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  1. How can a Starfleet Captain get a one-species crew? When Sisko points out that Solok has "an all-Vulcan crew, by the way" I couldn't help but wonder how. Isn't that against Starfleet's utopian mentality?


    I love this epi...probably because Rom ends up being the hero at the end. :look: :lol:


    Uh...I KNOW why you like that ep, honey. You're not fooling me.

  2. While DS9 was on the air, I used to not like the Ferengi episodes. Now that I have the run of the series on DVD and can watch at my leisure, I am finding the Quark/Ferengi episodes to be amongst my favorites! How weird.


    Anyway, I watched the season 6 (?) episode "The Magnificent Ferengi" and nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard.


    Oh, too.


    I don't want to spoil the episode for anyone, so I won't get into specifics, but at the end when Nog is manipulating a certain figure down the hallway I was just crying.


    The scene that did it for me was when Keevan first comes on board the Ferengi ship and Rom tries to introduce him to everyone.


    And the scene where they first contact the "Eliminator."

  3. I read that Gene Roddenberry had always wanted to explore a homosexual relationship on Star Trek. Problem was, he died before he could, and he was in the middle of vetoing Deep Space Nine. So the actors who played Julian and Garak "played up" a homosexual angle as a sort of homage, but Julian is supposed to be straight and if Andrew says he played a bisexual, then by all means, Garak was bisexual.


    Also, and sorry it's off-topic...we just can't forget the Julian/O'Brien bromance. When O'Brien stops himself from saying he wishes his wife was more like Julian, or when Julian boldly admits that while he loves Ezri, he likes O'Brien "a bit more", Dabo Queen and I just can't stop laughing.

  4. This episode was hard to sit back and enjoy due to the whole temporal paradox going on here and the selfish acts of Odo. Really, what was so hard about him just expressing his feelings to Kira. Did he have to sacrifice that entire colony just to have a chance with her?


    AMEN. This is what bugs me about TV sometimes. Every now and then some idiot will justify sacrificing everyone else simply for a chance to be with the object of their affections (and usually the object "just wants to be friends").


    8,000 people died. Whew...that's too many. I mean, I was okay when Odo simply was crushing; he had some redeeming qualities. But this was overboard. Had he been a Vulcan, this would have never happened.


    Furthermore, the one good thing about this ep is that Kira is willing to die for the 8,000, which is cool, cuz I usually associate her with being a selfish ho.

  5. Good point. As you said, Soong created Data without Starfleet or even Federation involvement. If Starfleet owns Data then where is the receipt? Where are the accounting records listing Data as a fixed asset?


    FYI - I LOVE this line. It could not be more beautifully stated. To acquire property, you have to use either legal (in which everyone walks away with something and is satisfied) or illegal means (in which stuff is just snatched...hmmm...). I don't recall Soong gettin' anything outta this--except being ridiculed forever.



    Picard's protest that Starfleet was trying to create a slave race. Interesting since that is what eventually happened to the Mark I EMH.


    Another brilliant observation. And where was the sanctimonous speechifying on their behalf?

  6. Perhaps Maddox thought that since he joined Starfleet, graduated and made the rank of Lt. Cmdr. that he had given up some of his freedoms. The same could be said about today's military, they really don't have a say where they're going to be deployed, for how long, what they do, or anything like that.


    But as the judge initially said, "You can't snatch people up just to prove your pet theories." So a neurologist couldn't just suddenly show up and demand that Worf submit to some bizarre form of testing to see how life amongst humans affected Klingon cognition.


    And I thought that advancing in rank gained freedoms and privileges, not curtailed them. LOL, can you all imagine some crazy scientist showing up and demanding that Picard undergo some weird experiment because, after all, he was Captain of a starship? Or even Captain Kathryn The-Hell-I-Will Janeway? :lol: That would be a great ep!

  7. Don't get me started on Marc Alaimo :lol: ...No one could have portrayed Dukat nearly as well as he did. I believe Dabo Queen devised the drinking game in which every time he starts with the "My dear Major..." we all have to take a drink.



    It was 'I assure you, Major...' ;)



    Right!!! :lol:

  8. Its great that a Titanic thread has been started. We can discuss a lot in here. But may I suggest that we stick to the topic? Ghost ships is a facinating subject that deserves a thread of its own.


    LOL - I should've known better. Especially when you expressed such a strong interest. Sorry, luv. :lol:


    LOL I love pizza!! What toppings? And I assume it would be a marathon of DS9? I hope so.


    We'd have to vote, I suppose. But then, we're all nerds and we'd end up being all Romulan Senate about it...Dabo Queen would try to commit a coup and GhostofMajorHayes would help her...Gummy would be on the phone the in corner calling the local Marriott to reserve them a room...Kor would get all "Long live the Empire" on us and start killing anyone who wasn't screamin' Q'apla...WarriorPrincess would probably help him (*shrug*)...TJ Hawk would show up demanding why amidst the chaos no one was showin' him any love...


    So to regain and establish order I would naturally have to assimilate you all.



  10. I must concur with this morbid fascination of the sinking of a ship. However...ghost ships are far more to my liking.


    Remember the one that crossed the North Atlantic (I think) a couple of centuries-ish back and arrived with a solidly frozen crew?

  11. Don't get me started on Marc Alaimo :lol: ...No one could have portrayed Dukat nearly as well as he did. I believe Dabo Queen devised the drinking in which every time he starts with the "My dear Major..." we all have to take a drink.


    I don't like how his character went out in the later seasons, but I dig how Alaimo handled it, you know? He still made a bad ending convincing.


    As for the character Dukat...I went through this weird phase last year in which I was fascinated by epic losers. I mean, yeah...he was a villain, and yeah he was capable of some pretty soulless things (like searching for Ziyal to kill her...then leaving her to die...then forgiving Damar for busting a cap in her chest...and having the lust of doom for the Badly-Dyed and Shame of Bajor...), but still...Dukat could be such a Xander Harris-type buttmonkey. It was hilarious to the past of being briefly attractive. :blush 2:

  12. Both are actors of epic caliber, but I get shivers watching Picard. He's more graceful, more classy, and had it been his ship stuck in the Delta Quadrant (with Riker at his side, of course) the Enterprise would've gotten home a hell of a lot faster.

  13. I think Voyager could have been done differently. The selection of characters was excellent--Kate Mulgrew was an excellent Janeway and Tuvok was priceless. B'Elanna was cool until she stopped being angry and started pronouncing "Chakotay" the way everyone else did. The Tom Paris and Harry Kim "bromance" was a brilliantly amusing idea. Seven of Nine was a great idea until she was the star of every other ep, and that is not an exaggeration.


    The premise was daring; it was a chance to return to Star Trek's roots and go where "no one had gone before," and of all places, they chose the native stars of the Borg.


    I don't know what went wrong, but I do demand a reshoot.

  14. Ahem...where's my Seeing Eye Borg Banner? *sniff* I need it for my signature. :laugh:




    Wow, i am elated that such a beautiful woman thinks so highly of me :laugh:





    ;) Ooh la la, Your Majesty.



    You are very much welcome GhostofMajorHayes. No need to be shy, you are adorable!! :blush 2:


    He really is.


    So...Warrior Princess...dahling...Xena fan, I take it? B) I was obsessed all through high school...had my family watching and everything...*lol* even formed an Amazon tribe at my school, but it was just an excuse for us to wear miniskirts and war paint. *Shrug* And to do the wail. :dude:

  15. it was more like picard was more than crusher. because if you remember and i can't think of the episode...picard was afraid she would be hurt if anything was to happen to him if he ended up like jack.


    That and wasn't he the guy who actually brought home Jack's dead body to her? Not exactly the best gift to bring a future lover...but in a sick way, it's actually a very logical one.