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  1. The side with the sexiest women always win. So is it Klingons or Cardassians? :rockon:


    That won't work. Klingon and Cardassian chicks rock, as it is with any species.

  2. Odd confession: for the first 3 seasons I've DS9 I had this weird crush on Dukat. Back then I had a thing for epic losers; there was just something utterly charming and vulnerable about guys who tried really hard but could never get anything right.


    Has anyone else here ever gone through that phase?

  3. Jonathan Archer=57%

    Malcolm Reed=91%

    Charles Tucker=51%

    Travis Mayweather=74%

    James T. Kirk=27%

    Dr. Leonard McCoy=98%

    Montgomery Scott=43%




    I only did those few. The McCoy surprised me.


    Malcolm Reed....mmm, you've got good taste.

  4. I say yay. DS9 has so many possibilities, with or without the Prophets. And I want to see Worf back in action saying more than three lines; I want to see Bashir and Garak reunited, I want to see Quark and Odo reunited, and I'll have to cross my fingers in futile hope that finally Ro will replace Kira.

  5. I wouldn't mind another TNG film, however...what I would REALLY love is a DS9 flick. Odo and Quark deserve to be reunited. It's not right to keep those two apart.


    And I'm pretty sure Garak is somewhere on Cardassia, lonely and longing for Julian...but I digress. Back to the movie: if it's got the legendary Picard, I wanna see it.