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  1. I thought the Maquis were hilarious. Even more amusing was how they got on Sisko's nerves in the beginning, and then changed his 'tude when Annoying Maquis Member Extraordinaire Michael Eddington croaked.

  2. I don't think it would work.


    IMO, the series itself was poor, the characters (for the most part) were weak and I just don't think there would be wide-enough appeal or demand.

    What you said.

    What you said he said.

  3. While I liked Deanna, I will have to agree with LB about the utter uselessness of her character.


    She had three purposes:


    - Getting angry with her mother when she showed up


    - Being in love with Riker


    - Saying "It's hard to tell." or "He's definitely holding something back." anytime anyone asked her about the true intentions of said aliens. (Hence why I started calling her Deanna "It's hard to tell" Troi).


    :biggrin: My sister and I were watching an early ep with Romulans and when Picard asked Troi about her opinion on one she said, "He's hiding behind a mask of false cheer" or something to that effect. My sister snickered and said, "I could've told you that. You don't need to be empathic to tell when a Romulan is lying."

  4. I have to disagree with you. I was just reading the script for that episode and IMO Deanna didn't say anything to discourage Data from dating D'Sora. She reminded him that the relationship would be different from any other relationship he had attempted in the past. When Data asked her if he should not pursue the relationship Deanna said that was not what she was saying.


    I think Jenna D'Sora was an absolute idiot. I don't think she knew or understood Data. In a way she was using him. He was "rebound guy" and I don't think she was completely over the guy she had broken up with.

    Let me put it this way (here's what I was going for): a proper therapist doesn't approach an issue like this with that attitude; it's the equivalent of being "unsupportive." You don't say "be careful" when someone is about to start new relationship; it's just considered bad taste in therapy (then again, this is Troi we're talking about). If you want to issue a warning, you use the Socratic Method and let them reason things out for themselves.


    And as for the "No, I didn't say that" line, IMO, that's a sign she was thinking it--and Data's preceeding statement shows he'd picked up on that thought. He is, after all, more intelligent than Troi.


    And yes, D'Sora is a selfish moron. I think she chose to rebound with Data because he had no feelings (which he stated repeatedly from the get-go, and so she couldn't play shocked in the end) and I think she thought if she used him, she could throw him aside--no harm, no foul. I'm surprised (but glad, of course) more women didn't do that to Data.

  5. Why in the world would the Federation continue to offer safe passage to someone who knowingly and brutally murdered a Star Fleet officer, among other people? Doesn't Star Fleet have regulations against aiding and abetting killers?

    Politics and chain of command.


    The Federation made promises to Alkar's government - the type of promises that a starship captain wouldn't have the authority to override. It's like diplomatic immunity - sometimes it's a great thing and sometimes it sucks.


    Dear God...I hadn't thought of that. So you think that if things had gone according to Alkar's plan, then once he was delivered to his planet, Federation cops would've shown up and reclaimed him?

  6. no, it's different.

    It was Brent to want to sacrifice Data.

    He felt himself too old and he didn't suffer the make-up.

    But I didn't agree with this horrible final.

    I would have written a better end.


    Maybe that's what's bugging so many of us. It's not the fact there was an end, but a sucky end.