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  1. It's been a long time since I posted out here. Facebook and Twitter have just about ruined the internet IMO.  I love the old message board format.

    Anyway,  I just wanted to comment on how awesome it is that we have a channel on our cable system that shows Deep Space Nine every week day...It's just grand that people who may never have watched the show before can now be introduced to its greatness.  It is long past due for these amazing actors to get the air time they deserve in a consistent time slot (which they did not have during the original run of the show!)  

    I hope that people who didn't like the show before have reassessed their opinions. I hope that people who never watched the show are now tuning in. I hope that this show will speak to them, change minds, open minds, uplift them the way it did for all of us diehard fans back in the golden era of Trek -- the 1990s!


  2. We are in the middle of watching These are the Voyages for the first time ever.  In fact, we just finished binge watching the entire run of Enterprise for the first time ever.   Even though we were completely addicted to Voyager, DS9, TNG, TOS, and all the Trek movies, life got in the way and we just never watched Enterprise beyond the first couple of episodes. This time around, we stuck with it and I find I really liked it.  It was more than cool to have brand "new" Trek to watch for the past couple of months.

    May I just say that this finale straight up sucks.  Especially following the episode Terra Prime.  Firstly, I'm so ticked off that they broke up T'Pol and Trip.  Riker and Deanna look ridiculous in those Starfleet uniforms. And I heard Deanna just throw out there that Tucker is getting ready to die.  Honestly. When we rewatch this, we're just skipping this finale.  I love Jeffrey Combs and want to support him always, but this ep is just BAD.

  3. We are all the way up to Season 6 now and there have been some really great episodes. Voyager gets a bit of a bad rap. I think Janeway may have been the best of the captains, she certainly had the most to deal with. Her relationship with Seven of Nine is very real and engaging.


    I think the worst thing about Voyager is the number of "main" characters and no time to focus on a fewer number. It feels like you can't get to know any of them deeply, because there are so many of them to get to know. They've totally dropped the ball at this point on Chakotay, like they just don't know what to do with him. That's probably why they hooked him up with Seven!


    The Doctor is the best character on the show, followed by Seven. Jeri Ryan does not get enough credit for the truly remarkable acting she did on this show.


    I measure the quality of a Star Trek show by how long it takes my husband to fall asleep during the episodes. We both sleep through about half of each of the original series eps, quite a few of the TNG, fewer of DS9, and almost none of Voyager. By that rationale, perhaps Voyager is actually my favorite Trek, although I've always sworn it was DS9! Never watched Enterprise for the silliest of reasons ... we tried the first episode or two, but just could not get past that stupid theme song. LOL!


    (I am proud to say that I've never rewatched a single frame of those stupid "Fairhaven" episodes. I with they would stop trying to recreate "Vic's" on Voyager.)

  4. I'm sooo very tired of all superhero movies, comic book movies ... I probably won't see this ever. I think I watched the first one, but I don't remember. I am declaring a personal moratorium on ALL movies based on comic book characters from here on out! LOL! Including Ironman, even though I love Robert Downey, Jr.


    I feel like Dr. Cox on Scrubs. The only thing getting him out of bed in the morning was the chance that he might get to kick Hugh Jackman's arse that day! I feel the same way about anyone wearing tights, a cape, or tooling around in a Batmobile. Slap a Star Trek communicator on those red shirts and put them to work on a real movie or t.v. series. :yahoo:

  5. Here's what I was thinking the other day. I play a lot of video games on PS3/PS4 and the graphics have become so real it's like watching a movie. Check out "The Last of Us" ... the story/acting was amazing, but the look of the game was just crazy realistic. L.A. Noire is an older game, even, and it looked fantastic! And they are getting better with every system. So, what would keep them from computer animating a Trek series, allowing the original actors to do the voice work, the characters on the screen would look exactly the right age forever. There would be no more concern over actors getting too old or too heavy to pull off the roles. Wouldn't it be great to see Picard and the gang again? The DS9 guys with Sisko returning from the wormhole looking just like he did when he went in? Janeway back to her fighting weight? Now there would be a load of Trek I could get excited about discussing!

  6. My son just completed his freshman year of high school and he has the following average for the year in each class:


    100 Computer Apps

    99 English Honors

    100 History Honors

    97 Science Honors

    97 Geometry Honors

    98 Spanish I

    100 Concert Band Honors


    I have to post this here because if I put it on facebook, I make my nieces and nephews feel bad, other family members will not be happy for him they'll just resent him and many of his friends' parents were lucky just to have their kids make the A/B honor roll.


    I know y'all don't care, but I can't contain myself anymore! :yahoo:

  7. I miss the old days when there was so much Trek to discuss! I, too, am a "founder" having joined this site back in the good old days myself. I'm always so proud of the designation when I glance over there at my name. I'm really hoping that one day there will be a new series and we've all got something new to discuss, debate and laugh about!

  8. Bully for him. Now what I want to hear about is a Captain Picard return to T.V.! LOL! Or a Captain Sisko, Janeway, or Riker. :)


    Seriously, though, the premise of this show looks funny. If STARZ were not a premium channel requiring a subscription, I might tune in. Or maybe I'll just buy the run of the series on DVD once it's all over (and we know what the critics say about it) and we can binge watch it! Like we did Breaking Bad ... watched the whole series in a week. I felt like I was blind!

  9. I don't normally like Nog much, but anyone paired with O'Brien gets a boost in my book on the like-o-meter. Rom is always a hoot.


    Weyoun. I think Jeffrey Coombs is incredible. Odo toward the end with all of his great link nonsense was just irritating, but these two together, man to god, was excellent.

  10. You just have to wonder why an actor would take a job on a Star Trek series if they hated Star Trek? I mean, back in the 90s, there were acting jobs all over the place ... why accept a role on Trek if you think you are too good for it?


    It's been years since we've watched this series and it is all kind of new to me, which is nice! It doesn't exactly feel like the first time, but it's close enough for jazz.


    Neelix was like an Ewok with speech capabilities! I like the Teddy Bear with a commission analogy. I will say that we watched an episode from season 2 last night called "Resistance" and Neelix wasn't annoying at all. Then it occurred to us that we didn't see Kes the entire episode. (But neither was the Doctor :( ). We're in a part of the series where Tom Paris is just not being given anything to do and they are trying to boost up Chakotay's involvement in plot lines. Harry, as usual, is just "there." At least they had B'Elana off on the away mission with Tuvok and Janeway and that was quite engaging. Plus, that poor old man that Janeway was with moved me to tears several times during the episode. Yes, it was just another Delta Quadrant race in peril, being bullied by a bunch of a-holes, but it was well done and the character of the old man was fully realized and developed. It may have been the first really great episode of the series and even Beltran was selling his role in spite of his reported distaste for his character and Trek.


    You're exacty right, AE, the entire Quadrant is full of jerks and victims with very few in between. PLUS, I don't understand how you achieve warp capability or no big deal space travel in general, and NOT have come up with either transporter or replicator technology? You'd think some of these races with their little orbital sensor arrays, training camps on far moons, etc. etc., could have put their heads to working on this sometime prior to Voyager getting there? And, really, who cares if they get their hands on Federation technology clear out there in the Delta Quadrant? Just Voyager being out there AT ALL has affected these people timelines and lives, their alliances with the downtrodden, their interaction with some of these worlds, it all has an effect. The Cazon are just going to eat EACH OTHER alive, so hand them the fork (transporter) and pass 'em the salt (replicator) and let them have at it! Janeway is looking at this all wrong IMO :laugh: !

  11. We are rewatching the series and are almost through Season 2, and I just have to say that for me, the worst thing about Voyager is Kes/Neelix. Both were o.k. separately, but their unrealistic pairing is just jarring.


    Second worse thing is the reset button that is hit at the final moments of each episode ... Everything has hit the fan and then a minute later, we hear Janeway's log entry summing it all up?!? I find myself frowning in puzzlement with that "what just happened?" look on my face!


    I'm actually looking forward to Kes' departure, even though I like her (especially scenes with her and the Doctor or her and Janeway), but she really limits Neelix' appeal and I think we're supposed to like him.


    The best thing about Voyager for me is probably The Doctor! He is brilliantly realized. Picardo is very good.

  12. Hey everyone, I know I've been gone for quite a long time but life has been pretty hectic. I'm finishing up one of my degrees this semester.


    I'd like to get the site to be more active, like it used to be, but I don't know if that's doable since Facebook and Twitter probably garner most the most online attention these days.


    Regardless though, STF will stick around. Activity or not. I'll keep it online as long as I'm still "online" lol.


    Congratulations on the school work thing! It is great to see you out here and know you're doing well! :) Facebook is the devil ... I was looking for the "like" button to respond to you "status!" LOL!

  13. I didn't get them, my old DVDs up-scale well enough on the BD player. Besides, no one wants to watch them anymore anyway.

    Lol let us just say that I learned my lesson from my way to many copies of each harry potter movie... LOL.


    RRRRGH. Those Harry Potter Blurays really tick me off. No directors' cut of any of the films (what the heck?), the earlier movies had just about nothing done to enhance them, PLUS there were barely any special features at all. I mean, I know you just can't compare ANY movie special features to the Lord of the Rings extended editions and all that extra content, but, gosh, all the crazy hype about the box set and then it's just big let down.

  14. I disagree. I think Facebook is great! The old "Starfleet Lounge" with most of the old members has even been resurrected on FB. To be able to instantly reply and get an instant response is why FB has retired most of these boards.


    Don't you find that facebook's format is really limiting, though? Long discussions just don't seem very feasible and you can't search topics. I'm on the Days of Our Lives fan page and there are a few of us out there who really get going, but then the status gets buried and you gotta go looking for it way down the list. And those crazy soap posts will show up in my MOM's newsfeed! I comment on a picture, and that picture shows up on my husband's newsfeed! He doesn't want that Days of Our Lives crap popping up on his facebook.


    I just never know who among my friends is going to be reading what I am saying about Star Trek, Hell on Wheels, Under the Dome, Beverly Hills 90210 or anything else ... what if I want to compare one of my friends to some lunatic character on Star Trek? They'll know I'm talking about them LOL! Message boards were more conducive to honest discussion, not discussion censored and parsed to protect the people on your "friends" list.


    The old message board format was a LOT better for retaining some sort of anonymity. I'll never forget how funny it was after I'd been posting here for quite a while that there were folks on here who thought I was a MAN! There was one guy who finally read between the lines and saw me talking about my husband, "Holy Crap! You're a GIRL? I thought you were a DUDE!" LOL! On facebook, people can just click on your name and see who you are, where you live, photos, education.


    Facebook is o.k. for some things, I just prefer a little more privacy when discussing my interests.

  15. The new movies are the future of Trek. The old casts aren't coming back. So learn to love it!


    I agree. The casts for all of the series have gotten too old to reprise their roles, so we're going to have to move on with this new movie cast. Personally, I hope they come up with a new television series. Too long between movies to really get that Trek fix!


    I think they are doing a very good job of spreading the wealth around amongst the new cast ... everybody has something important to do and everyone is integral to the story. IMO if the original cast movies and the TNG movies had one fault, it was the narrow focus on the top three characters at the expense of the rest of the cast.

  16. I used to come here all the time also, and I enjoyed it very much. Facebook is just awful. I miss this format on sites like this, where everyone here is here to talk about Star Trek and not what they ate for breakfast or wore to town! Plus, facebook is so limiting on lengthy discussion and you can't really search topics and keep things going ... threads just go away! (Can you imagine being the poor NSA guy assigned to monitor facebook b.s.? LOL!)


    We should not have let these old message boards fade like they have, but everyone went to facebook and stopped doing this sort of thing. I myself am guilty, and I'm sorry! Like Bakula Babe, though, I really wish there was more Trek to talk about. :waaaa:

  17. Perhaps this parallel universe Spock is going to lean towards his Human side more than his Vulcan side, just take different choices which would lead him to things like dating Uhura...




    I find a Spock with a REAL internal struggle between his Vulcan and Human side extremely exciting and I can't wait to see where they go with this. I hope this Spock decides that he is going to embrace the better or more dynamic aspects of both cultures he belongs to and meld them into a personality that is just almost too cool to bear. Throw it all out except the characters and their backgrounds and let the new chips fall where they may!