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  1. I guess I am just stupid, but exactly what is "myspace" for, other than hooking up with underage kids for sex (as seen on Dateline NBC)?


    That CANNOT be the only thing it is used for, in spite of what NBC would have us believe.


    Why would one need this? I can get whatever I need from visiting various topic specific message boards ... I don't really care to share personal info nor do I want to read anyone elses. But perhaps that is not what "myspace" is for, or is it?



  2. They're real and they're spectacular!


    Who on earth started the "fake" rumour anyway? He was young enough to still have chest muscles at the time ... he was still quite trim and fit, you could see that even in his Mr. Roarke tuxedo on Fantasy Island.

  3. Ironically I liked the idea of showing a war in the Star Trek universe in Enterprise a lot more because it was meant to be about a time where humans were trying to live up to the ideals of those shows set in its future and it allowed us as viewers to see the struggle towards that ideal (knowing that humanity in the Trek universe would eventually get there) rather than see the ideal crumble as in DS9.


    I don't think we saw the "ideal crumble" in DS9 ... think of the alliances against the Dominion that were forged between previous enemies. By the end of the series, you've got Klingons and Romulans fighting side by side! O.k., so Sisko tricked the Romulans into it, but good for him.:welcome:


    The Dominion provided a common enemy for all of the different factions in the Alpha Quadrant. I think the Trek ideal was alive and well, and spreading to folks who were not necessarily embracing it before. Had they chosen to put a DS9 movie on the big screen, we may well have seen the Romulans OR the Klingons becoming full-fledged Federation members and not simply allies.

  4. ^I guess for the same reason they let Deanna tool around the Enterprise in civilian clothing!


    Did they let Ro Laren keep her Bajoran earring to respect her religion, even though she was wearing it in the wrong ear?


    Perhaps Worf is allowed to wear his sash out of respect to his culture. It is hard to say whether this is true or not, because he is the only full-blooded Klingon in Starfleet that we see.

  5. ^Yes, it does! Isn't that terrible? A few theaters around here are $8.25, the matinees are marginally less expensive (something like $7.50). It's insane.


    By the time you throw in popcorn and a drink, it costs around $30 for two people to go to the movies. When we want to take my son to see something, only one of us can go with him. The other waits until whatever kid flick it is comes out on video.

  6. ^Is that really how the book ended?


    I got so bored with it about 2/3's the way through that I just kind of skimmed to the end.


    The book was terrible, subject matter aside. I just don't get the appeal. Plus, I heard that Howard pretty much gutted the "controversial" bent of the book ... it probably won't go over very well with the people who are big fans of the book.


    I'm not wasting $9.00 to see this movie ... we might rent it.

  7. Keiko O'Brien was a little whiny, but I think their relationship was depicted very realistically. Like any two-career family, there was a lot of adjusting and friction between the O'Briens just like there would be in real life. They were both strong-minded professionals, gifted in their fields and in demand ... naturally, there was going to be hard times for them after Miles took the assignment on DS9.


    I do admit that I enjoy Miles O'Brien much more during the seasons when Keiko was working on Bajor and we only saw her periodically. When I want a dose of marital reality, I just look across the dining room table ... I'm really not looking for that when I tune in to Star Trek.


    I don't know if I would have bought Kirk as a family man, but Sisko's responsibilities as a father to Jake were not distracting to me and they added a real richness to his character hitherto unseen in other Trek captains.

  8. We just tried to go to and we keep getting some kind of weird pop-up saying:


    Hacked by warrior virus


    And then a weird Matrix looking thing underneath a photo of a kid throwing a rock at a tank. Then some stuff about Islam.


    Has anyone else gotten this message?


    Edit: I just read hangon's swf message, so I guess that kind of answers my question.

  9. Too many to pick a favorite, but ....


    I love the episode where they're all trying to be encouraging with Lt. Barclay and Picard slips up and refers to him as "Mr. Broccoli." Everyone's face is just priceless and after Barclay leaves the bridge, Data starts going on about how "Metathesis is the most common speech error, blah, blah, blah ..." Then he sees the look on Picard's face and just shuts up in the middle of the sentence and turns back to the computer console.


    Does anyone else remember that? Or find it as funny as I do?

  10. While I agree with DS9 being the best Trek since TNG, I believe TOS was about more than the alien of the week.


    Oh, I think TOS was more than just about alien of the week and exploring a new planet every week as well. However, anytime you have folks commenting on what was "wrong" with DS9, that is always what they are touting as what made TOS and I guess Enterprise superior. Episodic vs. serialistic (is that a word?).


    I was always left wondering whatever happened with Nurse Chapel and her little crush on Spock. And what about Yeoman Rand and Kirk's little infatuation with her? Nothing can surpass the Original Series, really, but those are certainly a couple of things I wish had been fully explained, explored and laid to rest.


    I've been obsessing with Harry Potter as well as The Dark Tower series.


    As a children's librarian I totally understand obsessing about Harry Potter! I did a lot of that last year. It's very good to see you back here!



    Run into many 41 year old "children" in your children's library? LOL. That's right, 41 years old and I've spent the past year fretting over whether or not Snape is evil or good!

  12. I completely concur, Kor.


    DS9 was the best Trek since TOS. Yes, yes, TOS was all about the alien of the week and all and that was fine for them, but after a while that gets really old. I much prefer the character-driven storylines of latter TNG and all of DS9.


    TOS is still the best of Trek, though.

  13. I've been obsessing with Harry Potter as well as The Dark Tower series, so that is where I've been spending my time.


    I know it has been months since I was on here ... I feel bad if there were lots of others who left as well! Sorry.


    We're spending the summer watching TOS, so I'm sure I'll have lots to say about that as time goes by!

  14. We have a mixed bag of formats, VHS and DVD. For Christmas next year we're going to purchase all of them on DVD, special editions, preferrably, because I love all the extra stuff, too.


    I have everyone except Nemesis.

    I still havent seen Nemesis. I've had opportunities to buy the DVD, but I don't just doesn't sound too interesting to me. I'd rather remember the TNG cast as they were at the end of Insurrection.



    Nemesis was not all that good, but it got better the second time we watched it. It's the only one that we have not purchased. We'll have to get it eventually, I suppose. Our Trek collection is incomplete without it.


    I'd rather remember the TNG case as they were at the end of First Contact. I totally loathed Insurrection. I just didn't care about the Baku or the Sona. My main thought at the time was "What's happening on DS9?" And "Why is the Enterprise not more involved in the Dominion War rather than off allying itself with these weirdo skin stretchers?"


    Just me.

  15. I wish they had bloopers and outtakes ... I'll bet Kirk, Spock and McCoy were cracking up all the time at some of the silly things they had to do!


    Bloopers from TOS have been circulating for years. They are readily available in VHS or DVD nowadays. They are hilarious!


    I'll bet they are! I wonder why they didn't put them on the season sets of TOS? If they were already out there on VHS or DVD, they should have included them.


    Can you purchase the ones that your are talking about on I'm going to check on that right now!

  16. We have all three and are watching them all in order. We are halfway through season 3. After that we'll start the movies.


    I must say that I am surprised at how many of these episodes I have never seen before! I'd say about 75% of these are completely new to me! The only time I ever got to watch them on t.v. was every once in a while on Sunday morning when we got to skip church! ( A rarity! Mom was quite the stickler!)


    So we are enjoying the heck out of them and I highly recommend them. Special features are a bit weak (mainly because I just don't care about Shatner and his horses or Nimoy and his photography). Koenig's interview was very good and Takei's was also interesting.


    I wish they had bloopers and outtakes ... I'll bet Kirk, Spock and McCoy were cracking up all the time at some of the silly things they had to do!

  17. It's been so long since I've seen any Voyager, but my impression of Janeway was a rigid, sticking to the prime directive, unwilling to compromise Starfleet principles even when it made sense to do so kind of gal.


    I'm sure that all of you can probably find numerous examples of why that is NOT true, I am only speaking of my impression of her. Of course, she couldn't be in too much of a hurry to get back to the Alpha Quadrant or the show would have been over in a season! Not good.


    I think that "early" Chakotay would have done whatever it took to get back home to the MAQUIS .... prime directive be darned. "Later" Chakotay would also have cut some corners, but he would probably have been headed back to Starfleet.


    I guess the better captain of the two would really depend on what season we are talking about and from whose perspective. Either way, I think that Janeway and Chakotay made a great team.

  18. You know what's funny ... I think that Marc Alaimo is quite good-looking with the Cardassian make-up, but pretty plain looking without it! Likewise for Casey Biggs. I don't know what it was about that Cardassian make-up, but it was actually very flattering to the folks who had to wear it. They look better with it on. How is that possible? LOL


    Gul Dukat is the best villain ever to grace a Star Trek episode or movie (and yes, I am including Kahn in that estimation). We were so up and down with Dukat over the course of the series ... first we hate him, then we kind of like him, then we do like him, then we're back to hating, then we pity him, then we LOATHE him at the end.


    Quite frankly I was fairly emotionally exhausted by the time the show ended its run!


    I'm glad they never had Kira sleeping with Gul Dukat ... they were moving that way uncomfortably so in a number of episodes but it never developed. EEEWWWW ... talk about sleeping with the enemy.

  19. Unless you train something technical, the best a college degree will get you is a foot in the door. Just because I have a degree in business didn't mean I was a great businessman when I graduated. I had to go to another college to achieve that.......the College Of Hard My degree got my foot in the door to get a job. Every practical thing I learned about business I learned on the job.


    Truer words have never been spoken ... all of my best qualifications were learned "on the job" after I got out of school. I always worked in the Communications field (public relations, journalism, marketing), but I really didn't learn how to "communicate" effectively in writing until I worked with a fabulous writer at an insurance company. I learned more from her in six months on the job than I ever learned in college.


    That piece of paper got me in the door, but that's it. I didn't know @#$! from shinola about my "field" until I worked with Jan Torason.

  20. We are watching TOS in its entirety (as stated previously we got the series for Christmas).


    I am finding that you simply cannot watch two or three episodes back to back like you can with TNG, DS9, VOY or that other one. It takes a lot more time to get your mind around a TOS episode. Plus, they seem longer than a typical one-hour show.


    I find myself amazed at how far ahead of its time TOS was .... its well-written, very decently acted, not bad special effects considering when it was made. I'm not at all surprised it only had a three-year run! Not because it wasn't a good show, but because I'll bet there were a limited number of television watchers back then who were even ABLE to truly appreciate it. I dunno ... I'm rambling.


    I just think that it is an extremely GOOD show and really stands up to the test of time. Hokey SE aside, the stories and acting are top-notch.