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  1. I think the problem I'm trying to point out with this ep is that it paints Data as being un-dateable. We are shown that D'Sora just "doesn't really matter" to Data, and in so doing, the writers imply to that nobody matters to Data, which we know is BS. As Soong would say, Data, in "his own way", was crazy about Geordi, loyal to Tasha (unfortunately), and devoted to his captain. He loved his father, he really loved Lal, and if you pay close attention (though you don't really need to), Lore's mere existence is a serious thorn in Data's side.

  2. I don't think that was really her concern. She knew Data was an android and (at the time) did not have emotions. He could shower her with affection - and he did - but she knew he was simply running a software subroutine. No matter how convincing Data tried to make it she knew it would not be genuine.

    Exactly. So what if she had told him, "Honey, give it up. If you need to emulate someone, emulate a Vulcan instead."


    It would've lasted a lot longer, I think. But I don't think she wanted a Vulcan. She wanted a La Forge or a Wesley Crusher, but in either Riker or Data's body. I can almost understand.

  3. I was just watching "In Theory" and recalling how Data had once compared himself to Vulcans. Spock himself had implied that Data represented the Vulcan ideal. So I'm thinking D'Sora could've had a much better relationship with Data as long as she understood that she was dating a highly advanced to speak.


    I mean, a Vulcan also would not have showered her with affection, nor probably ever said, "I love you." But Vulcans have been creating and maintaining healthy relationships for thousands of years. See what I'm getting at?


    For all of you out there, stop and think: if you're willing to date a Vulcan, would you also be willing to date an android with Data's level of programming?

  4. [begins gigantic rant...breathes deep]


    Okay, so I get that they were scared. I get it. I get that Kes had a vision where 8472 threatened to purge the galaxy. I do. But alliance with the effing BORG!?!


    What the HELL was Janeway thinking? Like the Borg are going to keep their 'promise' after they get what they want...are you on CRACK? They're going to assimilate you the first chance they get, dummy! Signore Da Vinci was probably hanging himself from his flying machine after he figured out what Janeway was going to do.


    Janeway: "Gee...I'm going to go by myself to a Borg cube (meanwhile, Dabo Queen is peeing on herself out of fear) and try to reason with creepy half-machines whose opening speech contains the terms 'Your physiological and technological distinctions will be added to our own...resistance is futile.'"


    Um, I'm thinking 'duh'.


    And then, the kicker of it all is that Janeway thinks she has a right to get all snarky and self-righteous at the crew of the Equinox for killing life forms to get home in Equinox. Um, did you forget that you were willing to give the Borg technology that would most certainly wipe out an entire race in exchange for them not assimilating you? Where the hell was your precious Prime Directive when you made THAT decision!?!


    And the thing that makes me want to kick her in the face the most is that she was still sticking to the effing promise after she found out that the Borg are the ones who started the whole thing when they tried to assimilate 8472, only they got SPANKED!


    That would've been the point when I would've been switching sides (I don't see why she didn't consider an alliance w/8472 in the first frickin' place, but whatev). I don't even see why Voyager's crew needed the Borg. All they had to do was have Kes think to 8472, "We have technology to destroy you...and if you don't back up off us, we'll do it." It's called a 'bluff', Janeway...look it up.




    Queen says it all. I've heard/agreed with this exact rant already before, so there's nothing for me to add.



    Yeah, it seems that if you are a villan long enough in Star Trek you start to become so familiar you become like an 'old friend'. The writers of Star Trek have done that time again, with the Klingons (remember when they were just down right BAD!?) and then they became this multi-cultural bunch with their own internal grievances and rich heritage and they were all really honourable and it was a rare few that played up - sigh. It just over-egged the pudding! In TOS they appeared, we all hid behind the sofa, and they did bad things. Terrible naughty people!


    Then there was the Ferengi. Ouch! If they had hair, it would be ruffled by a firm hand reaching down, pinching their cheek saying "Oh you little scamp! Wait til I get you home!" DS9 took the biscuit with this with the Romulans and even the Cardasians all joining up like sailors in a submarine to face a "common enemy" the Dominion who also ended up practically wearing wooly jumpers in the end.


    Stay around long enough, and you will go from enemy to hero, foe to friend.


    The BORG - the most SACRED of all evil forces in Science Fiction were brilliant. A single hive mind, evil, ruthless, listened to no-one. Relentless. Terrifying.


    They were reduced to enemy of the week - sometimes friend! Wow. A real soap opera. At the end of Voyager when the Queen and Janeway are lying dying together it is just Crystal and Alexis from Dynasty. Spitting venon at each other but deep down, they are "old friends" - argh, just annoys me...


    I noticed this as well. It kinda ticked me off that the writers of Star Trek would take the awesome creepiness

    that is the Borg and reduce them to the scary kids that live next door. What the hell was that all about? The Borg queen, who had us s#%&@ing ourselves in the movie, simply becomes a rich (I'm trying to say a bad word but can't)y schoolgirl. She went from chanting the infamous "Resistance is futile" speech to "My minions will kick your a**. I swear it, cuz, like, my collective has more money than yours does..."

  5. I adore this ep. Like GhostofMajorHayes was saying, the idea that race speaks entirely in metaphor is a brilliant and marvelous invention.


    I gave it a 5.

  6. After "The Wounded", this was another episode that would eventually lead to DS9.


    It introduced Ensign Ro who as I'm sure you are all aware was to move onto DS9.


    She was a good character, but IMO Major Kira was far superior and it added extra depth to Deep Space Nine to have the first officer as a former Bajoran freedom fighter.


    An episode that first mentioned the history of the Bajorans and the Cardassians.


    Not a great episode, but glorious things would follow.


    Rating = 1

    Kira? Ewwwww....


    So, yeah, I gave it a four. When Ro starts getting all misty-eyed and emo, I feel a yawn coming on.


    Memorable Quotes

    "I want you to discover which one of them has killed me: Gowron or Duras. Yes. Duras. I thought you might find that interesting."

    "Interesting. You could say that since he tried to have me killed and conspired to strip Worf of his good name."

    "And I approved, all for the glory of the Empire. That should be my epitaph. Find the assassin. The Klingon who kills without showing his face has no honor. He must not be allowed to lead the Empire. Such a man would be capable of anything … (laughs) even war with the Federation."

    "Very well. I accept." - K'mpec and Jean-Luc Picard


    "I don't want to be a warrior." - Alexander Rozhenko


    "I know little of Gowron, only that he is an outsider who has often challenged the council. But Duras, … I know him. His heart is not Klingon." - Lt. Worf


    "You have never seen death? (Alexander shakes his head.) Then look … and always remember."

    - Worf, about K'Ehleyr's body


    "Are you my father?"

    "Yes. I am your father." - Alexander and Worf


    "I have been informed of your attempts to access restricted Council records!"

    "I've been investigating what happened at Khitomer. Not at all an easy task, considering that most of the records are sealed."

    "Worf's father was a traitor!"

    "No. The evidence was altered to make it appear that way. I found it interesting to read that your father was also at Khitomer, and you are the one who sealed the records."

    "You dare insult my father's name?!!"

    "Don't play the wounded Klingon for me, Duras. You don't do it very well. What happened in that Council chamber? How did you get Worf to take the blame for you?"

    "Do not pursue this matter further!"

    "The son betrays his people to the Romulans, just as his father did, Duras." - Duras and K'Ehleyr


    "You will die...slowly, Duras." - Gowron


    I gave this ep a four. They should've never killed Worf's woman.


    And I liked how Gowron was portrayed. The above line--and its awesome delivery--won my heart.

  8. I gave it a four. At first, I was yawning because yet another powerful being takes an interest in the lead character. But then I realized that one of the reasons Picard knew Ardra was a fake was the fact that she was attracted to him. The real Devil wouldn't have tried to tap Picard. He'd be all about gettin' his due and gettin' gone.



    While several sci-fi publications have voted "The Best of Both Worlds" Star Trek's finest and even in some cases one of science-fiction television's finest pieces, writer Michael Piller and director Cliff Bole have both stated that they felt Part II was a letdown after the strong build up of Part I.


    I hear that. "Put them to sleep?" :) C'mon. *snort* The Best of Both Worlds was just an excuse to have a kick-*buttocks* season know, insurance to make sure we came back for more.


    Like we'd really need additional motivation to keep watching TNG.

  10. Breen. Nothing spelled certain doom for a task force of Romulan and Federation ships more easily than the nearly impervious Breen ships. Plus, the design was cool.


    LOL - I forgot about them! Yeah, Breen! :)


    Do we EVER find out what's under those helmets?

  11. Do I even need to say it? Borg - Queen Ship!!! Don't need shields. Just need that big scary voice with that scary speech coming from that giant cube and with the exception of Species 8472, EVERYONE s%*#@s themselves and takes off runnin'!



  12. Loved Q (the actor was pretty hot)! But they should have elaborated on the Q's vulnerabilities; they only hint at them through Guinan. Teases.


    Hey...ever notice how once Sisko laid the pimp hand on Q, he never returned to DS9? :clap: Smacked that immortal around like a crack ho, he did...that's what happens when you assign a ghetto captain to a ghetto station out in the boondocks of the galaxy. :laugh:


    "Sniff, sniff...Picard never hit me!"

    - Q