonois talk how only Benson outranks Star Trek as one of their favorite projects. Marc Alaimo was on Starsky and Hutch three times (as different people), Diagnosis: Murder, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and The A-Team as well as the other things mentioned. (As well as in Tango and Cash.)


    This is fun. Have any more?

  5. I would have to say any thing written by Peter David with the new fronteir books on the top.  Drednought and Battlestations were great.

    Oh, I forgot about Dreadnought and Battlestations. Those were great! I thought I would hate them since


    Click for Spoiler:

    the Star Trek crews aren't the basis of the stories. But Piper is a hoot! They read like they were written by a true fan.



    I also enjoy Ishmael and Black Fire. There are so many, I can't list them.

  6. I know for me personally, I feel very close to England, and I think our country, as a rule, does, too. (After 1815 or so, we're okay as far as our history goes. :lol: ) I also have a great affinity for Scotland, but that's not really part of the question. :rolleyes:

  7. Ok, let me preface this by saying I am very sound-oriented. I play several instruments, sing, and play CD's or tapes ALL of the time. I would hate to lose my hearing, but I know a bit of sign language, and can read lips after a fashion, so with Closed Captioning, I could get by. I also do a lot of typing and watching of movies and tv, and would hate to lose my sight.


    I voted other. Regardless of what else I do, I would hate to lose my sense of touch. With playing instruments and typing and handcrafts, I use my hands constantly, and a lot of that would stop if I lost that sense. I have lost the feeling in part of one leg and foot thanks to surgery, and have problems b/c of it; I can only imagine what being totally disabled would be.

  8. The only ones I'll watch are possibly T3 and Pirates of the Caribbean.


    I was sitting in The Two Towers on opening day when I first saw the preview for Pirates. A kid (skipping school - GASP) a few rows down saw Orlando Bloom was in Pirates, and he said in a big voice, "An elf and swords - how can it miss?" Got a laugh out of the fans sitting there, waiting for the darn previews to be over and the movie to start! :idea:

  9. I have to wait until I can find it a little cheaper. (Besides, my b'day's coming, and I always get $$ from two family members - that's my DS9 $$!) So I have to wait.


    I am looking forward to The Search, I and II (That counts as one, right?), Civil Defense, Defiant, Heart of Stone...I could go on. I can't wait to get rid of my old, jumpy VHS tapes!

  10. Neither of these questions am I able to answer easily using the Net, and my only resource for one is forty miles away.


    Please - does anyone have the tech specs for DS9? I can't find the three things I need in the sites I've searched. I can't afford the manual right now...


    AND how old was Jake Sisko when his father was assigned to the station? I'm guessing 13-14.


    Thanks, guys. I really appreciate this.

  11. Ugh, I didn't like lemon Diet Coke either. I was in England four years ago, and ordered a Diet Pepsi, which came with a chunk of lemon in it. Maybe it was the day, the place, the atmosphere, but I've been hooked on that ever since. The lemon-in-a-can didn't cut it. It's horrible! Now I buy two lemons a week. :rolleyes:

  12. Well, I live in the frozen north, too, but I've never done the snowflake thing. But I'll definitely try it next winter! (In between the praying and gasping when I'm sliding into a ditch/snowbank like I did last winter. I don't mind snow, but I HATE ICE!)


    My biggest Trekkie habit (God help me) is talking to characters in situations. You know - the boss comes and tells you that you're not even being considered for a raise this year, no matter how much you've done for your office. How am I going to act about it? Cool, calm and collected like Dax, Odo, Data, or Spock? Wildly, angrily, and loudly like Worf or Kira? Purely emotionally like McCoy or Bashir? I can just hear their voices in my head sometimes when situations like this come along.


    (And in this particular situation, it was Spock on the outside, and Worf on the inside. :rolleyes: )

  13. You know, to anyone on the outside of Trekdom, this would sound really odd, but you guys I know understand.


    The Trek characters are my friends. I can immerse myself in episodes and totally feel at home and comfortable. Books are even "worse." I can see each setup, and feel what the characters are feeling.


    I don't know what I would do if tptb took away my Trek. They're part of my mind, my imagination, and my soul.