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  1. I said "Other." Remember that amazing Klingon Neelix hooks up with (after Harry runs screaming)? Remember how they trashed Tuvok's apartment?


    Oh, two above me...get a room. :blush 2:

  2. I gave it a five. Patrick Stewart and Mark Lenard are gods. The concert scene is perfect, as is Patrick Stewart's emotional breakdown scene.

  3. Denise finds plenty of work taking off her clothes in straight to DVD movies........ <_<

    Not anymore. Now she plays the mother of those who take their clothes off in straight to DVD movies. :nono: Seriously though, most of the work she gets now does seem to be playing the mother of a 20-30 year old.

    A fitting end!!! B) This is hilarious! Bet she's still kickin' herself for leaving the show before the first damn season had ended!

  4. Yes. Wal-Mart is the Borg. Excellent observation.


    And the people who work there are definitely drones. If you don't believe it, then visit a Wal-mart during the overnight hours.



  5. What would happen if the Borg assimilated the Jem'Hadar? I mean, because of their innate addiction to ketracel white (thus their fragile metabolism), would that make the Jem'Hadar an undesirable species to assimilate? Would they "detract from perfection"?



  6. ...he knew how to handle the Dominion. The was no walking over that mofo; if Weyoun said something he didn't agree with, he Hell, no'd it and that was the end of discussion. <_<


    *shrug* For the most part any way.


    And Weyoun kinda respected Dukat, I think...because he wasn't drowning at the bottom of a bottle of kanar.


    So we have any published Star Trek novelists on this site?