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  1. Another thought that just came to mind about Sulu getting command first. We know that Sulu sort of had a 'crush' you might say on the Excelsior. Maybe if Chekov wanted to stay on the Enterprise with Kirk (like I said in an earlier post), maybe Sulu just couldn't resist a shot at taking command.


    Or maybe there were still some ruffled feathers from the incident where Kirk and the other sabotaged the Excelsior, and Checov wouldn't take command as a grudge...hmm...probably not but it's an interesting thought.

  2. Another poosibility would be just other circumstances that we might not have known about, such as Demora Sulu, or maybe even just a preferance that one of the crew might have had. Sulu might have known that he would eventually leave the Enterprise and just wanted to get a few years of experiance with Kirk under his belt.

  3. I've had a pair of ideas that I think would work well.


    1.) Roughly 25 years after Voyager has returned home, this Star Trek would be set on a ship that instead of exploring the depths of space would be more or less a political vessel. Day to day function would involve transporting diplomats, settling conflicts, and when the situation calls for if sent to the front lines of a major conflict as a peace maker but ready for war. Also the climate of the Alpha Quadrant would be different; the Romulans would be weakened from a 12 year long civil war, the Klingons are on the borderline of bankruptcy due to over spending in their military and are now secretly speaking to Earth of membership in the Federation, the Cardassians are still struggling to get back on their feet from the after effects of the Dominion War, and all this leaves the Federation as the only major Super-power in the quadrant.


    2.)Probably about the same time period, but set on a Federation colony on the rim of known space. The colony is protected by a star base in orbit around the planet and a smaller class starship (probably no bigger than an Akira class vessel). The main characters would be the command staff of the Star Base and the civilian leader of the colony. From there I don't know, but special steps would have to be taken to ensure that the show wouldn't be to much like DS9.

  4. I'm kind of split. I like the freedom that episodes have to create what ever they please in peace times and every bodies alot calmer. But story arcs in a time of great conflict leave me wanting so much more. Like season 3 of Babylon 5 was incredible in terms of the built up tension, drawing of lines that wouldn't be croseed, and then seeing the unthinkable happen. I think I watched about four episodes in one night (on the DVD's). I didn't get that effect with DS9 because I was about 12 or so when all that happened so I couldn't apreciatte it as much as I would today.


    All in all probably any arc story, regardless of whether it's a war or not, would be my preferance. But I do agree with Gul Nodrog; I like the environment and political implications of wars than the actual battles in them. Battles are fine, but they get really boring if that's all that there is.

  5. Normally if the writers need to add some tension by having someone get hurt, they will want to do it with out changing the plot too much which rules out Kirk, Spock (he just dies) or Bones. Checkov has that sort of stout heart but not always aware of the potential danger of a situation, hense he gets his tail whooped.

  6. There may have been some intent with the name. It's not unusual for a writer to put in little hints as to the origin of their ideas. It would be like someone writing an situation similar to the Kennedy Assassination and naming the assassin something like 'Kennedy Leftwich'. I don't think the culture of the two groups are that similar though. I think most of the similarities are just little touches like that, but I'd have to look more in depth to know for sure.

  7. I couldn't belive it. I've been watching Enterprise on my local NBC affiliate for the past three year, but they've just dropped it from their schedule and I don't have any other channels at my disposal. This Sucks Royal ________!!


    I'm sorry, but I just had to voaclize my anger.

  8. Well they knew about the unbelievable power that species 8472 had, and Kes telepathically linked with them. She knew what they were planning to do. She said that the "galaxy would be purged". This is not the kind of species you can really afford to be trifle with. Not to mention that work that 8472 made with the Borg coarpses, did not appear to be in self defense.


    Over all, I think it was a wise move when your facing the threat of galactic annialation.

  9. I voted other. I would prefer to not see the sphere-builders again, a singularly selfish species. Look at all the death and destruction that resulted from their manipulation of the Xindi.




    I think we're due up to see more of them. I've always thought that there was some relation to the TCW that was never totally revealed, becuase of how The Future Guy warned Archer about the Xindi. It could just mean he wanted to use the Enterprise to keep the Transdemensional realm from growing to the point where it would engulf their space aswell (where ever 'thier' space is).

  10. If I had to vote for any it would be the Suliban. I see the Andorians as essential to the development of the Federation Arcs, plus Mr. Combs is great. The Xindi would be interesting just so that we know what the relation to them is with Star Fleet and eventually the Federation, for an episode or two later on.


    The Suliban, like Kirk said, are very stereotypical. I wouldn't mind seeing them get the boot. They're just like strange green hench-men with unusual accents. Very strange.

  11. The plot line and premise for Enterprise was always rather pointless as it was a bit like knowing the ending of a book before you 've even started reading it.


    Well not so quick. Even though I'm fairly sure that the Federation will survive Enterprise, I don't think that it's as much about knowing what happens but seeing how it happens and why. Kind of like Babylon 5; the writer of the show basically shows everything major that is going to happen or foretells it. But you don't know what context it's under. To really enjoy Enterprise, you should watch it for the journey and not the destination.


    - lets be honest it only came to life in Season 3 when they entered the Delphic Expanse - somewhere that was not mentioned in any of the other 4 versions of Star Trek.


    No, the Delphic Expanse is gone. The spheres were destroyed and now the anomoly, gaseous space, and the Quantum Thermal Photon Thinger Watchya' call'er Barrier is gone. It might be refered to as the Delphic sector or something, but it wouldn't be known as the expanse in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

  12. In my opinion, the people who don't watch Enterprise because of Klingon Ridges or Romulan encounters or becuase the ship look like an Akira class ship, aren't much different from the people who think all black and white movies are boring or won't watch TOS, because of the old special effects.


    Watch it for the story and the charcters. I don't think any body has messed with continuity on the Human or Vulcan make-up yet (I don't think that's possible). So watch it, and if at the end of the series you still have questions then you might have some more ground.

  13. I agree with the general consensus. If some one or something wants to destroy the Federation, Earth would be the focal point of there attack. That's what the Dominion tried to do. The Breen's first engagment was a sneak attack on Earth, and Weyoun said the birhtplace of any resistance, if the Dominion were to win the war, would be Earth.


    Maybe the "Greek gods" didn't all die out like Apollo said (Who Mourns for Adonais)....... One remained and destroys earth and the federation.....


    I refer back to a previous post


    4.)The Federation might meet its end soon after discovering either a new extremely powerful race or a very very old extremely powerful race (thanks G'Kar  ).

  14. I still wonder what it has to do with Enterprise, but the basic concept intrigues me. I don't think any single power could do it (aside from the Borg). No one in the Alpha quadrant could pull it off alone and if the Dominion tried, they'd have every other major power lined up on the side of the Federation.


    Who knows, maybe someone's gonna make a Q angry?


    Q, I doubt it. The Q have issues with humanity, not neccessarily the Federation. That would mean they'd wipe out the Vulcans, Betazoids, Trill, and Bajorans (once they join). It would be over kill and destroying "more worthy races".


    I, at one time, Actually thought the Premise of Andromeda would have made a good Star Trek Series.


    A premise like Andromeda would be interesting, but it poses two problems. To keep it from being a total rip off of Andromeda, you'd have to actually show the Federatyion's fall and then build from there. You could have it span over two series. Show a war, or the conflict which destroys the Federation, and then in the next series show the first steps of rebuilding a new stronger Federation.


    Another issue would be Daniels and his people. Unless the Federation collapses and then springs back to life in the time span of some 250 years, it would have to be after the 30th century. That's a long ways off. I wouldn't want to jump over some 550 years of the Federation's history.

  15. I'd agree with the idea that when the Excelsior was built it was intended to be the future of Star Fleet, and to take a step above what anything else had done (transwarp). The same thing occured, like some one said, with Soveriegn class ships, and now narrow, trianglular shaped ships (Prometheus, Nova, and Intrepid class) would appear to be taking over.

  16. I don't see how this plays into Enterprise, but the topic intrigues me.


    I see four early possibilities.


    1.) The Borg quit messing around with the Federation and send a full out force to assimilate major worlds such as Earth, Vulcan, (I'm taking a guess with some of these), Andoria, Mars, and many others.


    2.) A civil war leaves the Federation to weak to defend itself against a massive invasion from other Alpha quadrant powers.


    3.) A coalition of forces grow jealous of the power of the Federation and unite aginst it (Romulans, Cardassians, Breen, Tholians, Maybe even the Dominion)


    4.) The Federation might meet its end soon after discovering either a new extremely powerful race or a very very old extremely powerful race (thanks G'Kar :bow: ).


    Thats all I can think of for now.

  17. Some name that cross my mind were the Exile, Time...line??? ( the one where Archer had this parasite and Earth was destroyed, T'Pol was captain, etc...




    'Exile'was a really good episode. 'Twilight' was the episode with Archer and the parasites. One of the best of the entire season.


    But, aside from that, its all ways good to see an Ent-basher open up and give the show a chance. Welcome to family :laugh: .

  18. I'm from illinois, and I am so dissapointed that junk like this effects a political race. I mean, I'll admit, if it were a Democrat, it not have ticked me off as much or gotten my attention. But the files were sealed and from what I have seen niether of the Ryans wanted those files opened. That judge had to have over stepped his boundries by doing this. It's bogus that Jack Ryan's political status was the main reason that he did that. Oh well. It's just how politics are now.

  19. I agree with TUH's point. I think alot of the junk that has made it to the silver screen will have been forgotten with in the next 15 years much less 150 years. I like the idea that some films remain timeless like Hope and Crosby and then some of the horror films like Rose Marie's Baby and Frankenstien still live on in the 22nd century.


    And just out of curiousity,for the people who say that Black and white films have boring:How many black and white films have you seen?

  20. Very exciting.


    I've just recently discovered Babylon 5, and I'm through two seasons of it (I watched all of season two in as many weeks). Straczynski has a great way of making characters and arcs that can evolve over the coarse of a series. Straczynski should be able to have a field day in the Trek universe. Who nows he might even be able to get Andreas Katsulas in for an appearance as Tomalok.


    I will eagerly expect more news in this area.