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  1. Whoohoo! I LOVE this game...


    1. Meryl Streep with Kevin Kline in "Sophie's Choice."

    2. Kevin Kline to Jamie Lee Curtis in "A Fish Called Wanda"

    3. Jamie Lee Curtis to Arnold S. in "True Lies."

    4. Arnold S. with Marc Alaimo in "Total Recall"

    5. Marc Alaimo with anyone on TNG or DS9


    Andie MacDowell

  2. I think I have to agree with VBG on it being the Industrial Revolution. Like it or not, good or bad, it changed us forever.


    Like the humorist Will Rogers said about Henry Ford, "Mr. Ford - it will take a hundred years to know if you've helped us or harmed us. But either way, you didn't leave us as you found us."



    (Travel across the land bridge and the Big Bang are both historical theories, just to be nitpicky.)

  3. My father and one of his cousins are the two who have traced his side of the family. On my mother's side, we have a lot of oral history, and some actually traced. Dad has gone so far as to go to Scotland and do some more research there. I met a cousin online (tenth cousin, twelve times removed - we figured it out) whose father had done the same thing, but in England, and he mailed his research to me.


    I love doing research online, but experts still say to check your information at the actual source, just to make sure there are no mistakes. Unfortunately, even the LDS online sources have been known to contain errors. (My mom picked up a couple on her family.)


    I love doing geneaology. My teetotaling, serious, four-times-great-grandfather was a Dutch-descended sea captain who swore until the day he died that he saw a mermaid while on the ocean. My grandfather can remember him telling the story...

  4. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of older movies. Some of these movies, which ARE considered classics, are not out on DVD yet, and I wanted to know if anything was in the works.


    This is just an example - I want to have "Easter Parade" on DVD. As nearly as I can tell, this has not happened as of yet (except for pirated or copied-from-LD's or foreign editions I've seen on EBay. I know Fred Astaire's widow has, in the past, had a stranglehold on most of his movies, not even letting clips being shown at national events honoring Ginger Rogers.) In fact, I can find very few FA movies out on DVD, and none of the ones with GR. What in the world happened to the movies starring the classiest dancer of all time? A lot of Judy Garland movies aren't out. Debbie Reynolds. "Scrooge" with Albert Finney. And so on and so on. These are NOT obscure movies I'm talking about.


    Ok, that's my rant. Now, to my question. Is there a site online that talks about upcoming releases to DVD? Do I need to find websites that talk about particular movies? Each actor? I can't find anything online about some of the ones I'm researching, except that they're in the filmographies of the actors involved. I'm getting discouraged...


    Thanks for your help in advance.

  5. I tear up during sentimental/emotional scenes/music/stories, but I seldom cry about life. Funerals of family members are the obvious exceptions. A few subjects will, if I let them, make me cry, but I try to steer conversations away from those subjects - they're not earth-shattering to anyone but me. I try (the funeral thing aside again), never, never, NEVER to cry in front of ANY other human being.


    Besides, far from the emotional release others seem to feel, tears very seldom make me feel better. And I get a two-day pounding headache for my trouble.

  6. Garak is the best character living in DS9, but not the best cardassian in the series


    by the way


    Marc Alaimo = Actro who plays GUL DUKAT also played as a Romulan in the TNG episode "Neutral Zone"

    I'm not the only Dukat-appreciater, eh? :blink: I love Garak, too, but I'll always have a prediliction for Dukat - at least through season 6.


    Marc Alaimo has played a lot of ST characters. Again, VBG, I love his banner!!

  7. i can spell any word and i RARELY(RARELY) miss spell. But i spell think tihnk sometimes.

    "misspell", not "miss spell." :bow: It's an easy one to miss...


    You know what my biggest pet peeve is? Well, one of the biggest ones...


    "ALRIGHT" is not a word. The term is "All right," and it's two words!

  8. Well would you by food from someone who was fat, or someone who was thin with a nice bust?

    A. Careful, Nemesis - you've got two different stereotypes in there.

    B. I would buy from a bigger person - at least they'd know what they were talking about. There's an old saying about never trusting a thin cook.

    C. I know many people who are very attractive and they're bigger. And I know the exact opposite, too.

    D. Attractiveness has way more to do, to me, with a person's conduct and attitude than just straight looks. Don't get me wrong - first appearances are valid, but they're not everything.


    I'm off the subject. Do people use their looks to get what they want? Yes. Should they? Depending. Using the tools at your disposal is a valid point. Someone talked about using ONLY looks - that's sad when it's the only arrow you've got. Would saying something like that be insulting? I would think it would be to someone who's only got the one arrow OR to someone who doesn't feel that they own that particular arrow and feels badly or jealous about it. Beyond that, some people are very sensitive about non-PC comments like that. Be careful...

  9. And The Pen Pal, there was no writing involved, it was a radio transmission.


    Well "Radio Pals" Just Sounds Stupid :huh:


    But Yeah...Some Episode Titles Have Me Completely Lost At Times.


    Like DS9's "In Purgatory's Shadow". Love The Episode...But What The Title Means...I Have No Clue.. :huh:

    I'm pretty sure "In Purgatory's Shadow" and its sister episode (just to save the inevitable "two-part" discussion again) "By Inferno's Light" are titles taken from Dante. It's about the descent into Hell. They're perfect titles for those episodes...


    And I'm assuming "Pen Pals" is about two people who keep in touch through a radio transmission? Why isn't that a good name? The term obviously evolved through time, like so many others. It's the same meaning - people keeping in touch from over a distance through some sort of physical communication.

  10. Oh, it doesn't give me nightmares or anything, but the scenes with Kira in the stasis field in the end, with him circling the bed, always in the dark and eulogizing her could be a little on the creepy side. Then he reveals himself to be a "monster."


    Ok, I'm not a horror fan, so my marathon was a laugh to a lot of people. It was just Halloween-related in my head.


    TOS: Catspaw

    DS9: The Light and the Darkness

    Magnum P.I.: Can't remember the title quickly - he meets a ghost in an abandoned estate

    Magnum P.I.: Works with a psychic; she has flashes of a body in a grave. Scared me when I was younger

    Mission: Impossible (The new one): One about banshees in Ireland. Creepy.

    DS9: AUGH! I don't have the set here, so I can't look up the episode name. Bashir grows old in his own mind.

    Simon and Simon: The one with their doubles - Rick has premonitions in nightmares


    There were others - I spent the day cleaning the living room, washing carpets, etc., so I had the tv going all day. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I also watched ghost shows on the Travel Channel that night. :dude:



  11. Thank you, TUH! "Julius Caesar" is my favorite Shakespearean play. I called it the Ides of March at work yesterday, and no one knew what I was talking about. :dude:


    My favorite line(s) in the play are right before the assassination:


    Caesar (to the soothsayer): "The Ides of March have come."

    Soothsayer: "Aye, Caesar. But not gone."


    Within fifteen minutes (in play time), Caesar is dead. Beware the Ides of March, indeed!

  12. I both buy and sell.


    Yes, EBay costs a little bit, but it's a small percentage of the sale, plus a nominal fee for listing it in the first place. Many sellers count those fees as part of the shipping and handling fee they charge the buyer, so it doesn't come out of the purchase price. Like I said, both are relatively nominal...