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  1. It seems to be a Federal Republic form of government with a central administration and regional levels of authority.



    So by that you would mean that Vulcan would have its own Governor per say (and possibly its own laws based on cultural tradition), but it would still answer to the President of the Federation. It reminds of the State and Federal levels of our (U.S.A) government. I wonder if the President is elected by the electorate (The Federation Council) or by the citizens (which would be a pain, knowing how elections have been in the past few years here in America, not that I complain with the out come).




    (I'm sorry about all this jabbering. I'm a bit of a political nut. I'm just fascinated by this stuff)

  2. I don't know that it is ever spoken about directly. I know about a president from 'The Voyage Home', 'The Undiscovered Country', and 'Paradise Lost'. There are also references to a Federation Council, which I can only assume is the group of brass that the crew stood before in 'TVH'.


    I've just pondered that, weither the Federation has a U.S. style branch system, or a parliament or a morally founded Communist state.


    Does anyone know exactly what it is?

  3. I saw a comparison of the Dominion to the Persian Empire. Pretty much the Founders were equivilent to the Emperor, the Vorta were the Satraps (essentially governors), and the Jem Hadar were grunt soldiers.


    The Kazon strike me as a combination of the Greek city states and a gang culture.


    And not quite a culture comparison, but the Borg are probably most comparrable to a virus. Not living or dead and attempting to find resources (people, planets, ships) out of everything it encounters.

  4. I wasn't greatly impressed. I gave it a 7.5. Not crappy, but average.


    Click For Spoiler
    I liked seeing Andoria and Shran's reaction to being home. Not to mention how stubborn he is about being helped by Archer.


    I personally liked the frustration that Trip goes through in this episode. I thought it was one of the better parts of it. Just the way the Trineer performs gives the impression that he's not sure what to think or do. He's just making alot of knee jerk reactions (Columbia) Oh yeah

    Click For Spoiler
    I don't see why everyone is bashing the move for Trip to leave. Yeah, Trip is my favorite character and it'll suck losing him, but hey that's life. Things suck. Trip doesn't want to have to face T'pol every day on Enterprise. Its his way of dealing with the issue on a temprary basis. Its a dramatic stroyline.
    Sorry, I just had to get that out.


    The Romulan Admiral was very well played aswell and I loved his story about being cast out of the senate.

    Phlox's conversation with Trip was very entertaining as well

    Trip-"Vulcan nuero pressure was your idea."


    Click For Spoiler
    The biggest down sides were just inconsistancies with the Aenar (why does a blind species have holographic projection system? And why is less advanced species able to build a city that hangs on the ice?)


    The telepresence unit seemed very advanced for the 22nd century. I also doubt that the Enterprise crew could have contructed something that experimental off of sensor readings.


    And Bakula's acting seemed stiff aswell.


    The Romulan scientist was too much compassion from the Romulans for my taste.

  5. Well, I would hope my Starfleet training would kick in... Either that, or do what Jake did in Nor the Battle to the Strong... close my eyes and start firing wildly



    Me too. I would try to remember everything, but I'd end up just fighting for my life.

  6. Well, The Actual Dominion War Didn't Start Until The 5th Season Finale, "Call To Arms", With The Mining Of The Wormhole.  So That Was 5 Seasons Of Great Character And Story Developement.  So That Was Just 2 Seasons Of The War.  While I Loved The War, The Build Up To It Was More Interesting Than The War Itself.



    I distincly remember 'Call to Arms' and the whole build up of the war. From Cardassia recieiving aid from the Dominion :bow: to the attempt to seal the wormhole, :bow: and then finally when Weyoun told Sisko to take the mines down, and Sisko refuses to budge. :bow: (I'm just bored, so pay the emoticons no mind).


    I only wish I could have truly respected that when I was watching it. :bow: I'll be okay, as soon as I get a hug from the monitor on my computer.

  7. I kind of did this already in 'Generations' by getting Kirk and Picard together, it's a nice idea but I doubt it would work.



    Good point. I hold 'Generations' as one of the best Trek films.


    An odd preface needs a few things

    1.) Utter sincerity (don't make it satirical or cheesy)

    2.)There must be a logical reason for everything (even if it seems a little bogus)

    3.)Not Everything can be a case of Serendipity


    I'm sure there are several things that belong here, but i can't think of them now.

  8. I agree with that... While I did prefer the war-time stories, there were many good peace-time stories. It's just a shame the the series ended with the end of the Dominion War. I think they could have made at least one more season in which everyone is picking up the pieces, and making friends where no one though it was possible.




    Yeah that would have been good if they had left another year for things to settle. Babylon 5 did that and I really enjoyed the overall effect. Not to mention that then the writers wouldn't have had to condense the end of the Dominion War and the whole Dukat, Winn, Sisko, Fire Cave situation into one episode. It was very horribly crammed.

  9. Click For Spoiler



    I know!


    Just awesome!


    Very good episode (9)


    Click For Spoiler
    I loved the fight between Archer and Shran, and the solution too. And Talas' death was such an amazing tragedy. It's really sad how something that random and seemingly insignificant could lead to her demise. Bakula's acting was very good. "How about you try acting like humans for a change?"


    And was I the only one who thought that Malcolm was going to get promoted by Trip during that conversation with the space suits?


    And Oh yeah, Save Enterprise!

  10. I gave 'er an 8. Very solid with some good thoughts, but nothing extradinary.


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    One thing that people have been saying about Travis (how the most camera time he recieves isn't with his own character). I think it could have worked just as well if Tr5avis were in the decon chamber with Hoshi. That would have given quite a bit of screen time to just let Travis express his character. I still liked the episode, but I want Travis to become more than "the helmsman".

  11. Way back when the Original Series was on the air, having Chekov was big because of the Cold War and having Uhura was big because of the treatment of Blacks.  I think that in the upcoming episode, Daedalus, the producers had an opportunity to use an Arab be the inventor of the transporter, much in the same way that Richard Daystrom was Black.  However, someone dropped the ball on this, which is somewhat disappointing.


    Any thoughts?



    Yes Surax I agree they dropped the ball. One important aspect of Trek has always been about showing that we survived our past. As you made example of Chekov and how his presence proved we got through the Cold War in one piece so would having an Arab playing this role show the War on Terror was overcome. Tptb don't seem to carry the same edge they used to...



    Well, one inconsistancy is that at least in the Trek Time Line, the war on terror never happened, at least as far a I can tell. Things like the Eugenics Wars took place well before things like 9/11 and the Irag War.


    I still think it would be good idea, if for no better reason than to say "we did it". Granted Star Trek doesn't have the influence they used to have, but it would be a good idea over all.

  12. It was the year to grow-up,

    the year of love,

    and the year of anger.


    It was the year of disappointments,

    a year of weakness,

    and a year of convictions.


    A year of tears, questions, and unsurity

    and of hope, revelations, and discovery.


    It was the year I did all that I could and maximized my potential

    and the I came so close to glory, glory that wasn't meant for me.


    It was the year I found out who I was, and the year I fought for who I was


    The year is 2004

    the place is the axis of humanity



    This is kind of a rough outline of my year and based loosely on season 4 of Babylon 5

    I don't know I kind of made it all up just now (including the axis bit).

  13. Just an observation. Since the episode has already aired and anybody who wants to see it probably has by now, I'm left to question the neccesity of spoiler boxes for episode information. I guess that doesn't quite make sense to me.




    Most of our members in other countries, such as the UK, haven't had the chance to see it yet.

    However, there is a thread dedicated to that topic here in the ENT forum; feel free to voice your opinion on the spoiler issue there. :assimilated:



    Oh, shoot, I'd forgotten about that. Okay I follow. Issue resolved.

  14. This series could have been done so easily.  The story is already told, all the writers need to do is fill in the gap.  The foundation of the Federation, the Romulan War, the Klingon ridge issue, the Vulcan indescrepancies.  Most of these issues are going to be dealt with in this season, but it shouldn't have taken 3 seasons before they did these.



    They wouldn't have been able to do the Vulcan discrepancies without doing the first several seasons first. Otherwise there wouldn't discrepancies to fix. The Foundation of the Federation has been there all along. It just hasn't always been aparent. It's also bound to be the climax of the series. The same way with the Romulan war, not to mention that the Romulan War will likely need quite a bit of build-up and development. As for the Klingon ridges, well, I havn't cared about it much. I don't consider a lack of funding for the original Star Trek a continuity error. If you're going to get ticked at anyone get ticked at Roddenbery who gave Worf ridges in '87. I havn't cared much for it one way or another. If they do it great, if not oh well.

  15. Transporters, phase pistols (laser guns were used in the original TOS pilot), photon torpedoes should not even be around imo.  I guess the same form of torpedoes were used for 200 years? Romulans with cloaking devices in the 22nd century? I'm really not fan of the T'Pol/Tripp thing either. It's a attempt to attract young males mainly  and I think it hurts the show. 



    I agree with you in terms of the photon'ic' torpedoes. They might be simple in their development from Starfleet, but it's just never sat well with me.


    But here are a few things to keep in mind, about the other things.


    1.)Transporters on the NX-01 are still used from time to time (such as a tactical emergency in 'Extinction' and 'Damage', safety reasons in 'Impulse', or even deception in 'Chosen Realm') Most of the time they still use the shuttle pods or dock with another ship. And they still have malfunctions like what happened in 'Impulse' and 'Count Down'


    2.)Humanity has used guns for nearly 600 plus years and the basic concept hasn't changed much in that time. It's logical to assume that the developement of energy weapons would take quite some time as well. I would assume that they were just introduced in World War III and by that schedule they've been around for barely 100 years. Yes the name is a little corky and a cheep attempt to hook up with the phasers of the 23rd century, but that barely invalidates them.


    3.) Romulan cloaking technology is relative. There is no way it's up to standard with the cloaking devises of later centuries. And even then they weren't with out flaws, i.e. how Kirk and Sulu spotted a cloaked Bird of Prey with out using their sensors at all. 22nd century Romulan cloaking devises probably still emit plenty of anomalies that if someone is looking for they'll still be able to catch on their sensors. Not to mention that the Romulans/Vulcans have agreat capacity for knowledge. Vulcans use it for disciplines and more beneficial things. The Romulans are bound to use their knowledge for more agressive weapons and tactical technology.


    4.) Trip and T'Pol no doubt began as writing ploy. They've probably wanted to do something like this for a while. But many other things have been added to the characters that make the situation between the two of them very interesting. The emotional discoveries that T'Pol was going through makes it seem understandable that she would be in less control of her emotions and her inhibitions. Granted I'd just as soon it didn't happen, but I can still live with it.


    That's all I got to say about that.