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  1. I was just looking at the episode listing for 'Babel One', and noticed that the name of the Romulan Admiral was Valdore


    This is also the new class of Romulan War Bird seen in 'Nemesis'.


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    Aparantly Valdore ends up doing some great thing for the Empire, even though he was thrown out of the senate.

  2. if        there  was  a  next  season    what  would  liketo  see    on    enterprise?


    i would  like  q      swicth      capatain  archer    and      and  capatian  picard  around    like    capatain  archer        on    enterpise  e      and    capatian  picard    is on        enterprise  nx 01  both    capatins    command  of  counterpartships    they    don't  remeber    their  past  of  their  past  mission  on      their  ships  in  which  the    command  in  there    timeline.



    That would be an interesting concept. Maybe if Archer ended up on the bridge of future vessel (from any time period ahead of his own) and as far as he could tell the crew of the ship treats him like he is supposed to be there. I'm not sure how it would end (either with an alternate reality or some bizarre time loop or something else).


    Other ideas would no doubt further the Romulan arc, Vulcan Religous Revolution, and more involvement with future Federation races.


    Personally, I'd like to see more exploration again, warp 6 development, more involvement with Columbia, Admiral Gardner, more with Travis, and dangit lets meet one of Phlox's wives.


    There's so much more, but it's hard to get it all into words.

  3. I was very impressed with this week. I gave it a 9 (my highest rating in some time, it feels like)


    I loved the opening sequence with Enterprise and Columbia. It was just overall cool(I can't think of a much better way to say it at 12:57 AM) That said, I'm going to bed.


    (I'll edit this post later)

  4. I kind of liked the idea of the Romulans helping the Enterprise. I guess my biggest problem was that the Romulans were target ships for the Scimitar.


    But that would have broken the ACTION MOVIE law that the heros cannot win unless they are severly outmatched bytheir opponent. :nono:Oiy Kafune!

  5. In First Contact that was probably the first time that type of weapon had been used against the Borg. They would adapt to it just a quickly as any other weapon IMO.



    Yeah they could probably develop an energy shield to stop projectiles. Kind of like the Borg in the Voyager episdoe ('Drone' was it?) where the technology from Seven and the Doctor combined to make a 29th century Borg. It had all kinds of internal technology like tranporters, shields, and I'm sure that it had some other stuff.

  6. I think a Trek Net Work would be interesting, but it would seem like it was just selling out. Kind of like the Alien vs. Predator or Jason vs. Freddy type movies. It just feels like parading an old war horse.


    Like what King said, it would just be oversaturation and would cheapen the series.


    The cost to get anything new (like a news show, documentaries, or a New series) would either kill the network or lead to only having reruns of old shows.


    It's kind of an "Oh what if..." dream idea. People would get bored and it would be much more difficult to bring the show up to a successful level.

  7. When you think about it, the Borg were probably one of the best things to happen to the Federation. They forced the Federation to develop new and better ship designs and technologies.


    It took a very long time for the Federation to rally a fleet of 40 to fight at Wolf 359, but a much better (and presumably larger) fleet was rallied in 2373 and that fleet was more successful.



    I agree toatlly. Think how screwed they would have been against the Dominion if they were going up against them with Excelsior and Constitution class ships backing up Galaxy class ships.


    Instead Galaxy class vessels were backing up Defiant, Akira, and Soveriegn class ships.


    Quite the upgrade.

  8. I gave it an 8.


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    I really liked the Klingons in general from their desperation, the ridgeless Klingons, and John Schuck's return as a Klingon. I wasn't very thrilled the actual character who represented section 31, but I loved how Malcolm responded to decieving Archer and the crew. It makes sense that Malcolm would be in an organization like that too. I'm interested in seeing Kelby's development too. As I said in the post above, I liked the mind meld sequence in general. I loved the connection with the Augments and the Klingons. I was absolutely thrilled with it.


    Click For Spoiler
    I wasn't thrilled by Hoshi turning into Xena warrior translator against the Rigelians, but it worked. I guess it's more believable with Rigelians than against Klingons, which is who I thought they were fighting. The dreamscape with Trip and T'Pol was interesting but I didn't much care for it. It could be interesting to see where it goes. I'm not thrilled with Captain Hernandez. I just think she's very soft. It's probably just that I'm used to seeing Archer for too long and maybe she'll toughen up as things go on.

    Overall not a great episode, but it holds it's own with me.

  9. As for the mind-meld...


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    Sorry, but that was totally lame. T'Pol said that she didn't really know what to do, so Archer, since he had had Surak's katra in his mind, offered to give advice.


    He gave one peice of advice. I'm sorry, but if someone doesn't know how to do a mind-meld, you'd think they'd need more than one peice of advice.





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    Well keep in mind that T'Pol has taken part in a few mind melds herself, and the writings of the Kir'Shara likely have something written by Surak on mind melds.


    I personally liked how she didn't get it right at first. And the actual meld sequence was really well done.

  10. No, no. The holodeck simulates the force, but cannot affect the reaction. That's the difference.



    I see what you mean but I still think that a projectile weapon would still be able to kill a drone. If you take a gun to any piece of technology, even something from the twenty forth century, it's going to damage them regardless.


    Like I said before, it'll take a alot of bullets but I'm sure that it would work.


    I might say that the Borg could have some type of shield or armor to prevent that type of damage, but then I don't think the holographic bullets would have killed the drones, not to mention that the Borg can still be attacked hand to hand ( a la Worf's mecleth of the deflector).

  11. Maybe the Hirogen could be related very loosely to the pirates of tv and film, taking on the strong for either the glory of the kill or the booty.  And not that type of booty.  :yahoo:



    I'd say that the Hirogen are more based on an idea of cultural definition, or the one thing that defines their culture. We know very little of their actual government.

  12. They might me able to, But remember, that tommy gun wasn't real. It had the force of one, but not the same material composition of one.


    No, it doesn't have the same chemical properties. That might make a difference. I seriously doubt that the holodeck can simulate the sensation of being infected by a virus.



    I've got to agree with Psychic. Bullets can do a lot of damage to someone, even if it takes a lot of material, not to mention how messy it's going to be.


    I guess, I'm not sure what your argument against the rifle is. If anything a holographic bullet would have less chance of actually working, just because it isn't real.

  13. I'm not saying that the Federation is the Soviet Union, but the basic concept of the Government providing essentials and no money really do remind me of some ideals of Communism. But there are very distinct differences( hence the 'moral' foundation of it all). I agree that it has a definite feel similar to the U.N. and the U.S. governement. I'd definitely think that in the first hundred years after Cochrane's warp flight that humanity ,in general, would have come along and started caring less about money and power and status (although I'm sure that there are exceptions).

  14. Yes, I think each member world would have it's own planetary governing body and also local levels of government. It seems cumbersome to rule the entire Federation just from San Francisco. I think the Federation council would be elected by the member worlds, unless each member is appointed by each planets government and acts through their direction.


    The President could be selected by the Federation Council itself or I guess every few years, a number of candidates are nominated by the member worlds and they hold an election to choose their President.





    The council itself (based on what we saw in 'The Voyage Home') Is probably between thiry or fourty people, which raises another question about representation. In 'First Contact' Picard says there are over one hundred and fifty worlds in the Federation. Granted I realize that there is some eighty-five years of new species joining the Federation, but does each planet get a representative or is it like the the House of Representatives where there is a set number of people and each one represents a certain territory or region. I like the idea of members being apointed to the council, too. I would hope that there are also different branches of the Government splitting up the power to prevent the citizens being rail roaded by the Council and the President (whom was appointed by the council).


    It's not jabbering, I understand and appreciate where you're coming from. I actually think that when Star Trek addresses politics or uses politics-based storylines, it can be at it's very best.


    I've thought about that. Something like a Starfleet Command show or a West Wing equivelant. I also think that an arc involving the politics of Star Fleet would be interesting aswell. It would have to be great writing to get all of the facets of what is going on in the Federation at that point and the show would have to work with out the draw of action like the other trek shows have had.

  15. Some movies were good, some weren't.


    Please use proper english.  Too much internet talk makes it hard to read what you meant to say.





    My goodness that's irritating. :waaaa:



    Anyway, back on topic. I'd agree that Trek films are pretty good. Although I have serious complaints about half of them.


    But, it's not hard for me to see how people who aren't familiar with the characters or the show would have hard time becoming interested in them.

  16. I don't particularly see the Federation= U.S.A. comparison, no offense intended. There is no real ground for comparison in an economic sense since the Federation is about as far left-wing  (i.e. no money, strong social security as far as we can tell) as you can go without being a dictatorship and the U.S. is a right-wing nation. However, in terms of military strength there is obvious common ground.


    To me,  the Federation seems more like a hybrid of the U.N. and the U.S. with a strong dose of NASA's exploration ideals.


    Sorry if I offended anyone, that's just the way I see it.



    No offense at all. I have a thread talking about this. I'd say that the Federation may have originally been intended to appear like the equivelent to the U.S, but since TNG the Federation has looked much more socially founded than anything else. But it's also like nothing else we've ever seen.


    Think about it everyone is given what they need (food, shelter, and such), but from there each person must find his/her own purpose in life wiether it be Starfleet, or research or writing or sports. Every one is seemingly morally obligated to find their own purspose.


    It's like a morally founded Communism. Very interesting.