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  1. It is so amazing that they even got that uniform on the air when you consider that the NBC censors forced the costume of Jeannie to be changed on I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970) so Barbara Eden's navel wouldn't show. It's incredible that Star Trek was able to show so much of Uhura's midriff but then Trek did break down a lot of barriers.


    I know what you mean. My jaw dropped the first time I saw this ep; I gawked at Uhura and was beyond stunned that they'd gotten away with it.

  2. LOL - I gave it a 5. What earned the 5 were the scenes with O'Brien and Gilora. Dabo and I couldn't stop laughing.


    The whole "three vipers and sword of stars" was pretty nifty as well, but Dabo Queen's repeated main question was why Sisko didn't tell Kira to shut the hell up more often.


    I also dug Eric Avari as the Vedek.

  3. Hugely profitable corporation + superstar do-gooder WR buying bikes + underprivileged kids = no water and ice for event? Something doesn't add up in this story, and I'm guessing there are some strange details. Details, of course, that we want to know about because we are nosy that way.


    Are they serious? And yet...why am I not really shocked?

  4. Average. I refuse to believe that the great, long-lived Dax, the widely desired Dax, the oh-so-wise and intelligent Dax would give up everything, everyone, and all that she's worked for just because of one good roll in the hay. If we're talking about the same Dax who slept with half the residents on Deep Space Nine, I seriously doubt she was that desperate to be with someone. Once they told her about "the catch" she should've shrugged and said, "Love you and all, but dude...we're just going to have to do some expiration-dating here."

  5. Love, love, LOVE this ep. Loved the chick from the Obsidian Order, loved the Tom Riker appearance, and loved Dukat's lines, especially when they first tell him who's stolen the Defiant (notice they made sure he was sitting down before they broke the news). I thought he was going to have a stroke.


    I also liked the part with Kira's speech on the differences between terrorists and heroes, and the methodological differences between Starfleet and terrorists. "Terrorists don't get to be heroes."

  6. 4. Nothing wrong with a little comedy every once in awhile. And that's what you get when Lwaxana visits. Everything goes kittywhompus. And I laughed at Troi's moment of denial about her age, a kind of "but 120 is the new 30!" type of statement, when told she had Zanthi fever.


    LOL - I gave it a five. This ep always has me and Dabo laughing like there's no tomorrow. If this had been a "serious" Lwaxana ep, I would've upchucked. *shudder* So not her. When TNG made that one serious ep about her and her dead daughter, I twitched. Lwaxana was never meant to be a serious character.

  7. I've been saying "Happy Mother Day" to my mom starting a week ahead of schedule, including Mother's Day itself. The next thing you know, she's asking me, "How come you haven't wished me a happy Mother's Day?"