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  1. I don't like the trailer at all and I'm with the timeline folks ... if this is something that will get fixed at the end of the movie, that will make me feel a lot better. It won't make me want to see the movie, but it will give me hope for the future of Trek someday returning to the post-Nemesis time frame.


    They are shooting themselves in the foot if they think they can have a hit with this movie and not attract the entire existing fanbase. It would take every one of us added to whatever new viewers they get to have this flick succeed. Star Trek just doesn't have that broad based appeal and NEVER did. I dunno what they're thinking.

  2. Who in the world has the money to go to the theater 15 times over the summer? I guess the rich really are different.


    I saw three movies this summer:


    Superman Returns ... I can't believe my husband and I blew $16.50 to see this turkey!


    Monster House ... It was o.k., but DEFINITELY not for children under the age of 9. One of the characters pretends to be talking to his father on the telephone and tells his dad to "kiss his big hairy butt." Great, just what you want your seven year old to hear. Why do moviemakers have to throw that garbage in there? (Don't even get me started on the smut in Shrek 2.)


    Cars ... We loved this movie. It was a good story, a good moral to the story, no offending sexual innuendo for my child to ask me about afterword ... it was the total package for a family movie.



    Everything else that came out ... I'm waiting for DVD.

  3. I find it extremely annoying that Paramount is trying to find another way to squeeze money out of me. I just paid close to $300 for TOS on DVD ... now they're putting out a different version of these classic episodes? I won't buy 'em, I don't care how good they look.


    And I'm with you YBHYR on that Star Wars thing ... why did Lucas do that? They were perfect the way they were. One might also inquire as to why he went back and made those dreaded prequels?


    IMO Lucas should have stopped after the first one he made (SW:IV A New Hope ... Luke meets Leia, but she's not his sister ... don't even get me started on that) ... it ended well, it was complete in itself, the bad guys were defeated at the end and everyone was happy. Even though Empire was the best movie, if Lucas was just going to follow it up with that embarrassing Jedi debacle, The Empire Strikes Back should never have been made.


    Sorry, off on a tangent.


    I like old Trek just the way it looked originally. There is no need for extravagant special effects in the TOS episodes ... they were extremely well written and very well acted. It's just another avenue for exploiting the fanbase which Paramount does so well.

  4. I would have liked it a lot better if they had done all this updating prior to selling me the three season package on DVD last Christmas.


    Now, I guess I will have to buy the updated version.


    How much more money are they going to wring out of me, I wonder?

  5. I disagree. I don't think that vanity will ever go away.


    Vanity changes, though, over time. We don't go around wearing hoopskirts anymore and men have given up fedoras, suits/ties for everyday wear, etc. etc.


    Make-up goes through phases ... garish one decade, bland the next, now we're back to garish. But each time it goes back to bland the fashion becomes more and more colorless.


    I hope we're all wearing the same thing and shaving our heads. I'd rather do that than put on some of the weirdo looking garb they had Jake Sisko wearing, or Wesley. Those poor kids ... at least Cirroc had "cool" going for him, but poor Wil Wheaton probably took forever to live down some of those outfits.

  6. I, too, have marveled at some of the "complicated" and "busy" items of clothing we see on these shows. As if people wouldn't have learned how to dress comfortably by the 23rd/24th century!


    Also, the women's hairstyles are ridiculous. I predict that if our species lasts into those centures, women and men will be shaving their heads. Think how much more comfortable and easy it would be to get up and get going in the morning.


    And make-up will go away as well.

  7. IESB's Robert Sanchez is reporting today some inside info on the upcoming Star Trek XI to be produced by J.J. Abrams for a 2008 release.


    the source said "Trek fans were not able to keep the last show (Enterprise) on the air and we are looking on bringing over Alias and Lost fans and if the old Trekkies like the new movie great, if not too bad. We have to boldly go were no Star Trek has gone before."


    This information is preliminary, of course, and entirely rumor.



    In other words, screw the fans. I don't like this guy at all, even if all of this is a rumor. If they want to reboot, fine, but not to take fans in consideration? How dare they!



    I'll bet the source is Brannon Braga via telephone (can't you just picture Rick Berman in the background, snickering and egging Braga on!) :tribble:

  8. (I'm not religious, but how the heck can you flunk God?)


    "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Matthew 7:14


    There's another one that comes to mind "Many are called but few are chosen," but I can't find that verse. Anyone?

  9. What in the world is Gore's agenda?


    Is he planning to run for office again? Is he courting the vote of the environmentalists?


    You would think that someone as smart as Al Gore purportedly is would know to make those eco-changes in his own easily researched lifestyle before he put himself out there as the savior of the environment.


    Anyway -- I think it is supremely arrogant for "man" to think that anything he does will "send the earth into a tailspin." "There will be water if God wills it." Roland Deschain, DT.

  10. You are not the only disappointed with the series finale.


    You are saying everything that I have said and felt over the past several years.


    Ezri should never have been added to the cast. They wasted valuable time in Season 7 exploring this new character when they should have been spending that time resolving other characters storylines.


    However, I do not agree with the statement regarding Dominion War arcs ... I loved the long, drawn-out arcs of this series whenever we got them. Behr and Moore just kept pushing that envelope and I enjoyed every minute of that aspect of the show.

  11. Actually I do believe JJ Abrams cares about canon. He is a huge Trek fan. I read recently that he has the season sets for every Trek series (although he admitted he hasn't seen all the episodes). I will trust that the fan in him will follow canon until it is shown otherwise.


    For me, I don't have a problem with re-casting those roles because I'm not a huge TOS fan. I understand how you feel though because I would feel the same way if they tried to re-cast the TNG crew.



    I hope that you are right about Abrams, HOWEVER the following quote from him gives me great pause:


    "He said that he owned every Star Trek DVD from all the series, though he didn't watch Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise as attentively as the original series and The Next Generation, which he called "incredibly smart television."


    Lumping DS9 & Voyager (and, even though I didn't like it, Enterprise) in an "and the rest" category like he's doing makes me incredibly nervous. If he's not watching DS9 as "attentively" as TNG then chances are we Niners will be treated as we have been by all of his predecessors .... like red-headed stepchildren. He'll just be another in a long line of people who have tried to pretend that DS9 never happened (witness Worf's unexplained demotion in Nemesis).


    Yes, yes, I know, I'm really sort of a one-note person. Every Trek discussion gets back to DS9 for me at one point or the other. I'm just saying that it's all well and good for Abrams to make a TOS movie, but that will only last so long. Eventually, they will have to make television or movies set beyond the events of DS9 and Voyager ... I just hope that when that happens, Abrams will have had the opportunity to give both of those series the attention they deserve and not just skip right over them and carry on with TNG as if DS9/Voyager never occurred.



    BTW, Takara, I never cared much about TOS either until my husband and I purchased the three-season box set for Christmas last year. After having watched that series in its entirety, I am now a big TOS fan. It was actually hard to go from TOS t.v. and TOS movies to The Next Generation. (We're watching all the series chronologically). As much as I love Picard, I was really sad to see the old characters go.

  12. Do you really think that anyone at Paramount or this Abrams dude really cares that much about star dates and accurate canon? Only we fans care about that stuff and Paramount doesn't care about us.


    I'm getting a really bad feeling about this whole thing. I don't think they should "recast" these classic Trek icons ... I don't care if every single member of the crew right down to the red shirts are Oscar winners, it's not going to be right. I don't want to see anyone but DeForest Kelley playing Bones, Shatner as Kirk, Nimoy as Spock. The others are interchangeable to me, but those three ARE those characters.

  13. The only Starfleet Academy movie I'd want to see would feature Jean-Luc Picard as the headmaster or whatever they call it. And even that I'm lukewarm on.


    IMO it's only a prequel if it predates Kirk on the Enterprise.


    So I vote for a movie set AFTER Voyager but having nothing to do with Voyager. My dream movie would be a DS9 movie featuring the dramatic return of Captain Sisko (not gonna happen, I know). My second choice would be a movie set 50 to 100 years beyond the events of DS9/Voyager/TNG with an entirely new cast that was free to refer to events and people we all know and love.

  14. This is just a scream! We have watched it 20 times and laughed every time.


    Check out Kirk in his Indian garb!



    Go to and type in "Monty Trek" ... you'll find it.

  15. If you'll note, IMDB is referring the Kirk as CADET and is still on about it being a Starfleet Academy debacle. Hasn't that already been shot down? Didn't I read somewhere that this is not going to be some lame cobbled together "school boys" story?


    Again, I ask: Why would Matt Damon want to play Captain Kirk? (Or Cadet Kirk?) He's Jason Bourne, for God's sake! He makes millions ... he certainly doesn't need Star Trek, nor would we want him to sign on to this because they'd never be able to shell out enough dough for him to any MORE Star Trek movies. It will limit the $$ available to pay the rest of the cast. Not to mention that old Matt Damon has really taken the high road and been quite picky about any movie he's been in (unlike his buddy Ben Affleck who will do just about ANYTHING regardless of quality -- line up their movie choices post "Good Will Hunting"; there's just no comparison).


    Unless Matt Damon himself comes out and says that he is playing James T. Kirk in Star Trek XI because he is a life-long fan of the series and has always dreamed of being in an ST movie, I am going to take any rumours of this particular casting with a huge boulder of salt.


    I just don't believe it. IMDB is not very reliable anyway.

  16. I just added some security programs to my computer via my new internet provider. Virus scan, firewall, etc. etc. Well, come to find out a component of this new security program is something called ""


    I cannot access "" or xanga or facebook or any other site similar to that ... not from my address bar and not from any link posted in any message on message boards like or hpforums. I get this wonderful message every time I try; "site blocked." As an administrator I have a password to unblock them, but I'll never do that. Now I don't have to worry about my nieces or nephews or son being online at my home ... they can't get anywhere that I don't want them to go, this "" is that strong a filter.


    I only hope they are using similar software at my son's school.


    I'm an old fuddy-duddy, but I think this is hilarious and I hope other parents who want to get back or stay in the driver's seat find this software.


    The internet is just a war zone ... another battleground where parents have to fight for their kids. They'll thank you one day.

  17. TOS - I agree with Kirk/Rand and Spock/Chapel




    I don't care what kind of dalliances and singing he did about anybody else, Bev and Jean-Luc were in love with each other from the very beginning. If it wasn't him thinking about her and being uncomfortable (Encounter at Farpoint) or her thinking about him and being jealous (We'll Always Have Paris) or both of them making goo-goo eyes at each other (The Big Goodbye), then that episode "Attached" sealed the deal. I hated how this relationship was ignored in the movies, especially after we see that they were married post TNG because they are divorced in the future parts of "All Good Things."


    DS9 - I like Kira and Odo well enough, but I thought that she and Miles had great chemistry in that episode where she is carrying his baby and they are getting all chummy and are obviously attracted to each other. In another life.


    VOY - Janeway and Chakotay ... totally. And here's one I haven't seen mentioned, but Seven and The Doctor would have been kind of cool.


    ENT - Don't care.

  18. Am I the only one out here that is getting a bad feeling about this? Are we honestly going to be able to accept any recast of Kirk? Spock? McCoy? If that is indeed the plan based on this logo thingy they've put out, I have extreme trepidation about what they're planning to do.


    Of course, I might hate it, BUT if it takes a regenerated/regurgitated Kirk/Spock/Bones to recharge the franchise, I guess that would be one positive outcome. I don't have to see the movie myself for that to happen.


    Let me just go on record that I think casting Matt Damon as Kirk is an ill-conceived notion.

  19. ^Voyager became complete camp in the seventh season (with a few notable episode exceptions) and really lost its legs IMO. When Barclay and Deanna started chatting it up with them over some weird comlink, well that was SO contrived and just kind of bizarre.


    They dropped off Neelix, they paired up Chakotay and Seven, Janeway was off romancing some holoperson on the holodeck in full hoopskirt regalia ... just weird.


    They should have left Voyager in the Delta Quadrant in the series, then they would had to have had a movie to bring them home ... end of story. That was the story the entire time ... get home. They got home. Too bad, really, because I would really have been interested in what happened to the Maquis crew members, their reactions to the Dominion War, Cardassia's utter destruction.


    You can tell with the direction Voyager was allowed to go there at the end, that no one ever intended to make a Voyager movie. DS9 was never going to get a movie either ... they broke up the crew on purpose in both of those series.


    By the way, I'm sorry, Dream Redeemer, but if you think that DS9 was "dry" and lacked adventure then you obviously were not watching from about Season 3 on. And, personally, I prefer the soap opera approach with a show that is as character-driven as DS9 was. I cared about those people (Voyager was like that, too, for me). When Worf joined the show in Season 4, and you had the Klingons breaking the Kittimer Accords, declaring war on Cardassia, the Federation and anyone else who got in their way. Then the Romulans becoming allies with the Federation against the Dominion, the Founders, the JemH'adar ... good grief, DS9 had plenty of action and adventure. And the special effects were big screen quality.


    There was never going to be a DS9 movie nor a way for the casual fan to get into the show due to the modulating frequency in which it was aired ... you never knew when it was going to be on, for that matter you didn't know from one season to the next which flippin' network was going to air it. Hard to keep a strong fan base interested in it, especially after Voyager popped onto the scene and aired consistently in the same time slot week after week. How was the red-headed stepchild DS9 supposed to compete with that?


    UPN was nearly the death of Star Trek. The series on DVDs is the best thing that has happened for Trek in recent years.

  20. I'm really happy for Johnny Depp ... he has always seemed like a very nice person, funny, self-deprecating, pretty much the anti-hero by Hollywood standards. I don't particularly agree with his politics, but the cool thing about him is that he's genuinely puzzled as to why anyone would listen to anything he had to say about politics ... "I'm just an *&@#ing actor!"


    He got snubbed by the Academy for Donnie Brasco. I really hope they recognize him with an Oscar nod/win soon. And, no, I don't just like him because he is the sexiest man walking on the planet ..... :bow::bow:


    I thought the movie was great. Can't wait for the next one.

  21. What about this: A movie set 100 years beyond the events of DS9, Voyager and TNG. They could mention any or all of our favorite characters, refer to events that we saw unfold on the television series, and show where things are and what occured as a result of Picard's actions, Sisko's actions, etc. etc. Romulans and Klingons patching things up because of their alliance in the Dominion War. Delta Quadrant folks joining the Federation. Bajor joining the Federation. A descendant of Picard assuming command of the Enterprise. Any of that would interest me.


    I think that might be the best thing to do ... Prequel haters will be happy. Prequel likers or lovers don't seem to be as passionately "against" a future setting as the haters are against a past setting, so they'll be happy.


    Everybody's happy! And we get more Trek.