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  1. Wow, that is interesting about Michelle Forbes. She would have been awesome as part of the crew. I love Nana Visitor though.


    Considering how Ro ended up though on TNG it would have been hard to explain why she was back in Starfleet and first officer on DS9.

  2. I don't think money was an issue. After all there have been a lot of crossovers in Trek so I don't think that bringingPicard in for one more episode would have made that much difference. There must be an answer to this question somewhere. One of the great things about Trek is that EVERYTHING has a reason for happening...

    I also believe there is a reason for everything that happens in Trek series, too. And you can't always find that reason in front of the camera within the context of Trek storylines.


    I always get a little frustrated when those TNG movies ignore DS9 and all the major happenings of that series ... Insurrection and Nemesis mainly. At least in First Contact we see Worf on the Defiant.


    My husband put this into perspective for me though ... TNG movies don't really mention DS9, but DS9 was fairly remiss in not mentioning the Enterprise. It wouldn't even have taken a cameo appearance from any of the TNG crew ... just talking about them would have been plenty good enough.


    You just get this feeling that there was a lot of competition between each of the series, which is really stupid since they were all under the same umbrella! Wouldn't plugging DS9 on Voyager and vice versa possible have improved rating for both shows??? And certainly mentioning DS9 more in the movies may have helped ratings for DS9 ... I don't know.


    Too many roosters in the hen house is what I think.


    And in NEMESIS was there any mention at all of an alliance with Romulus during the recent Dominion War? I don't remember if there was.

  3. I always thought that it would have made for an interesting "link" between TNG and DS9 if Ro Laren had shown up in one of the DS9 Machi (sp?) episodes. Now, I'm getting older and my mind is not what it once was, but I believe that I remember Ro went off to join the Machi in her last episode of TNG.


    I think her and Kira would have either gotten along very well or been at each other's throats ... angry young Bajorans such as they were. Ro and early Kira would have been fun to watch sparring, don't you think? Kira with her bobbing emphatic head and Ro with her bored disdain.

  4. Season 1 and 2 had a few really good episodes (at least ones I liked). The Big Goodbye and The Neutral Zone in season one then Elementary, Dear Data and The Royale in season 2 were a few bright spots for those seasons.

    You know what? I actually liked Dr. Pulaski! I was glad to see Beverly back in season 3, but wasn't Pulaski in that episode you're talking about "Elementary, Dear Data?" TNG got it right a few times early on, I agree ... but it wasn't until season 3 that they REALLY got their space legs, IMO.


    It's funny ... my husband and I can tell at a glance which season an episode is from as soon as we see Deanna's hair.


    Back to DS9, though ... I think character development was pretty solid very early on. Don't you agree?


    (I pretty much hated Kira's alterego in those mirror eps ... I guess that was the point, huh.)

  5. I never really cared for those mirror episodes, myself, Kira was just way too annoying, as were Bashir, Dax, etc. etc. Not really where you should start on this series ... definitely begin at the beginning. This show was excellent from very first episode. I can't say the same for TNG ... their first season was excruciating. We actually thought about not purchasing season 1 and just starting with season 2 or 3 for our TNG collection.

  6. Worf goes to be the Ambassador for the Federation

    Wouldn't it have been nice to have seen Worf remain the ambassador to the Klingon empire rather than demoted back to serving on the Enterprise in Nemesis? Worf could still have been in that movie as some sort of diplomat, much like Spock in ST:VI.


    I don't know about you, but I feel like that franchise likes to pretend that DS9 never happened. I guess DS9 is "what you leave behind" if your producing a ST movie.

  7. I wouldn't go so far as to say it ruined the series, but I found it somewhat abrupt.


    1.) They wasted a lot of time at the beginning of Season 7 on Ezri ... all right, all ready, she's Dax, whoopee. There's a war on, you nimrods, can we get back to it please? They had to make such a rapid push at the end of the season to resolve the whole war thing that it seemed very rushed and ended very abruptly for me.


    2.) I still get ticked off every time I watch that episode and there are no flashbacks of Jadzia! How stupid ... not even Worf remembers his own wedding, what I would call a real pivotal point in his tenure there on the station. No, he waves at silly old Ezri as he's leaving and no mention of his dead wife at all.


    These are the things I can't get past when I watch this episode. The waste of the first half of Season 7 and ignoring a major character who gave 6 years to the series.

  8. He has come out and said that if a movie were proposed he'd be in for it.

    I'm pleased to hear that. I really want to see a DS9 movie ... in spite of what Ira Steven Behr and Ronald Moore think, there were a lot of loose ends at the end of the series.


    Brooks should come back and reprise his role for the big screen ... I'm so glad to hear he's for it.

  9. Well, I have now just finished off the 7th Season DS9 DVDs. I watched 'What you leave behind' and the Special Features tonight. And  gul_nodrog, I think that you should re-watch the Avery Brooks interview. I don't have a problem with it at all. I guess I'm just not seeing what you saw. He wasn't angry or nasty toward his cast mates and crew. I guess you needed to see some excitement from him. I don't think that's his style. I enjoyed his interview and all the other Special Features. It seemed like it was an enjoyable experience for them. I know I'll have many, many hours of enjoyment watching all those DVDs. Let's not lose sight that Avery Brooks and all the others are only actors playing a role.. And playing it well I might add..

    I will watch it again ... maybe I was just in a bad mood or something. I have had a cold and was high on Nyquil at the time!


    Anyway, I guess the statement that kind of stuck with me was when he said something to the effect of: You've got to honor your commitments and see something through no matter how unpleasant ... something like that. Maybe that was just a stab at Terry Farrell!?!


    You're exactly right, they are just actors playing a part. However, I don't see Brooks as any more of a high profile actor than Auberjoinois. They were both regulars on separate t.v. show years before DS9 and that's about all I'd ever seen them in before DS9. I was just expecting a little more gratitude from Brooks for having steady work in Hollywood ... much like Rene had. In the Odo interview, I just remember him talking about how grateful he was for the steady work and the paycheck because he was putting his kids through college at the time. He just seemed so much more "real".


    I'll look at it again, though.

  10. I'd love to see the Dominion go up against the Borg.

    Me, too! How would the Borg be able to assimilate a Founder? They're just goo ... I don't see how the Borg would be any threat to the Founders at all.


    HOWEVER, the Borg could take on the Jem'Hadar (sp) and the Vorta, leaving the Founders without a military presence at all. If everyone who's under the Dominion now was assimilated, who would the Dominion have Dominion over? They'd just be goo.

  11. Have any of you watched the interview with Avery Brooks on the Season 7 DVDs? (Crew Dossier Benjamin Sisko.)


    I loved DS9 and I thought Brooks was wonderful as Sisko, but he seems a little less than excited about being part of the series, don't you think? I'm glad I didn't know how he felt about DS9 while the show was on the air and now I wish I didn't know how he felt about it now that I have the run of the series on DVD.


    It has just cast somewhat of a pall over the whole thing for me, which I hope shall pass.


    On the other hand, anytime they are interviewing Nana Visitor, Armin Shimmerman, Alexander Siddig, or Rene Auberjoinois you really feel like these people were honored to be part of the franchise and grateful to be working so steadily. To a lesser extent you get that feeling from Colm Meany, but just like Miles he just gives off the air of a lunch-box totin' joe ... it's his job. (I love Colm, though, and don't fault him).


    I just thought that Brooks seemed a bit condescending and less attached to his castmates than the rest of the actors involved. Lighten up, Hawk!


    P.S. I doubt we'll ever see a DS9 movie because I don't think Brooks would do it. Unless maybe Cirroc Lofton asked him to.


    I posted this same message by mistake under the topic "Avery Brooks as Sisko." I specifically am interested in other opinions on the interview, not necessarily Brooks performance as the good captain.

  12. I have a couple of thoughts on this topic.


    I watched all of season 6 with a feeling of dread, knowing what was coming in the final episode "Tears of the Prophets."


    I am of the opinion that there was no need to kill Jadzia. I feel they should have just reassigned Dax to another post and let her call in periodically to speak with Worf or Sisko. Mention her every once in a while, you know. They could have let her become pregnant and sent her back home to the Trill homeworld because of the difficulties of a Trill/Klingon pregnancy. They could have come up with something.


    Personally, I hated Ezri and all the time they wasted at the beginning of Season 7 on her character. There was a war on, for goodness sakes, but we spend the first half of Season 7 worrying about poor little Ezri and her angst and I couldn't have cared less.


    I wonder if that Ira guy, or Rick Berman or Ronald Moore or any of the other powers from on high were simply p!ssed off at Farrell for not signing on for the final season and wanted to knock off Jadzia in the most meaningless way possible. Not since Tasha Yar got whacked on TNG has there been a stupider death scene of a major character. The way they killed Jadzia was just insulting to the character and I think they should have put their personal feelings about Farrell aside and done the right thing for the show ... WHICH WAS NOT TO RECAST THE DAX CHARACTER. The whole Ezri thing just goes completely against everything we've ever been told about the Trill society. She would not have been stationed on DS9 along side her former husband. AAAARGH!


    Sorry to ramble, I just feel pretty passionately about this topic.

  13. You know, I never saw this episode when it aired on television. By season 6 we had absolutely no way to see DS9 regularly in our viewing area! I think we finally found it at 3 a.m. on a CBS affiliate, but even that wasn't guaranteed. You never knew when they were going to move it a half hour forward or backward or just not show it at all.


    Thank God they finally put this show on DVD ... by this time tomorrow I will have all seven seasons of DS9 and all seven seasons of TNG. Between those and the ST movies I'll never have to watch regular television again.


    NOW ... After finally getting to see season 6 I think "In the Pale Moonlight" is right up there in the top 5 episodes of this series. DS9 was just so wonderful in that all these side characters were practically part of the main cast. You never got that kind of character development, even with recurring characters like Q, on TOS, TNG or VOY. Garak is probably my favorite character, but as soon as I say that, I'm thinking but what about Quark? Odo? Sisko? Kira? Hell, even Vic Fontaine is growing on me. And I hated him before ... but because I never got to see much of season 6 I had no idea of his role in Kira and Odo's romance.


    Kudos to Garak and Sisko (Robinson and Brooks) ... what an outstanding performance.

  14. We got hit with that stupid Blasterworm virus and had to restore our entire system. At one point we had downloaded a really cool background for our computer with DS9 in the foreground and the wormhole in the background. Does anyone know where I can find something similar to that out here on the web? I got the first one off of, but it's no longer part of their gallery.

  15. I detest Rejoined. And MOST of "What You Leave Behind." (I can still get pretty peed off about Jadzia nowhere to be seen in the big montage at the end of that episode. Not even a snippet of the Jadzia/Worf wedding while Worf is getting ready to leave the station???? It made no sense to exclude her. And leaving Sisko off in the celestial temple kind of negated his dramatic rescue from temporal flux by Jake in Season 4's The Visitor.


    So Number One pick for worst ep: Rejoined.

    Closely followed by: What You Leave Behind.

  16. I completely agree that TNG cast should be featured in the next movie. Mostly because I don't want those hacks to write a DS9 movie and completely miss the mark on what DS9 was all about for we who loved it.


    I loved TNG too, but lets face it ... Generations was only o.k. (aside from a wonderful performance from Malcolm MacDowell). However, FIRST CONTACT is probably my favorite TREK movie, or at least right up there with TWOK and TVH. But then Insurrection was just annoying. Nemesis was o.k. for what it was ... an action flick.


    You know what I'd like to see in the next movie? Q.


    And something else ... why can't we return to the Picard/Dr. Crusher topic? In the TNG series finale we have Beverly and Picard divorced ... I realize that was only one possible reality, but I for one would rather see them explore a romance between Picard and Beverly who have a history rather than haul in another stupid, vapid female (i.e. Anige the B'aku) for Picard to wine and dine.

  17. As for drinking under the table, let's face it how much REAL Romulan Ale can anyone drink.  They are so used to synthahol.

    :) They drank enough blood wine on DS9 to put a sail on the Defiant and float away! Don't you remember how O'Brien showed up at Worf's quarters after Dax was dead and ended up with a pounding headache/hangover while Worf was just as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever? Now if Worf can drink an Irishman such as O'Brien under the table, I doubt he'd be laying on the table at a wedding reception no matter what he'd been drinking!


    And I guess I just found it a little dumb that Geordi asks Guinan if she'd ever considered getting married again when there was Worf right there who should have been asked that question just to throw us niners a bone! I mean Janeway has a cameo for goodness sakes ... what would it have hurt them to have paid a little more homage to a series who's fans were providing at least a portion of the movie ticket sales to Nemesis?

  18. Worf on DS9 was awesome ... Check out Sons of Mogh (poor Kern), In Purgatory's Shadow/By Inferno's Light (two-parter), etc. etc. TNG gave Worf his wings, but DS9 let him fly!


    First let me say that I actually liked Nemesis as a movie, BUT it really pi**ed me off that they reverted Worf to his TNG character and not who he ultimately became on DS9! No mention of his being an ambassador, no mention of his being married and widowed, no mention of his ability to drink everyone under the table, just another drunken Klingon there as a prop. Offensive.


    Why do they do that to us niners all the time? It's like they want to pretend DS9 never happened over there at Paramount. It does stand apart from the other series ... BUT IN A GOOD WAY. Worf deserves better.

  19. :bow: I am loving these cast interviews (crew dossier). Terry Farrell's was interesting ... I thought she looked like she'd been punched in the nose or something. It looked swollen to me. She was still pretty but just looked different to me, even than what she looked like on Becker.


    No slammin' on Jadziah, please, if you respond to this. I still get so mad I could cry at how they let her die like she was just some stupid Tasha Yar character. Her death was just so pointless and accidental ... I think they could have come up with something that made a little more sense. Like why not assign her to another post rather than kill her? And why completely eradicate her from the final montage of the series?


    Anyway, I thought her interview was cool and I also enjoyed seeing Armin Shimerman and Andrew Robinson. They looked so different without their make-up, but you could still "hear" their characters. Cool.

  20. Look, you might pay a little more ($95), but if you pre-order these DVD sets through they seem to be shipping about 1-2 weeks ahead of the release date (at least thus far).


    It's wonderful! Season 1 and Season 2 were delivered on my doorstep and we've been in seventh heaven. We're just finishing up season 1 and WOW. I had forgotten how truly awesome this show was from the very beginning. Except for a few clunker eps, the episodes have all been top-notch. There's not another ST series that can say that ... TNG took 2 whole seasons to get DS9's season 1 level!


    That episode "Duet" we watched last night was so well-acted and scripted, it was just amazing that it was a season 1 show. Kira is already mellowing into the fantastic character she's going to become, Odo was way cool from the beginning, Sisko, Quark, just everybody on the show really clicking as a cohesive group.


    I can't wait to start watching Season 2. Some of these shows I am seeing for the first time ... I guess when DS9 was on I didn't realize how poorly it was going to be treated by Paramount or I would have watched more diligently on its first run. TNG hasn't been off the air since it started, I just assumed DS9 would be the same. We haven't seen it on our local cable programming since it's 6th season.

  21. :wow: We just wrapped up season 1 (or will tonight) and I just have to say that except for a few clunkers here and there, that first season was incredible! We just watched "Duet" last night and the entire premise of the story and how well it was acted just blew us away.


    I'm new to this board and sick of the board -- nobody is ever saying anything! And those that are are pretty annoying.


    Am I in the right place for DS9 postings or is there another location I should be in? The other shows are o.k., but now that I'm revisiting DS9 I just feel there is no comparison to the other series, except maybe TNG seasons 4 and 5.