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  1. I LOVE Q!!!! :laugh:


    John DeLancie OWNS as Q! Undoubtedly one of my favorite characters...and I loved that his actual son, Keegan, played Q's son on that episode of Voyager.


    The only Q I didn't immediately love is Junior's mom...ease up on the ice queen treatment, lady! It's no wonder Q's trying to get a baby from Janeway if you act like that!


    Amen...Keegan was totally nibble-worthy. BTW, LOVE the banners, woman!!!

  2. Another season 7 gem. Damar begins his assault on Dominon shipyards in the Chintoka system and broadcasts a message to Cardassia and the Federaton. Sisko realizes that helping Damar is paramount to winning the war. I gave it a 5, but i would love to give it a 10. :laugh:


    Isn't this the one where Dukat shows up in Bajoran-face? *shudder* You're right, though; good ep. Damar finally starts to serve a purpose, and I like that we see him be redeemed, you know?

  3. I gave it a 4. J.G. Hertzler(Martok) as a changeling is a wonderful turn for him. Neat scene where his character turns into fog. This is a must see ep.


    True...he's quite versatile. But he's best as a Klingon.

  4. A 4 rating. Never mind the search for the orb on Tyree's desert. The best part of this ep is when Worf and crew destroy a Dominion shipyard earning Jadzia's place in STO-VO- KOR.


    Eh...I tend to agree. They probably knew the ep was going to be a bust; that's why they added the one surefire ingredient to make it better: Klingons.