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  1. I also love this episode - for the first time, I think, Kira saw Cardassians not as a piece - she started focusing on individuals. Her doggedness for answers didn't stop, even when she had doubts about the prisoner. In that sense, she reminded me of Odo, and his quest for justice, whether or not it follows the rules. For me, it was the first time Kira showed real growth.


    Wow - maybe I'll watch it later. :force:

  2. I work for a credit card company - again, I'm not in the department that calls you during dinner, and I'm also relatively new at this job that is in my life solely to pay the bills, so don't yell :force: - I thought I knew a bit about credit cards before I started there, and it's amazing what I've learned since I've been there. Please, PLEASE read the fine print before you sign up for ANYTHING. I've had concerns with my own credit card companies (I don't have one with the company I work for :hug: ), but I'm a silent attrition customer - when I'm angry, I deal with whatever is necessary with them, and I walk away from them and I never look back. Whatever happens to your account, the company is required by law to tell you what is going to happen. Fine print may be tough to read, but the information you need IS there. Telemarketing is a totally different animal - don't get me started!!!! I live in my grandfather's house, and I get calls asking for him - and he's been dead ten years this last February. I've gotten to the point that I run all calls through my answering machine to weed out the teles.

  3. I rented Season 7 of DS9 from Netflix, and I see why you like the season so much. I still have a prediliction for seasons 4 and 5, but 7, I think, is climbing the favorites list.


    I can't bring myself to watch "What We Leave Behind." If I don't watch it, DS9 didn't really end, right?? Just like if I don't watch "Tears of the Prophets," Jadzia isn't really dead!

  4. I grew up on a corner of my grandfather's family farm, complete with electrified barbed wire. When kids, we used to hold green stems (undried hay, usually) on the wire to get shocked when the pulse went through. Not thrown across the field ever, of course. Been shocked by other things, read or seen other incidents of people being badly shocked (Bobby Flay on Iron Chef, Ace Frehley of KISS), and can't imagine how it must feel - and don't want it ever to happen to me!

  5. Shore Leave is quirky and fun. The first episode that made an eleven year old - who was watching reruns to see what this show was about - absolutely fall in love with this show that, as stated, didn't always take itself horribly seriously.

  6. It didn't bother me that Julian was genetically enhanced, although I do understand why it has been banned in the Federation-the speech Admiral so-and-so makes at the end of that episode makes perfect sense to me. For every Julian, there's a Khan.


    I think the whole plotline would have bothered me if Julian had used his enhanced capabilities to lord himself over the others. But he tried so hard to be just one of the crew-he worked hard and fought hard and did everything he could for the others. He was kept human through it all.

  7. I like that joke! I am half Canadian and take no offense. It was funny last summer when I want to France how many insulting jokes there were about Americans... I thought they were funny too!


    And what is it if I say both "eh" and "y'all" because I am a half Canadian North Carolinian? I confuse myself...  :lol:

    You think you're confused? I'm from the northeast, so "wicked" is a general term in communication. I went to university in the south, and still haven't dropped the "y'all" and "hon" from my speech. An ex-interest is from Wisconsin, and I picked up "eh" from him.


    I think this thread is wicked funny, y'all!

  8. "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" is the name of the TOS episode, guys. :clap:


    This episode was never one of my favorites overall, but I love the scene of her in the corridor when she's trying to convince the others she's not...well, those of you who've seen the episode know what the next word should be. A good TOS ep.

  9. Whose cruel idea was it to put an "s" in "lisp?"


    Can I drink Pepsi from my Coke glass?


    Can I make a devil's food cake in my angel food cake pan?


    Why is it not just musicians who decompose when they die?

  10. Referred to as: LadyNarana, Lady, Lin, Ana, Kate - take yer pick

    favorite beverage: Diet Coke

    fave color: anything deep jewel toned

    fave flower: wild roses

    fave food: my late gmother's potato salad

    fave cheesecake flavor: haven't found one I don't like

    fave junk food: currently carob chips-but ice cream over the long run

    fave animal: cats

    fave smiley: :roflmao::roflmao: and B)

  11. I also had someone hack into my email a few years ago - they used it to spam people. Luckily, AOL noticed what was going on and shut down my email - I was a little ticked at them, but calmed right down when they told me what happened. Since then (even though I don't use AOL anymore), I haven't had a problem.

  12. Okay, firstly I'll admit that I am a new fan of The West Wing, and thank God for Bravo playing three episodes a day. I do not agree with many things with it, but I have yet to find a show where I agree with everything.


    Secondly, today's episode involved Josh having problems with a Trek fan wearing a Trek pin to work. I'm assuming it was an IDIC. (It's never shown.) He has her remove it, and then at the end of the show, he talks about being a fan versus having a fetish - that ST is a fetish and belongs at home, not at work.


    Ok, so be it. I probably wouldn't wear a Trek pin to the White House, but that's not the point. In his argument, Josh separated fans of sports, for example, from Trek fans. But, wait a minute - the episode before, Toby made a big deal about Sam taking down his Lakers banner from the wall. Doesn't this qualify as a double standard?


    I know a few people are obsessed with Trek, and need a slightly firmer grip on reality, but why are we always seen in a negative light? This situation, in different forms, happens ALL OF THE TIME. We've had other threads on it. It happens on every show that even mentions Trek. It seems, much of the time, as if the only people who don't make fun of us


    Thirdly, I know there isn't a chance of converting the naysayers to Trekdom, and fine. It's a great show, and a great concept, but they'll never see it. "To those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who do not, no proof is enough."


    Thanks for reading/listening. I'm tired of being picked on and needed to vent. I need to go to work in my credit card/banking night shift job now, where, of course, I lecture everyone who calls on the virtues of Spock versus Q and how much I hate the new version of Romulans and end with "thanks for your call - don't forget Enterprise is on Wednesday night." Just because I'm a fan. :lol:

  13. That line by Q makes me :laugh: every time!


    According to what I've read, when Avery Brooks won the part as Sisko, the producers asked him to grow out his hair so that people wouldn't look at him and automatically assume he was Hawk from Spencer For Hire. (I mean, he is - but to avoid confusion and to differentiate the character.) Then, when they figured the Sisko character was set in people's minds, they allowed him, slowly, to change his physical image back.


    I love Sisko, but bald is definitely better in this case!

  14. I have a ST role playing game somewhere in my parents' house. I've been trying to find it for a while, honestly because I was planning on selling it, if I could. Point is, I know it exists. I bought it on my high school senior class trip. I'm not saying how long ago that was. :laugh:

  15. Yes, cyber-stalking is real, and it sounds, RickerChick, as if you are a victim. I know several people who have had similar experiences. With the people I know, it started in various chatrooms. They irritated someone, and then that someone decided to take revenge.


    On a board I was on before this, there was one person who would become angry with so-and-so, keep registering under different names, and constantly harrass so-and-so. I heard rumors that "the stalker" didn't actually break into so-and-so's email, but he knew it, so he signed so-and-so up for email subscriptions to all sorts of undesirable sites, and had him spammed so much that it blocked up his account.


    The way I see the internet is that it is much like real life. People you enjoy, people you can't stand, people who run the gamut of every human emotion and difference, all under a cloak of anonymity. There are jerks here, heroes here, every human type - you just have to learn how to deal with all of them.

  16. GN, I totally understand what you're saying. I also have the DVD's to watch whenever I want. And I missed the marathon because I had to work.


    For seven or eight years, I've had to watch DS9 on some tapes that I made during their original run. Then came some VHS Paramount tapes (some of which I'm still trying to unload since upgrading), and then came the DVD's. And tonight, when I flipped past Spike TV, it was so...healing? Satisfying? see DS9 where any cable watcher could access it. Back in a position to be in the public eye.


    Vive la DS9!