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  1. I watched the beginning of 'Generations' tonight, and I had a thought. I wonder if Checov's part in the movie was originally planned to be filled be Dr. McCoy.


    The only real reason I ask is because Checov drafts the two reporters as nurses when the Enterprise-B beams over refugees from the Lakul. It seemed like such a perfect line for him.


    Thinking, he would have fit in perfectly to the rest of the beginning of the movie.


    Does anyone know if there were plans to include him originally?

  2. A very simplistic episode, which is nice. I gave it a 6.5 out of 10 though


    Click For Spoiler
    The plot reminded me way to much of 'Hatchery' which was IMHO the worst episode of season 3. Also I could see that the Slave Girl dances were the effects of the network trying to get a boost for male demographics.


    It was cool that the effects of the Orion women caused just high adreniline level but didn't make the men absolute slaves to them. It wasn't a sure thing that they would give in to the Orion's demands or not. I also couldn't help but smile at the end with Trip and T'Pol, especially in Sickbay.


    I also am eagerly awaiting 'Through a Mirror Darkly'.

  3. I'd like to see Shran as a Enterprise crew member as well. I'd also like to see an arc with the Romulan War. There's many other things I'd like to see, and I'll mention them as I remember them. I always think of them, but forget them. Maybe I'll write them down. Most of them are TOS ideas.


    Well come give a few ideas man. We all want to hear them (or atleast I do).

  4. Jimmy Smits would be cool as a Captain.




    Well, if he loses the election to Vinick (Alan Alda) on the West Wing, he would be available. Hard to say what's going to happen there. Vinick is a powerhouse and will likely slaughter either Russel (Gary Cole) or Santos (Smits). Of course, I have heard rumours that Santos joins Vinick's ticket as VP after Russel wins the Democratic nomination.


    Vinick/Santos would be an awesome team and would probably take the entire electoral college. (Vinick has been described as a Blue-state Republican and Santos as red-state Democrat)


    Off topic I know but I find this fake election so fascinating.



    Holy crap, I thought about that exact same thing! I thought about it after Santos and Vinick talked in Iowa during the episode on the campaign trail. That would be insane if it were to be done. Jimmy Smits would have to take a back seat and the VP would have a totally new role if the series continues into the next administration.


    I'm sorry still off topic.


    Gary Cole would have experience as a Captain from Crusade.


    Mary McCormack from "West Wing" would be a good woman captain.

  5. I always thought that Ed Wasser (Morden from Babylon 5) would be a great corrupt captain.


    I agree about Bill Pullman, but only for a few episodes. I would always see 'Lone Star' from Space Balls.


    Jimmy Smits would be cool as a Captain.


    Morgan Freeman would be perfect for the president of the Federation.


    I'm sure there are so many more I could list, still.

  6. Well, I'll try.


    I had promised myself not to read spoilers, watch webdocs, look at photos and concept art etc connected to Episode III to save myself for when I actually see the movie, but I couldn't resist. I tried but I couldn't help myself.


    :eek:  :look:  :angry:



    I've been doing the same thing. I was young enough when I was exposed to Star Wars that I can't remember the first time that I saw any of the movies. I loved the feeling when I saw TPM, and had no idea what was going to happen. I taken to having the same resolve with ROTS aswell.


    As for the topic, I really can't say. It's up between the original three and would depend what mood I'm in. ANH is a good heartful adventure. TESB is a great thinking and emotional movie. ROTJ has elements of both along with epic themes of the end of the empire and the conflict between Luke and Vader.


    The Prequals are pretty good, and can hold their own in my book, but they have never been able to stack up against the Classic Trilogy imo.

  7. That's like saying that the President of the United States should only be from Washington D.C.


    Well keep in mind that the Federation is made of of hundreds of worlds (Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, Betazed). The capital just happens to be on Earth.

  8. Maybe they were like the elves and decided to go to some other planet, but in secret, and the remaining avians got killed so thus they think they are extinct while they are not.


    That was a thought I had once. If they constructed the building that the council meets in on an entirely different world than Xindus, why wouldn't they be able to leave Xindus before it was destroyed? More than likely it's just an error, but it's still a cool idea.

  9. I too, like the idea of them watching Stargate, but I had to vote for TLOR.  I really want to see a scene where Jon and Trip give T'Pol a hard time about looking like an elf.



    :yahoo: Friking funny girl!


    That was my vote too.


    I would have voted for Star Wars, but I think that for people more or less living in a world similar to that, Sci-fi might be a little too close to home.


    I wouldn't mind seeing the Austin Powers movies either, then every one could insist that Malcolm yell out "Yeah Baby!". It would truly be a light hearted escape from the strain of every day life.

  10. Wouldn't the idea of the Vulcans/Romulans/Chinese/Taiwanese be more like the Romulans being the Taiwanese and Vulcans being the main cast from which the others broke away?


    I know that doesn't fit with the Romulans=Chinese equation, but we can't mix our comparisons that much.

  11. There is a forum asking about famous Trekkers. Well this is my burning question: Who are famous left handed people?


    Here are a few who I know.


    Tim Allen

    Jay Leno

    Brent Spiner

    Richard Karn


    That is all I can think of off the top of my head.


    Who knows some others?