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  1. It's a good setup for future Gayla problems.


    I was in Roswell, NM about a year ago, and kept thinking of this episode. Whatever y'all believe about aliens, SOMETHING happened there that people originally tried to hush up. Now maybe it's outgrown itself...aliens gone beserk.


    I loved the outfits/hair, etc in this ep. And the nurse was great. Didn't they think that Rom was a woman? (Something about his "grooming" Nog when he was trying to fix his translator.) And the comments about irradiating our own atmosphere. :innocent:

  2. kinda completely nullifies the effect of professionalism.

    Yeah. :innocent: On the other hand, for growing up with a mom like Lwaxana she's remarkably modest. :(

    Oh, isn't that an understatement...

    and surprisingly not half MAD

    can't imagine grewing up with har woman... :(

    I love watching Lwaxana, but I'd hate to live with her, too!


    Doesn't Deanna remind you of teenagers who are horribly embarrassed by their parents (usually simply by the fact that they're living... :( )? I wonder if other Betazoid women are like her, or if she's one-of-a-kind.


    Majel B-R - she was told to make Lwaxana believeable, all she had to do was play herself. What a kicky woman...


    For those DS9 people, what do you think happened to Lwaxana and her baby after she escaped from Michael Ansara?

  3. You would serve in starfleet as a Lt. Commander. Your assignment is in medical. Any of the following positions may be available:



    Medical Officer



    Medical Technician



    Some people are not as interested in technology as the people behind it. They believe that a society should be more than just a bunch of wires and machines. Our technology may tell us where we are going, but does it really tell you what we paid to get it? The success of every mission is measured on the health of the crew. Even though technology can be repaired, there are some things which can't be replaced.




    I used to be a teacher, with an interest in medicine. I can live with this. Long Live Bones McCoy!

  4. Welcome!!! :innocent:  :(  :(

    What's your fave series??  I hope you enjoy yourself here.. :(

    My favorite series used to be the one with Kirk. Now, it's Deep Space Nine. :(

    Whoo-hoo! Another DS9'er! :( Rock on, and welcome!

  5. Last I checked, I was female.  I wish I could find a Trekkie man!


    LadyNarana, I would like to introduce you to;


    I'M 100 % MAN AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT! LOL.  :innocent:




    bysty, say hello to LadyNarana.


    Perhaps you two would like to find a nice quiet place and send each other some PM’s?

    :( That's more than illegal!

  6. According to Takei's and Nichols' books (which came out after Shatner's first), the bitterness extends from the first series. Both mention that Shatner is very charming in person, but basically extremely self-serving and uncaring of the people around him. According to my understanding, there was an uneasy truce b/t BS, JD, and WK during the short time they were filming together for the most recent movie.


    I don't know as they've made peace, or just accepted the situation for what it is and are moving on.

  7. What about Miramanee?  (Or however you spell it.)

    I don't know if Kirk and Miramanee were married. He didn't know who he really was at the time, and Miramanee was killed right after he regained his memory, so she wasn't actually married to James T Kirk.

    Oh, my, my, my, my, my...semantics and hairsplitting! ;):D

  8. The Avengers - it has got the worst movie ever made that wasn't intended to be bad.  OMG, I still remember Sean Connery's "now is the winner of my discontent" and those giant Teddy Bears.  I left the theater amazed that anyone would intentionally do that.

    Ohmigosh - thank you for saying that! I'm a big fan of The Original Avengers tv show - that movie was P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C! The only bearable part was hearing the REAL Steed's voice! (Why, oh, why couldn't he have been on screen, though??)

  9. TOS is my fave series. I'm no Shatner fan, nor is Kirk my fave captain. And, God knows, V is the only ST movie I've seen once, and will not watch again. I know Jimmy Doohan can't stand him (although I haven't read his book). I know Walter Koenig can't stand him (read part of his book). On and on ad nauseum through the "minor" cast. But Nichelle Nichols and George Takei both mention in their books that, even though they don't care for him, he was a good director for them. (Takei says that he's a good actor, and he was acting the part of a good director. I like that phrasing. :angry: ) The condescension to his fellow castmates and the fans is something I will not forget.

  10. I had to vote for TOS - like someone else said, it was the mother of everything...besides, it's the one that got me hooked, and the tv show I love most in the entire world...and I'm a big fan of some shows! I just haven't watched in a while. DS9 is my current obsession. I love, love, love that show. After that, TNG, then VOY, then ENT.


    I'm so glad other people love DS9 so much - I almost never hear them get any respect...

  11. Favorite: "The Dirty Dozen", although "The Fellowship of the Ring" is climbing fast

    Scariest: I don't do scary movies...although I can name some movies people think are great and I think that opinion is scary!

    Funniest: "The Odd Couple"

    Most Thought provoking: don't have one off the top of my head

    Saddest: I have lots of reasons movies make me cry - only occasionally 'cause they're sad!! :angry:

    Off Beat: "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar"

    Romantic: Not really a chick-flick kinda gal, or a fan of anyone in these movies, but I really like "The Mirror Has Two Faces" and "Chocolat".

  12. No, James T Kirk and Carol Marcus never got married. 

    James Kirk did marry, but that was in Shatner's novels.

    What about Miramanee? (Or however you spell it.)


    I write fanfic, and Lady Narana is my fav character. I won't go into my reasoning for choosing her name for my own, but my list is not limited just to "Because I like her." I developed "Narana" as a name because it was easy to type, and I knew I would be typing it a lot.