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  1. I also agree that Season 3 is when DS9 kicked into high gear, but Season Two was great in places. Cardassians is decent, but The Wire ROCKS. It still is my ( and my sister's) favorite episode of all of them.

    The whole Circle trilogy is good. I love Second Sight because I love R. Kiley. All in all, I'm glad I have it on DVD, and can't WAIT for Season 3. (Only a little over a week now - then a wait until I can find it on :andorian: )

  2. I agree with what y'all are saying, but as Ms. Soong pointed out - these people do exist. Starfleet is made up of all types of people. Who knows? Maybe she was a submissive at heart. Khan did seem to care about her in a sadistic sort of way.


    If it had been me (not that it would have!), I wouldn't have been able to fight the guy, but I would have located a phaser PDQ. I'd only set it on stun, for sure, but stun has several different settings - start low and work up from there!

  3. I was always a very mixed soda kind of person. I like it all. A few years ago however I had to pretty much give up soda because of some blood sugar problems. I found that I could drink diet coke but the more I found out about Asparteme (the sugar substitute used in most diet sodas) the less I wanted to drink. I now drink Diet Rite which is made by RC Cola. It tastes a lot better then diet coke and it's sweetened with Splinda which is much safer the Asparteme but still doesn't effect me like sugar.

    Tank, do you happen to know if it's good with lemon in it?


    I drink waaaaay too much Diet soda (esp. Coke), and I LOVE Diet Pepsi w/lemon in it.


    Problem is, no place around here sells Diet Rite. (Or RC, for that matter.) AUGH! I want to stop the Aspertame!

  4. I haven't seen the episode where the genetically-enhanced "friends" of Julian's return to the station and try to sabotage the war effort, because they think they'll be saving lives in the long run. Now, please, don't tell me how it goes, 'cause I'll see it someday (hurry up DVD's and money intake!), but can someone answer a question for me?


    I know they predict that the Federation and its allies will fall, but do you know the time period they predict? One year, two? How many people do they figure will die? (On either side, or both.)


    Please, don't go to any special effort for me - was just wondering if someone knew the answers. And what's the name of the episode?



  5. I only have season 2 of DS9, although I am trying to save for season 1. (And eventually the others) I will also probably get TOS one of these days.


    I'm actually saving for a trip to England and Scotland next year - DS9 is on the back burner...although I visit that burner often in my head. :martok:

  6. It was about 1984 or so, and I caught part of an episode while I was on a family getaway, just channel flipping with nothing else to watch. The next day, the same thing, and I was hooked. Then The Wrath of Khan was on tv about 1986, and I realized I was in WAAAAAAY over my head.

  7. The guy who played Tuvok in VOY!!!! Also a crewman in GEN with the TOS crew, a miner in Starship Mine in TNG, and I don't know who or in what episode, but I know he was in something of DS9.

    He was a Klingon in DS9's Invasive Procedures, Season 2.

  8. It's been a long while since I've seen those episodes. I'll have to re-watch them in the next couple days. The founders homeworld was destroyed at one point though and they moved to another world.


    Once I've re-watched the episodes I'll post more.

    Are you talking about Tain's attack on their world? That's the world in the Omarian Nebula, not the one in "The Alternate." Otherwise...yes, fill me in!

  9. when i first saw the nemesis teaser trailer a long time ago i thought wesley WAS shinzon. i thought maybe wes went crazy and wanted to destroy the federation.

    Hmm... Bring back a departed character who wants to kill everyone. Kes all over again. Does that mean that Wesley would remember himself and hug Picard in the end? :)

    OH, someone do me a huge favor! PLEASE. I didn't watch Voyager much toward the end. I've seen several msgs re: Kes coming back and wanting to kill, etc. Someone PM me with a synopsis or put it in a spoiler, eh? I'd go to, but it's different when you get a real person's POV. THANK YOU!

  10. I watched "The Alternate" today, where it is accepted that the Bajorans found the Founders' home world, since abandoned. We know from later on that they settled on a world in the Omarian Nebula. I'm the first to admit that I've missed many episodes. Did they ever speak again regarding this world of origin?3


    Oh, and also, whatever happened to that obelisk?

  11. I'm assuming you mean main title characters and pre-Star Trek? Dee Kelley was in one of the early John Wayne movies. Nimoy and Shatner were together in one episode of The Man From UNCLE ("The Strigas Affair"). George Takei was in Green Berets with John Wayne, and one episode of Mission: Impossible (The Carriers). Nichelle Nichols was in Porgy and Bess. I first saw Patrick Stewart in I, Claudius (I think that was it.) Marc Alaimo was in just about every episodic show you can name, including once on the same 6 Million Dollar Man episode as a VERY young DeLancie. ("Sharks") My fav guest spot of MA's actually is his stint as a warden on The Incredible Hulk. Andy Robinson was in one episode of Moonlighting. You never see his face, but you can't mistake his voice! Michael Ansara was in tons of old movies. The list goes on and on.



    Just fixed a code.


  12. Ok, don't shoot me, but I'm NOT a big fan of this episode. It has it's moments...the best, to me, being the whole mechanical-rice-picker thing. And the mnemonic memory circuit.


    Thinking in a different direction, Spock and Kirk jumped into the past to fix whatever Bones had done - McCoy was their friend, but they were trying to fix the Federation. McCoy's reaction to the Edith's accident was pure Bones - he was trying to save a life. Kirk's was pure captain - he sacrificed a great deal to further his mission/quest - whatever you want to call it.


    Here's my question - do you think he ever blamed McCoy for Edith's death? It's illogical, but so is the human heart (and mind, sometimes!). If McCoy, in his right mind or not, hadn't jumped back into time, Kirk never would have met Edith, never fallen in love, and would not have had to watch her die.


    Sounds like fanfic material - sorry to the canon-only people.