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  1. We are in the middle of watching These are the Voyages for the first time ever. In fact, we just finished binge watching the entire run of Enterprise for the first time ever. Even though we were completely addicted to Voyager, DS9, TNG, TOS, and all the Trek movies, life got in the way and we just never watched Enterprise beyond the first couple of episodes. This time around, we stuck with it and I find I really liked it. It was more than cool to have brand "new" Trek to watch for the past couple of months. May I just say that this finale straight up sucks. Especially following the episode Terra Prime. Firstly, I'm so ticked off that they broke up T'Pol and Trip. Riker and Deanna look ridiculous in those Starfleet uniforms. And I heard Deanna just throw out there that Tucker is getting ready to die. Honestly. When we rewatch this, we're just skipping this finale. I love Jeffrey Combs and want to support him always, but this ep is just BAD.