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  1. I love The Search for Spock and I tolerate The Final Frontier. Hey, it's original cast ... I'd rather sit throught TFF than Insurrection or Nemesis any day of the week and twice on Sunday!


    I'm going to purchase Enterprise on DVD ... it's the only way to fly. Quite honestly, the show was on at a horrible time in my area ... if they had just pushed it back to 9:00 instead of 8:00 we probably would have stuck with it. Then we just lost the thread of the show and just couldn't get into it midstream. I think I'll really like it if I can sit down and watch it at my own pace and in a timeslot of my choosing.


    I've always liked Scott Bakula.

  2. I loathe this movie because of that Baku woman ... yawn. And 300 years to weave a blanket? PULEEZE. That doesn't sound much like paradise to me.


    I find the whole plot uninteresting, really, fountain of youth and all. There was so much more happening that the Enterprise should have been involved in (Dominion War anyone?) ... the Enterprise is the flagship fo the fleet and they've got them off worrying about a bunch of people on a planet we've never heard of and villains that just really aren't that scary.



  3. I know lots of little kids that still watch regular cartoons - I mean Sponge Bob is a cartoon. If crude and vulgar is what speaks to kids today - that isn't a technology issue.


    Besides I don't think Carrey's Grinch was really aimed at children - at least not the under twelve kind.


    Amendment ... Sam does watch Spongebob and Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry. It's typically things that I thought were just AWESOME when I was a kid that he turns his nose up at -- The Wizard of Oz, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, The Little Drummer Boy, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and The Grinch cartoon. My 10 year old niece is also pretty lukewarm on all of that stuff.



    I wish I could find the mother ship.

  4. If it's well done, it will be the salvation of this franchise.


    Levar Burton would be an excellent choice to direct.


    There are so many things they could do, so many stories to continue. And having Q in the movie ... well that is something that I have been saying since "Generations." Q should have been in the Nexxus, not Guinan. But that is another topic.


    Q bringing Data back from the dead is a nice, easy and potentially thought-provoking way of doing it. And I agree with whoever said they wouldn't go see a TNG movie without Brent Spiner as DATA not the lobotomized version we have in B4.

  5. Actually, I never saw the Carrey movie - I refuse to - it seems like sacrilege. I heard that Mrs. Geisel (Seuss's widow) thought the humor was too flatulent and not happy with the movie - which sounds like Carrey.


    Sometimes I just feel so bad for the elderly members of our society ... just think of what they've seen over the course of their lifetimes. It must really seem to them that they are living on another planet. I'll bet they'd all like to go back home, but they forgot where they parked the Mother Ship.


    Naturally, Mrs. Geisel was not going to be happy with the movie ... it was updated to appeal to the children of today. I have a very intelligent and savvy (but in a good way) child ... he can't sit through the Grinch cartoon. It just does not speak his language.


    Shoot, my eyes well up when I watch our home movies from when I was little back in the late 60's/early 70's. Those days are never coming back. I can only imagine how my grandparents must feel about the 40's and 50's.

  6. My kid wouldn't watch it even if it was on a major network ... let's face it, today's kids have more sophisticated visual tastes than cartoons. He'll barely watch regular animation, now that he's seen the likes of Toy Story, Monster's Inc., and Shrek! Honestly, I can't really blame him. It would be like me trying to go back to playing Atari or the first incarnation of Nintendo after playing Gamecube and Playstation. It would be novel for about 5 minutes and then I'd just turn it off.


    The Grinch is an excellent cartoon just for the narration and the music, certainly worth watching if just for that. Rudolph is quite nostalgic for me as well.


    Oh, well, I guess when Sam grows up his kids probably won't be interested in watching Toy Story because of its primitive animation!


    (BTW, if I'm honest with myself -- and I try not to be, it's depressing -- I think the Jim Carrey movie version of ol' Grinchy is far better and more satisfying a Christmas flick than the cartoon version.) Someone ought to burn me in effigy .....

  7. We saw this movie last weekend and Goblet of Fire on the same night (hey, you have to take advantage of a babysitter when you can get one!)


    Joaquin Phoenix ... well, what can I say. His performance as Johnny Cash is just beyond description. You completely forget that you are watching Phoenix ... his mannerisms, his voice, his singing ... it's quite simply unbelievable.


    The way they set up the story from the opening scene ... you are just engaged in the story from the very first minutes of the movie.


    Reese Witherspoon also did a phenomenal job.


    Let me tell you: It was difficult to go from those two Oscar-worthy performances into a Harry Potter movie. Apples to oranges, you know.


    Walk the Line is worth seeing whether you are a Johnny Cash fan or not. It's a walk down memory lane, a real slice of American history. Whether you enjoy country music or not, you'll find that back in the 50's/early 60's rock and country were pretty much in the same ballpark.


    I found myself comparing Cash to Elvis Presley and the different ways their lives turned out. (Elvis makes an appearance as does Jerry Lee Lewis in the movie.) Cash could so easily have ended up dead at 40 (drugs and alcohol) ... I guess he just had more steel in his spine and face it, more actual songwriting talent to fall back on.



  8. I am also not convinced that the wormhole aliens saw themselves as 'gods'. I think the difficulty in communication between 'linear' and 'nonlinear' species contributed to the mysteriousness, and the development of a religion on Bajor centered around the attempted communications. Just an opinion.


    I agree with this statement ... the Prophets were only gods in the eyes of the Bajorans. From their own perspective, I don't think they saw themselves as gods only as non-linear beings. On the other hand, they must have been very concerned with Bajor's welfare ... why else would they have engineered Sisko's birth? Why else would they even have needed an "Emissary" to the Bajoran people? Plus, they were always saying, "We are of Bajor." I wonder what that meant?


    I don't know if I'd categorize them as aliens or as a species in general ... they were non-corporeal. I guess they were just intelligent sentient energy. Which gets us back to the aliens vs. god thing, and now that I've typed all this out, I'm back to thinking of them as gods. :(


    Hey, only Ira Behr can tell us for sure, and in the special feature interview with him he was all carrying on about how he "made Sisko a god" in the final episode. I guess that answers the big "what are the Prophets" question!

  9. This was definitely a great Series Finale. I have mixed feelings about how tightly it wrapped up the series. On one hand I thought it was a great episode and left us without alot of unanswered questions. On the other hand it did not leave much room for the possibility of the series being continued on the big screen.


    I'm sure they knew early that there was a very slim chance of any DS9 movie. The TNG bunch was still making movies and I don't think Berman cared much for DS9, Ira Behr, Ron Moore or anyone else over there at DS9. All his attention seemed to be on Voyager and big-screen TNG.


    And in that, my friends, I believe we were very lucky. If Paramount or Berman had been too interested in DS9 it would NEVER have been the show that it was. It's almost like Behr and Moore et al were working under the radar. And thank God they were.

  10. DS9 was such a "serialized" show that the entire second half of season 7 was like one long finale for the series. Certainly the last six or so episodes were all tied together.


    » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
    It was an excellent finish to a stellar program ... loose ends tied up, storylines resolved (regardless of whether you liked how they were resolved or not! Kira/Odo anyone?). It was so good to see Worf joining his people at the end ... throughout TNG and DS9, Worf struggles to walk the line between the Federation and Klingon worlds. In "What You Leave Behind," he's got a family he belongs to (the House of Martok), he has a son also of that house serving in the Klingon military, he is the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire and really, who better qualified for that position than Worf? Worf leaves behind his ambiguity and goes "home." (It's too bad Julian wiped Kurn's memories! Then Worf could have his brother back, too.)


    Then you have Garak, who also gets to go home to Cardassia. A hero of the revolution. And he was RIGHT about his position toward Cardassia the entire series ... he must have felt so validated at the end, a bitter victory for him considering his home planet is in ruins. But at least he's back with his people.


    Odo back in the soup I didn't like so much, but he too rejoined his people.


    Sisko off in the Celestial Temple ... well, I hate it, but it really does make the most sense for his character.


    I do wish the Bajor had joined the Federation during Season 7, but then again, why does every planet have to join the Federation? It's kind of cool that they stand alone at the end. Such a faith-based society would have a difficult time meshing with the secular Federation.


    Obviously, DS9 was going to have the best finale because it was a show that really required one. They could have left Voyager in the Delta Quadrant (and probably should have .... what an obvious movie). They could have just stopped anywhere on TNG because it was so episodic in nature.


    It's not the best DS9 episode, however, IMO. It's hard to pick one episode that outshines the others. They are just all part of the whole.



    As I'm typing this, my eyes are starting to well-up over it all again! Maybe I'll rewatch that episode today while my son is at school.

  11. I voted for Kira since I could only vote for one, but if it had been an option I would have voted for all the female characters on DS9 .... from Kira to Kasidy to Jadzia to Zyal. All of those women rocked.

  12. Here's something funny:


    I just figured out about a year ago that I HAD NEVER EVEN SEEN "Star Trek: The Motion Picture." Years and years of thinking that I had watched it, I mean swearing up and down that I had seen it to myself and others .... then last fall my husband and I decided to do a Star Trek movie marathon and about 15 minutes into the movie I looked over at him and said, "I've never seen this movie before."


    After ruling out alzheimers, dementia, psychosis, etc., I determined that only my brother and my mother had actually watched this movie. They weren't very charged about it at the time, so I just assumed that I wouldn't be either and never went to see it at the theater. Then I just forgot about it, went to see Kahn when it came out, and went on from there!


    Now that I have finally seen TMP, I voted "Yes." I didn't like everything about it, and it was a bit laboured in spots, but considering when it was made, it was a pretty good movie.

  13. From what I read at one of those sites I was at the original lease is for 15 years. If I could remember what year the Experience opened then I would have a better idea of when the lease is up. Does anyone remember what year it was?


    We were there in the spring of 1998 and I think it had just opened a few months earlier, so we're talking either late 1997 or early 1998. I remember seeing an advertisement for it at the theater when we saw "First Contact."


    So I guess 15 years puts us as 2012 or 2013.

  14. ^I think that George Takei sounds like a really funny guy.


    Doesn't he do a voice on the Simpsons? I keep seeing his name in the credits and I'm thinking he's doing the voice of that criminal named "Snake." Perhaps I'm just imagining things!


    I'm not a big Howard Stern fan ... he's a bit much for my taste. But I would love to have heard that interview with Takei. Hilarious.


    Good for you, George. You go, boy!

  15. Thanks, everyone, for all the information.


    I cannot wait to get TOS on DVD ... there are quite a few episodes that I have NEVER SEEN, can you believe it?


    The only time ST was ever on while I was growing up was Sunday morning at 11 a.m. The only time I ever got to watch the show was on Sundays that we didn't go to church, which was not very often.


    I've got a lot of catching up to do and hopefully we'll find a great deal on all three season and be able to start watching over the Christmas holiday!

  16. The Experience was truly incredible and I would love to go back again at least once. Hopefully, they'll keep it until our son is old enough to enjoy it with us. It was only $14 to ride it when we went, but we got a package from the hotel that included the attraction. I found Vegas to be quite reasonable ... the buffet at the Hilton was also part of our package so food was no issue. I guess you just have to shop around for the best package deal.


    We're no gamblers, so there was no expense there. And of course we weren't trying to buy big ticket items in the gift shop.


    Quite frankly, I'm surprised that the Hilton has kept the attraction for as long as it has ... With the ending of DS9, Voyager, TNG and Enterprise as television series, the recent not-so-spectacular performance of the feature films, and the general malais of the fan base, who could really blame Hilton for not wanting to renew the lease?


    Of course, the entire Experience really belongs somewhere other than Vegas anyway ... an amusement park or something like it.


    You know what I find most aggravating? We have a local amusement park OWNED by Paramount and there is not one attraction, ride, restaurant, etc. that has thing one to do with Star Trek.


    They've got a ride for Tomb Raider.


    They've got a rollercoaster for TOP GUN.


    They even had a ride featuring some 007 movie.


    Now they've got some crazy car ride for that "The Italian Job" movie ... an o.k. movie, but nothing to write home about.


    Now please, can anyone explain how PARAMOUNT could possibly have overlooked the OBVIOUS rollercoaster/thrill ride tie-in possibility that is Star Trek?


    I just wonder how much crack they must be smokin' up there in the Paramount corporate offices to be missing the boat this way.

  17. For Christmas this year, my husband and I are purchasing the Star Trek box set. They have it at for $265.


    Is that a good price for that or should I look somewhere else? Keep in mind I do not want any used sets nor any Asian versions! Brand new never viewed right out of the shrink wrap is what I want .... $265 sounded reasonable (less than $70 per season), but if someone has seen it at a better price, I'd like to hear about it.

  18. It's those with shaken faith who are afraid science will discover contradictions.


    Truer words have never been spoken. Is that an original statement or are you quoting something? I only ask because it is a fairly eloquent way of saying what I've been trying to put into words for quite some time! :laugh:

  19. ^I guess if a person ever actually met a god face-to-face like Sisko did, they'd become a believer pretty quick.


    I felt differently in that I was glad when Sisko finally stopped being so skeptical and reluctant and began to embrace the Bajoran faith. Since Star Trek cannot promote Christianity, Judaeism, Hinduism, or any other ism, at the risk of offending its diverse fan base, I found the Bajoran religion a fine addition to the franchise, a little leavening for all the techno-babble if you will.


    Just me.

  20. I saw very little "cutting corners" during the run of DS9. I saw a lot of high-dollar SE, especially toward the end of the series.

    They cut corners on DS9. The whole renaming the Sao Paulo thing was just an excuse to reuse stock footage and What You Leave Behind is full of previously used battle scenes. That Sao Paulo thing really bothers me, I realize they were trying to save money but there were only a few episodes left. Spend the money and change the model and animate new scenes. What can Paramount do? Cut your budget for next year? No.


    Rant over.


    You see, now, this is just an example of how unobservant that I am! I never notice "reused" footage until it is pointed out to me :drool: :huh: ... I guess because it looked so good the first time around, they figured why waste the money on reinventing the wheel?


    Did you watch the special features on the DS9 season 7 DVDs? :huh: They were discussing all the things they were having to create in the special effects department for the final episodes of DS9 ... I'll cut them a little slack for using some stock footage here and there.


    Can you imagine having to come up with completely original special effects and battle scenes for a WEEKLY television series? I'm always more interested in the dialogue between the characters to pay much attention to all that special effects stuff anyway. The only time I really look at it in any focused way is when it is BAD special effects ... then the effect is quite distracting.


    I just think that so much of what we saw on DS9 and Voyager was fairly impressive ... I've seen worse on the big screen in other movies. If the straight to DVDs were produced with the same quality and effort they put into the cinematography and SE on those two series .... well, I'd be satisfied. Basically, I just want the story to GO ON ... I don't care how they do it, big screen or small screen. As long as they do it and the story is good. :) :( :huh: :)

  21. I would definitely be interested in any Direct to DVD trek if it were made. I would just hope that if they do it that they produce a quality production instead of cutting corners on the cost.


    I think that some of the special effects we saw on DS9 and Voyager were quite simply amazing and nothing to ashamed of had they been on the big screen.


    I saw very little "cutting corners" during the run of DS9. I saw a lot of high-dollar SE, especially toward the end of the series.


    Direct to DVD would be awesome ... but good luck getting Alexander Siddig back on board now that he's been hanging out with the big boys! (Syriana looks awesome ... I cannot wait!)

  22. Man, I really hate this episode, mainly because of that nutty Dax dude. Then of course there was "weird hair" Odo. And I liked Kira a lot better when she was comparing getting rid of a mini-universe to "stepping on ants" (Season 2 or 3, I think).


    I guess I just didn't understand why everyone on the Defiant got so worked up over this group of descendants who were merely going to "cease" existing as if they never had existed. The real Defiant crew wasn't killing anyone, they were just correcting an error. Imagine how peed off the Prophets would have been if Sisko had stayed on that crazy planet with his descendants instead of returning to the real Bajor and the correct timeline to fulfill his destiny as they'd intended! You'd think Kira would have been a bit more worried about that.


    In answer to the original question: what everybody else said. By not crashing and going back in time, the Defiant crew never produced all that crazy progeny and those people never existed, period.