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  1. Seventh season had it's moments though. Where the writers screwed up, Martok represented.

    I don't really see the 7th season in a bad light, I'll have to find the post where I counted up my favorite episodes per season but if I remember right season 7 had more of my favorites that any other season. The only thing I really didn't care for in season 7 was Winn.

    Ech. HATED Winn. CanNOT understand why they kept bring that %*@#$ back. She annoyed us in the first few seasons and that was enough. We sooooooo didn't need to see her again. Was Louis Fletcher that desperate for a paycheck?

  2. How much interest was there for "Snow Day" to be made? Or "House on Haunted Hill" or "We Three Kings"? Why does there have to be "interest" for a movie to be made? That thinking doesn't apply to other movies and shouldn't be used here. The "interest" thing is just a way for people that didn't like DS9 to put the idea down and set it aside in favor of their own pet project.


    Besides, DS9 was the top-rated syndicated-drama series throughout its 7 year run with an average viewing range of more than 7 Million households in the United States alone. TNG's ratings were only a few points higher yet it got 4 movies.


    DS9 did it's own thing and revitalized the franchise, it deserves at least 1 movie.


    A-freakin'-men. DS9 totally held its own on television. And something tells me Worf would have real lines in a DS9 movie, unlike in Nemesis when he only spoke two or three times.

  3. Gave it a five. When Kirk starts professing his unconventional love for the ship, my jaw hits the floor. As it did when Sulu got all sweaty and shirtless. And the Spock moment with Nurse "Lwaxana" Chapel was beautiful. When Spock breaks down, it's quite awesome to watch Nimoy go.

  4. In VOY: "Death Wish", Q makes a reference to a 100-year war between the Vulcans and the Romulans (which, if you guys recall, was caused by another Q's suicide attempt). I've looked and looked to find out more about this war, and the only place I haven't searched are the books. So...who do you guys think would win? If Romulans and Vulcans, in their military prime and devoid of external help (yeah, 'cause Romulans would never break that rule *snort*) went to all-out, knock-down-drag-out, no holds barred war, who'd wipe the floor with whom?


    I'll start: Vulcans.