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  1. This is a morbid game.


    Gotta give credit where credit is due; I got this from another Star Trek site. The responses were hilarious.


    The guy who started it says the rules are as follows:


    "All you have to do is grant the wish of the person above you. But, it has to somehow go terribly wrong. Then, finish off your post by making a wish of your own."


    I'll start:


    "I wish I had a million dollars."

  2. Oddly enough, I wouldn't mind a Voyager movie. Of course...Seven of Nine couldn't be in it, or at least, couldn't have a whole lot of scenes. And Tom Paris would have to go. And oh yeah, his wifey. Um...Chakotay, Tuvok and Kim wouldn't be allowed to wear any clothes. And oh yeah, Vorik would have to be shirtless Bridge Officer. And they'd have to keep the Doctor.



    Did I miss anyone?

  3. I always saw Dukat as a jack-booted Nazi. Hated him. But a part of me was also drawn to the character. I could almost see myself following Dukat, if I'd been a Cardassian. But in the end, I could never get past the fact that he was a representation of fascism. The same for Damar.

    I totally feel you on that!! But do you think we're drawn to the actual character, or to the charisma of the actor?

  4. For everyone that says "Garak wasn't bi cause he didn't hit on men" it really does beg the question of what the perception of being bi is. I'm bisexual, I don't go out of my way to have sex with guys, yet it's on my mind, just like with girls. Garak could have been flirting with Bashir and bisexual, yet he's not jumping Bashir's bones, like some straight women would want to do. If you ask me, straight guys and girls tend to want to jump more people than gay or bisexual people.

    You know, after getting to know you...coming back and reading this just has so much more resonance. In a good way.

  5. Lets see.....I think that Sisko banged Jennifer, Cassidy Yates, and.......everyone in the mirror universe. He banged Mirror Kira, Mirror Jennifer and Mirror Dax. The Mirrow universe was Sisko's personal Playboy Club... <_<

    How smug he must have felt when he got back to his universe. Can you imagine him going up to Dax and saying..."You know, Jadzia.....that beauty mark on your butt is really cool!" and Dax giving him one of these..... <_<

    I bet he was just dying to tell them that he banged their Mirror counterparts..... :elephant:


    LOL - I forgot about that! :elephant:

  6. .....and if you're talking horndogs, Sisko was the biggest horndog in Trek hands down! was Sisko a horndog? *tiny Pygmy voice* I missed something. *twirls a blonde braid* I thought Riker was the biggest horndog. How often did we see that whore with the same woman twice?