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  1. Well, now...this has spawned some interesting dialogue. Pregnant by a hologram? LOL - good luck explaining that one to the parents. I bet some dumb teenage girl in the 24th century would try to blame a hologram....

  2. I think her death was necessary. Ziyal's presence was the last semblance of good in Dukat. With that gone, he became more believble to be the pure evil that Sisko would say he was, and more believable as the man capable of all the atrocities possible through the power of the pah-Wraiths. Ziyal would have been a grounding for him. That would have held him back.


    That said, the death scene was weak. Star Trek really seemed to have trouble killing off regular ancilliary characters without having the death scene seem weak. Sarek would be an exception, but he wasn't all that regular either.


    Like, this is actually a really good point.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if we never see Remans again.

    I don't believe they will make an appearance in JJ Abram's Trek movie even though the Romulans are the main villains.


    Are they really going to be? Abrams better be careful. First, he's toying with TOS characters. Now, he's making Romulans the main villains. Nemesis showed that unless you have a brilliant writer with a truly original voice and unique vision, it's best to leave Romulans (and Remans, and clones for that matter) to the TV world, not the big screen.

  4. Here's another thing. In "The Augments" (I think) Arik Soong says that "if the Klingons decide to retaliate, it'll make the Xindi incident look like a lover's quarrel" (or something to that effect). Does anyone else think 22nd-century Xindi technology was actually superior to 22nd-century Klingon technology? It sure looked it. :notworthy:

  5. I was just wondering has anyone seen this 3 part show called Star trek.Of.Gods.And.Men?..i downloaded it before i went away and i am kinda half watching it right now,it has ST actors from almost every ST show in it.


    Is it any good so far?

  6. Don't forget, the head of the Tal Shiar works for Section 31.


    Exactly...Section 31 made Koval their biotch. :notworthy:


    Seriously though, I still maintain that the Romulans are too backstabby and sneaky to get any real work done...the Romulan military and the Tal Shiar can barely stand each other as it is (I'm basing that info from the TNG episode "Face Of The Enemy", where the captain of Deanna's ship was very distrustful of her being a member of the Tal Shiar).


    Section 31, on the other hand, gave the founders a fatal strain of THAT, Tal Shiar! :D


    LO-freakin'-L..."I'll have you ejected into space, Subcommander! Is that clear?" ^_^


    That being said, Sloan still seemed like one bad mother.


    Oh, yeah...well said!

  7. I thought she just said "Swahili," in a pleasantly surprised tone. It's been a while since I've seen it, though.


    Just watched it with subtitles. She asks, "You're Swahili?" Sothe writer's must have not realized Swahili's a language and not a group. Forgivable, considering the time and place.