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  1. I voted Tuvok. Chakotay, as some people have established wasn't all that great. Riker would've tapped Janeway and made things awkward. Any TOS character was simply too good for the USS Voyager. A female first officer serving under Janeway, IMO, is simply asking for blood on the floor of the bridge.

  2. Worf got spanked by two hoodlums sent by Lursa and B'Etor. But on DS9, during "The Way of the Warrior," he was taking on multiple Klingons and and representin' without batting an eyelash. And let's not forget how he schooled the Jem'Hadar in their own camps. So why did he get smacked down by L&B's little peons? :blush 2: Was somebody using a hypospray? Naughty, naughty!

  3. I gave it a four; it was a good ep. Now, I kinda agree with the fact that Star Trek does have a bad habit of bashing spirituality; at least, spirituality is rarely painted in a favorable light. The Bajorans were portrayed as an annoying idiot race who couldn't stand the hard evidence that their "gods" were just an alien race. And Seven of Nine's "spiritual experience" involves observing a freakin' omega molecule.


    At the same time, it's almost understandable why the writers would sorta kinda look down on faith in the 24th century. There are always scientific explanations for everything. Most of our ravaging diseases have been cured. There are no racial problems, no gender problems, and if you're going prematurely bald, nobody cares. In a world of replicators, holodecks, and no need for money, there's hardly anything left to pray for. And if there's nothing left to pray for, why would you need someone/something to pray to?