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  1. I noticed this as well; it really baffled me for a minute there. In "The Dauphin", he got choked like a crack ho by that old shapeshifting chick. It made me twitch. And let's not forget the season one finale, when he got smackeda round like a heroin junkie by that Admiral with the parasite in his neck. :nono:


    In datalore, Lore laid a hurtin' on Worf in the turbolife after giving Worf the first shot and warning him it was his turn. B) Man, I love Lore!!! <_<


    Well yes, dear. A well-written psycho is simply priceless (e.g. Buffy Season 3, when we meet Faith). Dabo Queen calls Lore the Schizoid Android.

  2. I wish they would've had Ziyal turn on her butthead of a dad before she died...I mean seriously, how many times would he have let her die/killed her himself? God forbid anybody touch a single red hair on Kira's hair, though...Dukat would've fought the entirety of the Dominion forces singlehandledly just to breathe the air expelling from that crinkled little nose...


    Yeah...what was with the writers on that?


    Ziyal's death pushed her father over the edge, true, but Dukat's going insane, IMO, was one of the worst plotlines ever. :nono: Dukat should've been offed by the Maquis ages ago. No the Klingons, when they realized he'd hijacked a bird of prey. The show didn't really need Dukat after that.


    As for Damar...he wasn't all that necessary once DS9 was recovered; he should've died in that battle. The only reason anyone cares about him is that he eventually got redeemed. <_< Personally, he was a lot more entertaining when he was drinking kanar like water and banging Cardassian hookers. B)

  3. I'm wonderin', y'all...the death of Ziyal--necessary to the plot or unnecessary contractual/financial drama?


    I just can't see what purpose it serves. Sure, Garak gets to go back to freely flirting with that two-timing Julian Bashir, but after Ziyal dies, her dad pretty much just gets over it (big surprise there, considering), the guy who kills her goes on to glorious redemption, and the only person who not only mentions her after she dies but seems genuinely torn up about it is Colonel Make-Me-Yak Kira (kudos to Kira on that, by the way). So basically I'm just askin'...WTF?!!?!


    *Sniff* :dude: I really liked Ziyal. :yahoo:

  4. I too felt cheated that we didn't see the wedding. :yahoo:


    I would rather have seen the honeymoon. :dude:


    Why am I not surprised? :P And no, I didn't feel this worked. B'Elanna and Vorik should've hooked up. Vorik listed great reasons why they'd be a good match and he paid attention to all her likes and dislikes. He was a great date, and he was just simply waaaaay hotter than Paris. To quote, Van Roy, I'd do him. In a heartbeat.

  5. First of all, you guys are hilarious and your comments are awesome. However, IMO, I think these two were never meant to hook up because their flirting and candelit dinners, like Seven of Nine's bimbesque body, were a simply ploy, a hook to keep you coming back to see if it will happen and how the writers will portray "the morning after." Hell, that's what kept me watching. Sometimes the tension just go so hot.

  6. Dabo Queen and I were wondering (and y'all fine folks can help us figure this out)...when Data had Lal, why did we have to go through the Measure-of-a-Man song and dance all over again? Even with the ruling of Soong-type androids being sentient and free beings, we still had some presumptuous, arrogant Admiral showing up uninvited and making everyone's lives unnecessarily difficult. Was this just to create the necessary "difficulty" in the ep, or was it just poor writing? :yahoo:


    And why do the top brass keep saying Data (and later Lal) was the only Soong-type android in existence? Did they not get the Captain's logs about his psycho brother Lore? When Maddox and Data became buddies, was Maddoox not gettin' the fully family history?


    Because I would really like to see some snooty experts try to capture and experiment on Lore. IMO, he'd slit every throat on board en route to the Daystrom Institute. :dude:

  7. But I thought it was unnecessary to replace Jadzia. Why throw in one character for one season?


    Put like that makes more sense.


    It would have been nice if, say, her symbiont passed to Trill officer assigned elsewhere or who wasn't in Starfleet, period.


    Or, to REALLY shake things up, they could've just cast a really hot guy Dax's successor.



    Ooh, I agree!



    Now that would've really f*@%ed with Worf's head.

  8. From my perspective, it would have been boring and quite confusing to have a blonde-haired Romulan that resembled Yar, but wasn't related to Yar. Imo, it was quite a fresh,innovative idea to have a legacy of sorts from the ep "Yesterdays Enterprise" and in a way make Yar's "death" a little more meaningful this time around.


    :yahoo: you didn't...LMAO...


    But, I hear you. Still, I don't think that Yar needed to die meaningfully. I think she just needed to die.


    And Sela didn't have to be blonde.

  9. But I thought it was unnecessary to replace Jadzia. Why throw in one character for one season?


    Put like that makes more sense.


    It would have been nice if, say, her symbiont passed to Trill officer assigned elsewhere or who wasn't in Starfleet, period.


    Or, to REALLY shake things up, they could've just cast a really hot guy Dax's successor.

  10. I may be in the minority here, but I thought the idea of Sela was a fresh take on throwing yet another curve ball at captain picard. I for one, liked the character.


    I think Sela--just the character--would've been fine. But like everyone is saying, she didn't have to be connected to Tasha. And I wish she'd been played by someone other than Denise Crosby.

  11. Or maybe the Brog did try to assimilate them, but the time-differential screwed them up so they backed off.

    What the heck is a Brog?


    What offends me is the only alien races the writers could think of all had only two breasts. At least Enterprise made mention of a species with three.



    Borg, damn it! :borgqueen:

  12. Loved, loved, LOVED this ep. It was so touching. It also showed that Seven of Nine wasn't entirely a cold-hearted camera whore.


    One's death scene almost brought me to tears. Almost.

  13. Or maybe the Brog did try to assimilate them, but the time-differential screwed them up so they backed off.


    Or my original theory: the makeup artists had no ideas when they got to the Delta Quadrant. Everyone had either pointy ears or a weird forehead.

  14. Uh...can I get a "Hell, NO"? I mean, make no mistake, I DIG Chakotay and all but...look how many traitors got under his belt when he was in command of his own vessel. He admitted to not doing background checks when it came time to recruit, which is how we wound up with the Schizoid Betazoid.


    And on another note....uh, NO. Chakotay would sell his soul and the souls of all those under his command for just once chance to roll around in the sack with the first blonde-haired alien to cross his path.

  15. I wonder did the blind Tuvok ever accidently put his hands anywhere he shouldn't when his aide was around...




    Anyways, I definitely like year of hell, but there is one issue that always bugged me. Kes told Janeway about the Kremin, and yet when they first saw the Kremin scout, she acted like she had never heard of them. It's like Kes never existed, or at least never told Janeway about the Year of Hell.


    Yeah, see...I wondered about that too. They were expressly told to avoid the Kremin, and yet... :look: NOT one of Janeway's brightest moments.



    This brings me no another interesting point. Remember the episode where Chakotay falls in love with an alien bounty hunter who had fallen in love with him? Her race would be forgotten soon after they left. Well, they used what look like Ocompan ears on her. I have been wondering if she was in fact Ocompan, but no one recognized her as such because they had forgotten all about Kes. I dunno, it's a bizzare theory.


    I think that on Voyager, the makeup department was seriously out of ideas. By the time we get to the Delta Quadrant, everyone has either pointy ears or a bump on the forehead.


    I guess the thing I like the most about this ep is that it's the source of my screenname. :borgqueen:

  16. I don't think that Garek or Bashir were gay or bi-sexual in any way. Bashir banged many women on DS9, including Leeta and Ezri. Garek fell in love with Dukat's daughter. As for Bashir and O'Brien, they were best friends, not lovers.


    I get that the characters in actuality were straight. But straight men don't flirt with one another on a regular basis.

  17. I don't understand what has made Tasha wrong.

    She was a warrior, perhaps somebody thinks that the beautiful women do not combat....


    IMO, Tasha wasn't beautiful. :lol: She wasn't a warrior either. :lol: Deanna Troi was beautiful. Jadzia Dax was beautiful and a true warrior. :look:


    Tasha Yar was the failed attempt at eye candy. It was 1987, as people keep pointing out, and even though 20 years later our society keeps trying to insist that skinny blondes are more beautiful that all other women, it was believed then more so than now. Deanna Troi, bless her, busted that theory within just a few eps, AND SHE DID IT WITH FREAKISHLY FRIZZED HAIR. And Gates McFadden represented on the behalf of redheads everywhere.

  18. I don't see anything racist about the episode. I think its just Frakes, Spiner and McFadden being overly politically correct......... :look:


    I concur. I think you have to pay close attention to the dialogue in order to see why it's not racist. There was no degradation. Yareena's husband was simply plotting her death so as to inherit all her stuff--we've seen that throughout human history in every culture. When Yareena's husband is exposed, she promptly puts him in his place and the audience realizes who really runs that planet: women. It's said over and over again in the ep that "women own the land" and that their hubbies "just protect it." And when a hubby F%@*s up, that hubby gets replaced at once---and in front of company, no less! I thought that episode to be highly pro-women, and that that would be what offended people...if they were to find anything offensive at all.


    The ending was also most delightful, when Yareena restores order to her house and her new husband talks about how their culture prizes and excels in being civilized. So while we were all thinking "My God, what a backward race," we weren't paying close attention to the inner workings of their society.

  19. Denise I-Don't-Have-a-Shred-of-Talent Crosby just wanted an excuse to get back on the show. They gave a her good out the first time and she wouldn't just stay dead. Ech, hated her with a vengeance. :look:


    Someone else could have just as easily played Sela...and with much less complex origins.

  20. Perhaps, it was established that most Vulcans feel more comfortable serving with other Vulcans due to issues of emotionalism, pon farr rituals, etc?


    *shrug* Yeah...but...many species could make similar claims, right?


    Or did Starfleet assign a purely Vulcan crew to one ship because of their expertise regarding a specific area of fighting the Dominion War?


    *Sniff* I maintain that the Klingons were the experts on fighting in the Dominion War.


    I wish i had a definitive answer for you, but I guess we have to hope for an answer.... one of these days :look:


    *Sigh* One of these days, one of these days...

  21. I thought Ezri was a decent character, and it has nothing to do with Jadzia (also a good character). We are forgetting that she was a NEW character brought in for many reasons 1) We love Sisko calling a young woman, "Old Man." 2) Jadzia was a Trill. It would've made a lot less sense for her "essence", if you will, to just up and disappear. 3) The writers wanted to show us the humor in what happens when an unprepared Trill becomes joined. 4) We need our spiritual characters (ahem, Worf, ahem, Kira) to be exposed to "instant reincarnation" to speak. It tends to open their minds a bit.


    And lastly, Jadzia had to die. Hear tell, Terry Ferrell made a couple of enemies in the Trek 'verse and like with Denise Crosby, the penalty is to go out via death. Personally, it doesn't matter to me if I'm getting paid the least on a Trek show. Or getting the least screen time. These younger, greedier generations of actors need to be put in their places. The honor, reverence, and immortality that come with being part of the Star Trek family should be rewarding enough.