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  1. Yes, the statement about those under the raptor's wing was a direct reference to the Romulans; at least, there's no doubt in my mind that it was.



    I'm kind of the same way. I can't imagine that 'Raptor' (which incase anyone didn't know means Bird of Prey) would be used so lightly, especially when the Romulans coming into play at the end of 'Kir Shara'. The only reason that I doubt the claim is lack of cannon evidence.

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    People are comparing Archer's neck pinch to McCoy's saying that a katra won't help a human do the neck pinch any better. But here is one factor to keep in mind, McCoy new nothing about katras or death mind melds and while he might have known that he wasn't right in the head, he never would have guessed that he had Spock's essenscein his head. Archer on the other hand, new about that katra, had been told quite a bit about it, and even had conversations with the katra within his head. If you were to look at it in that way, it is much more likely that Archerwould be able to pull off the neck pinch than McCoy.

  3. After I saw 'The Forge', I was thinking about what Syrran(Arev) said about the time when Surak died. He said the the faced those who flew under the Raptor's wings, or the Vulcan's who wished to return to the savage ways.


    I didn't pick up on it at first, but could the Raptor's wings be the 'Bird of Prey' of the Romulan Star Empire. The Bird of Prey is the common symbol of the Romulans used through TNG. Unless there is some continuity I'm not aware of, it would make sense that the division of the Vulcan's and the Romulan's would occur when the Vulcan's emmbrace logic and reasoning, while the Romulan's remain violent and decietful Imperialists.

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    The Romulan seen at the end of the episode sounded VERY much like FUTURE GUY!


    First of all, I noticed it. Very cool.


    Alright. I gave Kir' Shara an 8.5, but I'm trying toi get stingy in my grading of Enterprise. It's right up there with 'The Forge' and 'Cold Station 12' as the tops of the young season.


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    I wasn't thrilled with the Vulcan/Andorian battle just because it we've had plenty of battle scenes over the course of the past year. I don't have a huge objection, but it's getting old. That was my biggest objection to the Soong arc. We've had enough battles.


    I really enjoy that political and cultural arcs being brought up with the Andorians and the Vulcans, the teachings of Surak, Earth's relationship with other worlds. I also like the relationship's being developed. I was truely greatful to see Shran's trust of Soval in the interrogation. It's nice to see a more than the sterotypical Androians hate Vulcans aspect.


    I thought that T'Pol looked too emotional when Koss ended their marriage or perhaps showing different emotions than I would have espected, I should say. She looked like their was an actual connection with Koss, which, unless I missed something, didn't exist.


    I'm looking forward to seeing more of Soval, T'Pau, and Kurak in future episodes. I enjoyed the direction of all three characters. And I was surprised by the dissolving of the High Command, but it did seem to usheer in a new era for probably all three races involved (Humans, Vulcans, and Andorians).


    Oh yeah, Romulans yeah buddy! :laugh: To quote Zengo "Holy Romulans!"

  5. I think it's difficult to work with Travis because they pushed the space-boomer, born on a cargo frieghter arc about as far as it can go.


    I'd like to see Travis get involved in the plot some how, maybe something with his brother again. I kind of like the idea of him making kind of a foolish decision and having to live with the repurcussions of it like an injury or an addiction might be something to try out. He's always seemed like a goody-good lets rough him up a bit.


    I've always wanted the writers to add more to Travis's character. He would be a good person to make a "day in the life of " episode. That would be a good chances to add some character pieces to him.

  6. That works for Soval, T'Pol, V'Las, or other High Command offiliated Vulcans, but T'Pau and T'Les seem to have a lot of emotion in their voices when they speak. Maybe even the Syrranites aren't as close to the Surak's teachings as they believe. And Surak himself in Archer's visions has seemed almost like Yoda in delivering great words of wisdom, but having a comedic edge to whatever he says.


    I can live with it, but I would like to see a better job being done in the future to ensure that Vulcan's sound more logical in their speeking.

  7. Well, one might think that after Kirk used that little manuver against the Reliant, he might have to pushed to have Star Fleet develop a blocking mechanism to prevent the prefix code being sent from another ship and essentially lock out any outside contact.


    As with all other posts, just a theory.

  8. I would like something from the American Civil War like the Longstreet or Robert E. Lee.


    some other names would be Sacrifice, Condor, or the Dunedien


    But my ultimate choice would have the be the U.S.S Carthage

  9. Data’s consciousness begins to re-emerge and out grow the processor in B4. Geordi is working with B4 on a research centre attempting to extract the Data elements so that Data can live and that B4’s body is not taken over by the growing dominance of Data.


    Meanwhile, the Enterprise commanded by a soon to retire Captain Picard is heading to pick Geordi up when they hear the discovery that the Data memory can be extracted but in order to do so Geordi will need to download Data into a starship computer.


    After downloading Data we find that he has begun to grow and started taking over functions from the main computer as a result of this growth.


    On the Klingon homeworld the Titan is meeting with Worf (now in a diplomatic position of power) in order to obtain stronger technological and political ties between them and the Federation, with the ultimate aim of a possible application into the Federation.


    Back on Enterprise things seem to be getting worse. The engines are failing, all weapons are off line and computer command access is off line. Attempting to avoid a political disaster with the Enterprise drifting illegally into Klingon space, Picard orders the wiping of all downloaded Data information. Very soon Data begins discussing how he has out grown an android body and is making himself comfortable in his new one – the Enterprise itself! This slowly develops into megalomania and desire to exterminate all humans, which he now considered a form of cancer.


    Taking the ship deeper into Klingon space and destroying a few ships on he way, the new Data begins creating holo-monsters to kill the crew, a sort of anti-body. The crew actively resist and several fire fights result as the Titan rushes to find out why the Enterprise and Picard have gone AWOL.


    There we go that’s the start of the story, I'll leave the rest to the imagination. Btw, just for those Data fans out there, in the conclusion it is considered that the information that they thought was Data, was in fact nothing more than a degrogated copy, the plot drawing on such issues as morality behind cloning and discussing the concept of consciousness and being versus memory and experience.




    That's a cool idea. It kind of build on a few idea's that I've had. Sinse I saw Nemisis, I've had the idea of Data's personality emerging in B4, but Data taking over the Enterprise, I would have never thought of anything like that. And the thing about the Klingon's joining the Federation has been in my mind ever since Azati Prime.

  10. There's only 3 characters from previous series, that I think could show up on ENT.



    Dax's first or second host



    I have no problem with these 3 characters showing up through out the coarse of the series.  Spock, Scotty, and McCoy showed up on TNG, no one had a problem with that.  Sulu, Riker, Q, Barclay, Troi, and LaForge showed up on VOY.  What's wrong with 3 guest appearnces on ENT?



    The problem is that with Spock and Sarek (I hadn't heard about McCoy's appearance so I'll just ignore it for now), it was normal that they would still be around, with the life span of Vulcans. And w/ the Voyager cameo's they were still relatively in the same era, so it isn't so inconcievable that they would be around. But Enterprise is 200 hundred years behind all that which means a temporal anomoly time flip-flop deal would be the inevitable plot, which we've already seen plenty of on Enterprise. The writer's wouldn't be able to do it w/o getting a strange forced feeling.

  11. I see what you mean about the MACOs and credited names of actors. Most of the MACOs have familiar faces, put never have really been given names. Aside from Hayes and Corporal Cole, most of them I'd bet were given random names, possibly based on the actor (Corporal Chang for example).


    It would make sense that if the original crew complement of the NX-01 was 82, that they would recieve the apropriate number of replacements for the lost crewmember.


    If your possitive about Ramero, I'll take your word for it.

  12. Well how are you getting those numbers, in terms of crew manifest.


    I think when the NX-01 was deployed they had 82 crew members I believe. If you take that manifest, plus the MACOS, then we can start some where.


    Archer said that there were 26 or 27 lost in the expanse in 'Home', most of whom were had to have been lost at the assult at Azati Prime.


    And one other bit, I don't think that Ramero was on the mission on the Xindi weapon. I don't remember hearing his name said by Reed at the end of 'Countdown'. Oh well. Just some technical b.s.

  13. It was actually Picard who mentioned the Eastern Coalation, but I don't think it was ever referred to as the "Eastern Coalation of Nations".



    But during the initial Borg attack, in the 21st century, Lily referred to them as the "ECON". You're right, I don't believe there was any direct reference to them as the Eastern Coalition of Nations, but that would be my first guess.

  14. I gave the episode an 8.


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    An overall good plot of dealing with personal issues of the characters. I loved the Archer/ Erika dynamic once the started climing. Great to see the Columbia also hopefully we'll get a chance to see her in once she's on her feet and running. The end scene with T'Pol getting married was very touching, especially with T'Pol kissing Trip before the ceremony and then seeing Trip have to watch while knowing that he wanted more than anything to break it up. The Xenophobia issue with Phlox at the bar was very interesting. It brings back memories of an episode of Babylon 5 were humans were accused of allowing crimes against aliens. This could be an interesting arc to watch with the development of the Federation.


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    The major downside of this episode was a major one-two hit of over done acting and poorly written scripts. Each of the three plot lines the episode followed had one of these moments. Moments like the bar w/ Reed, Mayweather, and Phlox, Trip deciding to go with T'Pol to Vulcan, and Archer getting on Soval's case during the mission debriefing. Also T'Pol's mother had alot of emotion in her acting and the issue of Vulcans lying comes up again w/ T'Pol's mother and her resignation.


    However despite these low points, I still enjoyed the episode. A good emotional and calmed down episode.

  15. I'd have to agree with VBG. While there may be some wiggle room with the Temporal Sand of Time or what ever Daniels was talking about, the scene after he was shot and the emotional finallity of it gave the feeling that Sillik is truely dead, in all time scapes.

  16. Pretty much what Alterego said. The Guardians weren't ever involved in the TCW. They were just out to dominate our galaxy. I can only guess that because the Suliban's Benefactor knew somehow about the Guardians plan and knew that it would lead to the destruction of the galaxy he told Archer knowing that Starfleet was their best chance to defeat the Sphere Builders.


    I personally wouldn't mind a revisit by the Xindi at some point later (depending on how many seasons the show gets after this).

  17. :hug:  hummm I am not shure peace some times has good stuff dont ya think?



    Well, yes. I not saying that Peace doesn't bring any good story lines. But if I were to look back at some of my favorite episodes they usually have a deep emotional strain. 'The Forgotten' is likely the prime example from season 3 of Enterprise. All of the characters have gone through hell and are just dealing with the stress and strain of just getting by. With out doing research I couldn't bring up any prime examples off the top of my head of great peace time Trek episodes, but I think my point is made just as well with out them.


    Like I said, War and conflict brings out the deepest emotions that people go through and there for it is a commonly used literary devise.

  18. You know, personally I thing that fact that most people voted "war time" shows how violent the human species is.


    Well isn't it true that most of the interesting stories we see or read come out of war and extreme trials. War tests us all, and makes things come out that might not normally be seen. Probably the best example of this is an episode from season 7 "Siege at AR-588". Sisko, Bashir, Ezri, and Nog all experiance the hell of war first hand. People that they get to know die, Nog loses his leg, and they are forced to try and make the best out of all that when they survive.


    I guess in war time, it is extremely easy to put your characters in emotionally provoking situations (if anything about war can be called easy.